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As the two were drowned in silence, Yu Ye suddenly let out a gasp.

“Whats wrong” asked Nie Jingshen.

Yu Ye frowned, “I can sense the Lord of Plentiful Treasures sword sheath closing in to us…”

Ever since she acquired the Lord of Plentiful Treasures heritage and cultivated the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture and the Immortal Extermination Scripture, she was bestowed with a few mysticisms.

Now, she could vaguely sense the Lord of Plentiful Treasures sword sheath closing in.

In other words, Zhang Buxu, being the wielder, was closing in as well.

Similarly, Zhang Buxu could also sense her direction using the sword sheath.

As the two got closer, the feeling got stronger and stronger.

Yu Yes current somber complexion was due to her sensing the sword sheath closing in upon Nie Jingshen and her.

Without a doubt, Zhang Buxu, who wielded the sword sheath, was getting nearer and nearer to them.

As expected, Zhang Buxu wasnt willing to just let them go.

It goes without saying why he was still pursuing after them.

In this world, only one person could ever cultivate the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

Since Yu Ye managed to cultivate it first, Zhang Buxu was incapable of cultivating it anymore, even with the scripture in his possession.

Only with Yu Yes disappearance from the world would Zhang Buxu be able to replace her spot.

“Disappearance” could imply transcendence, just like the Lord of Numinous Treasure.

Or, it could also mean… death!

“Lets go.” Nie Jingshen didnt say anything else.

By forcefully activating his strength, his speed increased.

“We cant leave just like this.” Yu Ye said, “Lets split up from each other.

Hell only be able to sense my location, not yours.”

“If we split up, at least one person can escape and call for grandmother or junior apprentice-brother Yan to our aid.”

Nie Jingshen continued his advancement, “Zhang Buxu originated from your orthodox Prime Clear lineage.

Hes in the Profound Immortal Peak Realm and possesses the Four Qis Fused Auras.

Hes much stronger than most Profound Immortals.”

“Right now, youre gravely wounded and cant possibly release your full strength.

If you encounter him alone, your chances of survival become dim.”

Nie Jingshen said, “If the two of us are together, we might have a chance to deal with him.

We might even stall enough time for Yan Zhaoge, Senior Gao, and the others to arrive.”

Looking at his determined expression, Yu Ye finally said softly, “Alright, together.”

The two laid down some specially-made talismans, leaving clues behind for Yan Zhaoge and the others to locate them as they continued traversing through the void.

Reading these talismans required specific methods.

They were not afraid of these falling into Zhang Buxus possession.

Zhang Buxu had deserted the Roving Jade Heavens long ago, and was oblivious of such techniques.

Even if he acquired these talismans, they were of no use to him.

After advancing a little further ahead, Yu Yes expression worsened.

After a while, she yelled softly, “Hes here!”

At the same time, rhythmic melodies of the qin resounded in the void.

The qins melodies formed tangible sound waves.

Wherever the sound waves passed through, the cosmic void collapsed.

The arc-shaped ripples emitted sword intents leaking with unpleasant sharpness as if it was capable of piercing through ones soul.

As the waves expanded, they quickly flew toward Nie Jingshen and Yu Yes backs.

Yu Yes expression froze, with bizarre phenomena being projected from her eyes.

All sentient beings, all creations, and all sorts of the worlds brilliance eroded, instantly turning into nothingness.

Death, destruction, and extermination befell upon all phenomena, existence, concept, and meaning, bring them to an end!

Everything returned to nothingness, returned to chaos, with the concepts of a start and an end being lost.

Chaos itself seemed to have entered an everlasting state of nothingness.

She turned around and unleashed her attack.

The chaos blurred, with bleary sword-lights glistening, cutting off the ripples of the waves chasing after them.

The waves that seemed never-ending were forcefully torn apart.

The sea waters were separated into two sides, forming a vacuum in between, which made the seas depths visible.

The qins melodious tune stopped, with no traces left to be heard as if the piece had reached its end.

However, it only lasted for an instant.

Yu Yes complex suddenly turned pale.

She groaned and was incapable of lasting her abilities any longer.

The phenomena within her eyes disappeared, and she returned to normal.

She lowered her head and looked at her sword-wielding palm, only to see crack-like glittering patterns covering it.

Yu Ye was incapable of attacking any longer.

At that moment, another qins melody resounded.

A silhouette emerged from the void afar, was quickly rushing toward Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye.

He was a middle-aged man with an elegant face, with a qin case behind him.

As he strode forward, the melody of the qin continuously resounded.

He was the Lofty Sovereign – Zhang Buxu!

His expression was filled with complexity as he gazed at the densely packed glittering patterns on Yu Yes hand.

“In the battle for the great dao, its either you or I that prevails.

Theres no room for compliance.” Zhang Buxu sighed, “Dont blame me for being too cruel and making things difficult for you younger generations.”

Nie Jingshens gaze turned ice-cold, and his sword went up against the sound waves.

As his sword unsheathed, rays of elegant gales surged out.

As the gales intertwined together, a projection was vaguely formed.

Under the projections enshroudment, the sword-light turned into an object resembling a halberd and an axe!

As the attack descended and the glittering brilliance separated the misty darkness, boundless gales appeared.

These gales seemed to have spawned between the Early Heavens and Later Heavens.

They were both warm yet frigid at the same time.

Amidst the contradiction, infinite amounts of profundities and eerie mightiness were contained within.

Yu Ye attacked as well, causing rays of green brilliance to flicker.

She was gravely wounded and could hardly activate the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

However, she had no problems casting the Immortal Extermination Sword.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Buxu was filled with praise for her.

Albeit being in the True Immortal Realm, Yu Yes comprehension toward the Immortal Exterminating Sword seemed much deeper than him, a Profound Immortal.

However, while holding feelings of praise, Zhang Buxu didnt become more merciful.

He also released a green sword-light and cast the Immortal Extermination Sword.

He swung it in all directions, attacking Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye.

There was a disparity between the two partys cultivation, and the two True Immortals were all gravely injured.

Under Zhang Buxus illusory sword-light transformation, he could easily oppress the two and gain the upper-hand advantage.

However, Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye seemed to have come to an implicit understanding, causing resonance between them.

“Huh” Zhang Buxu was surprised.

Currently, right in front of him, the sword which opened the heavens and split the earth was combining with the sword capable of obliterating the world, the resonance fusing them.

As the two sword-intents intertwined together, they vaguely projected the cycle of the worlds creation and the world reaching its end.

The creation of the world brought about an unobstructable might, which left only destruction in its wake.

Just like the flood known as the era, it crushed through all obstacles hindering its path.

“The two of you…” Zhang Buxu was filled with shock.

Without him realizing, the twos Dual Sword Amalgamation crushed his green sword-light.

Zhang Buxu was no stranger to this sword technique.

However, strictly speaking, this was a supreme martial art belonging only to one person.

Gao Qingxuans soul resided in her original body and her clone, making the same mindset.

One could cast the Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword, while the other cast the Immortal Extermination Sword, presenting the start and end of creation.

The two swords combined, bringing about boundless might.

It was just like Yan Dis Creation Saber.

While this supreme martial art of hers was not as complete as Yan Dis Creation Saber, the sword qis and sword-intents of the two would resonate and combine, doubling her strength, making it much more threatening.

However, in this world, there existed only one Gao Qingxuan.

She was considered a unique case.

Yet, right now, despite being two different people, the two managed to replicate such transformations!

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