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HSSB147: A fight between dragons and tigers


The two brilliant lights, one green, one purple, were the two low-grade spirit artifacts, the Jade Dragon Sword and the Purple Gold Thunder Sword.

As a Martial Scholar, Yan Zhaoge was not able to control two spirit artifacts at once.

However, he chose an even more resolute method.

As he controlled his Jade Dragon Sword, he directly released the Purple Gold Thunder Sword.

Breaking off his connection with the spirit artifacts on his own, making use of an eruption of power at the final instant, the two swords flew in unison, shooting straight towards Lin Zhou.

“Yan Shan’s Purple Gold Thunder Sword!”

At such a close distance, Lin Zhou would find it difficult whether he chose to parry or dodge, not even having the time to call on his own spirit artifact.

He could only evade as much as possible, to avoid getting hit in the vitals at that most crucial moment.

However, the two unique treasures that spread out from his shoulders, the pair of Wind Thunder Wings, were respectively pierced through by the two spirit artifacts.

Yan Zhaoge moved, executing the Aura Wind Heaven Warping Qi, the Wind Calamity movement technique of Broad Creed Mountain, as well as the Howling Wind Leaping Technique of the Tiger Roar Demonic Fist simultaneously.

The three techniques coming together as one, Yan Zhaoge’s figure was like a gale of wind and a flash of lightning as he instantly arrived before Lin Zhou.

Even with Lin Zhou’s mid Xiantian Martial Scholar cultivation base and his swift, violent Heavenly Thunder Hall direct lineage movement techniques, Yan Zhaoge still arrived beside him in an instant.

Despite being a little sombre, Lin Zhou didn’t lack the hot-bloodedness of a martial practitioner.

Seeing Ah Hu being held up by the fragment of the Eye of the Heavenly Emperor, he roared, his voice resembling the shocking rumbling of thunder upon flat ground.

Lin Zhou’s arms abruptly exploded with electricity as a greenish-blue sabre appeared within his hand, also another low-grade spirit artifact.

Brandishing that sabre, he actually also did like Yan Zhaoge had earlier, directly releasing his spirit artifact.

A violent sabre-light directly jolted the Jade Dragon Sword out of Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

The Jade Dragon Sword shook, emanating the roar of a dragon as it exploded with sword-light as though as it had a life of its own.

It began clashing with Lin Zhou’s Flying Thunder Sabre.

As Lin Zhou released his sabre, his other hand formed a palm in the shape of a sabre.

Raising it into the air, he seemed to perform the motion of raising a sabre.

Accompanied by this motion of his, the surrounding area resounded with the piercing sound of flowing electricity.

Externalising his aura-qi, numerous thunderbolts came together in mid-air as a gigantic sabre of lightning close to a hundred feet in length was domineeringly formed in mid-air.

The violent purplish-blue light of thunder directly illuminated Yan Zhaoge’s face opposite him purple.

This was the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s direct lineage martial art, the Wild Thunder Lightning Blade.

Its speed might not be comparable to a martial practitioner of the same realm executing the Purple Lightning Shocking Rainbow Sword, but its momentum was much more unyielding and domineering.

Unlike previously on Cloud Portent Mountain, when Ji Hanru had let down his guard when facing off with Yan Zhaoge due to his higher cultivation level, as Lin Zhou moved, he immediately burst forth with his full power.

As he chopped downwards, countless thunderbolts flashed as they seemed to form a new, illusory world.

The illusory world formed of aura-qi was packed densely with clouds, innumerable terrifying snakes of lightning traversing through them, descending from the sky, causing the entire world to seem like a purgatory of thunderbolts.

Gaining aura-qi with spirituality, integrating it with their martial arts, forming an illusory heaven and earth.

Such was precisely the trademark of mid Xiantian Martial Scholars.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression didn’t change as the orifices of his entire body shuddered in unison.

Blazing hot aura-qi in the form of numerous fire dragons as well as icy cold aura-qi in the form of numerous ice dragons intermingled, rising upwards simultaneously.

Yan Zhaoge shot out with his left and right hands simultaneously, one executing the Ocean Stabilising Spirit Fist, the other executing the Heavenly Snake King Fist.

One active, one passive, one unyielding, one soft, ingenious to the extreme as they communicated the changes between yin and yang.

The turtle and the snake combined their might; the Divine Xuanwu descended.

The two aura-qis of blazing heat and icy coldness merged perfectly, their power strong as they had never been before.

The power that suddenly erupted domineeringly broke through the illusory heaven and earth formed of Lin Zhou’s sabre-intent and aura-qi!

Lin Zhou’s gaze was cold and heavy.

After that fierce move of his, his style suddenly changed.

A dazzling sword-light lit up, not as violent as the previous sabre-light, but even faster than that had been.

Purple Lightning Shocking Rainbow Sword!

As the sword left its sheath, its speed was at the utmost peak.

The Purple Lightning Shocking Rainbow Sword executed by the mid Xiantian Martial Scholar Lin Zhou was even stronger than Yan Shan’s had been.

The whole world knew that of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s ‘Lightning Flashing Thunder Rumbling’.

Lightning Flashing was proficient in the sword, while Thunder Rumbling was proficient in the sabre.

However, Yan Zhaoge could confirm now that Lin Zhou truly suppressed Yan Shan in all areas.

Breaking awayfrom everyone’s usual impression of him, this sudden sword of Lin Zhou’s that came out of nowhere resembled the shocking rumbling of thunder upon flat ground, causing others to be hard pressed to guard against it.

Despite their cultivations being similar, its threat was still far, far more than that of Yan Shan who was famed for the sword.

The speed of this sword was such that Yan Zhaoge was virtually even unable to grasp its trajectory of arrival.

What was worse that as he struck out with this move, what Lin Zhou had within his hands was a short sword close to two feet long, spiritual light shooting out in all directions, shaking one’s soul!

Shockingly, it was yet another low-grade spirit artifact!

Even if it was someone with the background of Lin Zhou and Yan Zhaoge, or even the Xiao Shen of before, to them who were Martial Scholars, possessing two spirit artifacts was already something that could be said to be out of the ordinary.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had long been keeping wary of Lin Zhou suddenly using his trump card.

Above Yan Zhaoge’s head, a dazzling golden light rose, resembling the dawn sun rising from the east.

Like a dazzling sun on a hot day, the Radiant Sun Wheel met Lin Zhou’s Cloud Dust Sword head-on.

“Xiao Shen’s Radiant Sun Wheel has indeed changed too many things,” His gaze cold, as his Purple Lightning Shocking Rainbow Sword connected, Lin Zhou followed up with a punch.


For this attack of Lin Zhou’s, his whole arm as well as fist were instantly covered by an incomparably dense net of thunderbolts, flickering with an exquisite light, resembling gods and ghosts.

Yet another Heavenly Thunder Hall direct lineage martial art, the Green Lightning Justice Fist!

The Radiant Sun Wheel and Lin Zhou’s Cloud Dust Sword entangled with and repelled each other further, as Lin Zhou’s fist now arrived directly before Yan Zhaoge like explosive thunder.


As the sound of explosive thunder resounded, Yan Zhaoge felt like the heavens and earth before him were about to collapse as a gigantic fist enveloped by greenish-purple lightning hit towards him.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as a bright light shot out from within his eyes.

Towards Lin Zhou’s iron fist, Yan Zhaoge punched out with a fist of his own.

But in the midst of its path, Yan Zhaoge’s arm suddenly shook.

Like a divine dragon sweeping out with its tail, his arm shook.

Drawing back.

Flicking outwards.

Evidently, he’s managed to integrate the sword-intent of his own Coiling Dragon Sleeve into his fist-intent.

Coiling Dragon Sleeve, Divine Dragon Sweeps Tail!

As his arm shook, Yan Zhaoge spun his body, his feet abruptly twisting like a massive compass.

The violent distorting force caused the space beneath Yan Zhaoge’s feet to begin emanating a burnt smell.

Spinning like this, Yan Zhaoge punched onto Lin Zhou’s wrist, causing his Green Thunder Justice Fist to change in direction.

Shocked, Lin Zhou wanted to switch his stance, but Yan Zhaoge was faster than him.

As the rotating Yan Zhaoge’s right fist knocked away Lin Zhou’s Green Thunder Justice Fist, he made use of the force from their collision as his body now spun in the opposite direction at an inconceivable speed.

His left fist struck out, as it seemed like there was another massive dragon smashing its tail domineeringly towards Lin Zhou’s temple.

Twin Dragons Sweep Tails!

His eyes opened wide, Lin Zhou roared loudly, all the aura-qi of his entire body surging as his skeleton exploded outwards with resounding cracking sounds.

His body actually inconceivably abruptly grew by more than a foot in height!

At the same time, he retreated at his greatest speed.

However, the force that Yan Zhaoge had erupted with was so unbelievably shocking that even though Lin Zhou’s reaction speed could already be considered extremely fast, he still didn’t manage to completely avoid this second Divine Dragon Sweeps Tail.

Although he managed to avoid his temple being hit, Yan Zhaoge’s fist still brushed past his face.

Lin Zhou could only see stars before his eyes, being knocked slightly dizzy as half of his face was pained to the point of numbness, his teeth feeling as though they had almost all been knocked out and sent flying.

Yan Zhaoge was even stronger than he had predicted, but Lin Zhou was angered, driven to the point of viciousness as well.

“Hmmm,” Yan Zhaoge’s brows twitched as he saw Lin Zhou ignoring his suffering from that punch and directly kicking over, wanting to give tit for tat.


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