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Currently, Nie Jingshens sword had transformed into chaos.

It enshrouded Yu Ye and him within and repelled Zhang Buxus sword-light.

The Prime Clear sword filled with utmost ferociousness merely caused ripples when crashing toward the hazy chaos.

In the next moment, the ripples disappeared, with everything returning to normal.

The Numinous Treasure Four Swords sent creation into extinction, symbolizing the process of everything returning to nothingness.

However, if there was already nothing to begin with, what kind of extinction would persist

“Jade Illusory… Peerless Sword… Zhang Buxus stomach churned, his heart filled with complex emotions, “Its another Yan Xintang.

Only, this one seems even better than him…”

In the past, when Yan Xintang and Long Xingquan dominated the Roving Jade Heavens, he had personally experienced the entire ordeal.

Even today, the memories were deeply imprinted into his mind.

Now, the scenes of yore seemed to have re-emerged.

Zhang Buxu took in a deep breath, his face turning expressionless, regaining back his previous calm composure.

Then, without saying anything else, he continued his consistent unabating rounds of relentless attacks.

The two exchanged blows over and over again.

Suddenly, Nie Jingshen groaned, and an abnormal shade of red filled his pale-white face.

Being held back by his previous injuries, Nie Jingshens attack came to a halt, with the phenomena of chaos dispersing.

The marvellousness of his previous primordial peerlessness with no precedence nor progression ceased to persist any longer.

Zhang Buxus sword-light immediately took advantage of the situation and broke through Nie Jingshens attacks.

Nie Jingshen was shielding Yu Ye.

However, at this moment, Yu Ye suddenly turned around, her sword slashing toward Zhang Buxu.

Previously, Nie Jingshen used his defense as his offense.

Now that he retreated, Yu Ye managed to replace his role and used her offense as defense.

The exchange of offense and defense was unbounded by nature, with everything seeming completely natural.

Although the Dual Sword Amalgamation was broken through, and the twos sword- intent ceased to resonate any longer, they had currently achieved a form of perfect synergy.

However, Zhang Buxu didnt mind their synergy.

Instead, he focused only on his attacks.

As his sword-light swiped through his surroundings, the roars of dragons and phoenix accompanied him, resounding throughout the entire universe.

However, in the next instant, his expression grew much more solemn.

Because Yu Yes sword was formed by rays of intertwining unpigmented qis.

Wherever they passed through, the myriad of objects crumbled, ceasing to remain any longer.

The ferocious unpigmented qis condensed together, forming the shape of a sword.

However, a layer of dark-red brilliance clad the sword of qi.

Red lights flickered, which teleported within the void, making it hard to assess it.

At the same time, rays of dark sword-qis the semblance of thin threads appeared, densely wreathing around the white sword glistening with red radiances.

As every thread sliced through the void, countless lives vitality seemed to have been cut off.

At this moment, countless black threads were converging together, permeating with death qi.

Finally, atop the white sword, green sword radiances surged at the exterior of the dark threads and red lights.

The green radiances were indestructible and caused devastation to everything hindering its path.

As if it was an expert in this field, all the laws were disintegrated from the world, ceasing to exist any longer.

“Four swords together!” Zhang Buxu blurted out.

This sword of Yu Ye contained the four great sword arts profundities – the Immortal Extermination, the Immortal Slaughtering, the Immortal Trapping, and the Immortal Ending!

Even Zhang Buxu, who was in the Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm, could only utilize three swords in one go.

While his Prime Clear Seven Strings Sword could release the four swords together, only three of them would converge.

Him aside, even Yu Yes grandmother, the strongest among the Roving Jade Sevens – Gao Qingxuan, could only utilize three swords when she was still in the True Immortal Realm.

Long Xueji, Daoist Cloud Conquest, He Mian, and the others were of the same condition.

Among the rising experts after the Great Calamity, the one that could utilize these four swords in the True Immortal Realm was Yan Zhaoges grandmother, the Sword Emperor – Di Qinglian.

Throughout history, the historical figures able to achieve such astonishing feats were close to none.

Today, such miracles appeared once again!

The Exterminating, Slaughtering, Trapping, and Ending swords were unleashed all at once.

Boundless Evil Qis edge surged, permeating unparalleled ferociousness, vaguely showing signs of the chaos extinguishing!

Being caught off-guard, a few of Zhang Buxus sword-lights were slain apart.

He did not forcefully receive Yu Yes attack with his Tranquil Profound Immortal physique, where a True Immortal couldnt possibly harm.

Instead, he turned to use defense as his offense as well.

By controlling his sword-light transformation, he continued destroying Yu Yes sword-lights, grinding them to bits.

However, at that moment, the momentum of Yu Yes sword changed once again.

Within her eyes, phenomena of the chaos perishing upon reaching its end were projected!

The ferocious sword intent exploded once again, undergoing a qualitative transformation!

The true phenomena of chaos extinguishing appeared again!

This time, Zhang Buxus expression changed entirely.

Previously, he was still on guard against Yu Yes Chaos Extinguishing Scripture.

After all, this martial art could breach through the gulf between a True Immortal and a Profound Immortal, allowing Yu Ye to kill him.

After meeting Yu Ye, after she unleashed the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, she could not press on further due to her injuries.

Later, when Yu Ye and Nie Jingshen joined forces, they had already reached the edge of deaths door.

As such, when she unleashed the four swords together to replicate the extinguishing chaos, Zhang Buxu merely thought of it as her wringing out all her techniques to fight for her survival.

With these two points, Zhang Buxu gradually lowered his guard.

Yet, to his surprise, Yu Yes final ultimate technique was still extinguishing the chaos!

All the previous acts were done deliberately to lower his guard.

Now, she finally showed her true techniques!

Moreover, this attack was not one where he could withstand using the marvelousness of his Tranquil Profound Immortal physique!

Without being capable of doing anything else, Zhang Buxu quickly turned around and evaded Yu Yes attack.

He believed that Yu Ye had deliberately shown her weak side and hidden her ultimate technique up her sleeves.

However, being so heavily injured, she would at most have the strength to unleash one attack of such degree.

As long as he evaded the first attack, victory would be within his grasp.

Zhang Buxus judgment was indeed correct.

However, Yu Yes sword suddenly changed.

The nebulous sword-light filled with unparalleled ferociousness flickered and changed its target, landing on the sword sheath in Zhang Buxus hand instead!

Zhang Buxu was overwhelmed with surprise and quickly changed his movement.

However, it was already too late.

Sword intents surged from him, spreading from his hand toward the sword sheath to reinforce its defense.

However, with Yu Yes attack connecting, the sword sheath underwent a violent tremble.

Vigorous lights burst from the worn-out sword sheath, expanding toward the surroundings, blocking the path between each other.

After the vigorous light diminished, the sword-sheath was even more worn-out and much bleaker.

Cracks appeared by the surface, with the aura of profundities within weakening.

Meanwhile, web-like cracks covered Yu Yes right hand, which even started spreading through other parts of her body.

However, on the other side, Nie Jingshens sword had already broken through the void.

He grabbed Yu Ye by the waist, and the two fled far away.

The backlash of the sword sheath in his hand, as well as the vigorous lights blocking his path, prevented Zhang Buxu from advancing any further.

He could only watch as the two fled from the void.

After the dust settled, he was already incapable of chasing up to the two.

Initially, using the connection between the sword sheath and Yu Ye, he could lock on to her location.

Now that the sword sheath received further damage, its previous effects could not be utilized any longer.

Zhang Buxu didnt give up and continued searching through the void.

Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye were covered in wounds, and their speed would be affected.

As a Tranquil Profound Immortal, he had no reason to give up.

Only, as time dragged on, the situation became more and more unfavorable to him.

As such, he had to locate them as soon as possible.

As for the two, after feeling, they continued soaring through the void.

Nie Jingshen looked behind anxiously while Yu Ye shut her eyes and sat in a lotus position.

The situation of her body was deteriorating further into an unfavorable state.

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