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Yue Zhenbeis appearance made Zhang Buxus expression turn grim.

However, upon realizing that only Yue Zhenbei himself was present, hope rose in his heart again.

Taking in a deep breath, Zhang Buxu wielded his sword and attacked once again.

“Yue Zhenbei, youre hurt as well.

Yet, you still hope to hinder my path”

Yue Zhenbei said, “You and I both possess the Four Qis Fused Aura now.”

As he spoke, the Heaven Opening sword-light interchanged between the state of majesticness and etherealness.

They converged and sundered, destroying all of Zhang Buxus Prime Clear sword-lights.

Zhang Buxus complexion changed slightly.

Around twenty years ago, when the Pill Hall resurfaced within the world, he had fought against Yue Zhenbei during that time.

Although they were both in the Profound Immortal Realm, he had the Four Qis Fused Aura at that time, while Yue Zhenbei only possessed the Three Qis Fused Aura.

However, in the end, he couldnt do anything to Yue Zhenbei.

Yue Zhenbei was in the same condition as Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye and was wounded by the backlash from the destruction of the Immortal Extermination Formation.

Yet, now that the two reencountered each other, he was incapable of dealing with Yue Zhenbei!

Although it was nothing brand-new like Nie Jingshens self-developed techniques, Yue Zhenbei had achieved an extraordinary mastery toward the Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword.

To a certain extent, he was Yan Xintangs orthodox successor and had inherited Yan Xintangs legacy.

Hence, he continued to develop the Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword, pushing it toward a higher level of perfection.

Yue Zhenbeis sword arts were refined and pure, its style being calm and poised.

Although he seemed to show sangfroid most of the time, a looming ice river seemed to be flowing behind him, bellowing with compelling might.

Currently, he was focusing more on defense rather than offense.

Rather than being forced into such a state by Zhang Buxu, Yue Zhenbei merely intended to escort Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye out of here.

Zhang Buxu had sensed this as well but remained at his utmost cautiousness.

After all, who knew if Yue Zhenebi would suddenly counter-attack, turning his defense into offense

Looking at Yue Zhenbei, and looking at Nie Jingshen and Yu Yes departure, a hollow feeling took over Zhang Buxus heart.

The opportunity standing right in front of him was about to slip out of his hands, once again.

Compared to never possessing something, losing something after retrieving it would undoubtedly cause greater disappointment.

A supreme martial art like the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture naturally posed extraordinary significance.

After retrieving and losing it so many times, even if Zhang Buxu had the heart of steel, his heart strings were still being tugged.

However, at that moment, another transformation occurred within the land of tranquil streams.

Numerous martial art practitioners appeared at the same time, their auras contending against the aura of the Nine Underworlds.

The after-effects released from their contention made ones heart shudder.

Yue Zhenbei and Zhang Buxus expressions changed slightly.

Then, within the land of tranquil streams, rays of light streams lit up from within.

They were all made up of Immortal Court martial art practitioners, made out of Profound Immortals and True Immortals.

Yue Zhenbei frowned upon seeing this.

Previously, when he discovered the rune left behind by Nie Jingshen and noticed how its guise was stripped away, he was aware that anyone could now perceive the intricacies contained within, resulting in anyone able to obtain the clues left behind.

While following the clues left behind by the rune, he located some runes of similar conditions.

As such, he quickly disguised them, preventing others from taking advantage of them.

Zhang Buxu found it earlier than him.

That was something he couldnt change.

However, logically speaking, others who came later shouldnt locate this place so quickly.

“Could these heretics be coming for Zhang Buxu” This thought quickly flashed across Yue Zhenbeis mind.

However, he didnt intend on being merciful.

His sword-light, originally astringent, expanded at that very instant!

As rays of sword-lights swept through the area, not only did it attack Zhang Buxu, it even hindered the group of heretic experts.

Zhang Buxus previous prediction had come true.

Most sword martial art cultivators are ruthless with their attacks.

Only when being on the offense would their strongest self be shown.

Currently, each of Yue Zhenbeis attacks was capable of obliterating an entire world.

As his sword-light expanded, the world was split apart, engulfing the whole universe together with him.

Wherever his sword-light passed through, the flow of time seemed to reverse, returning to the primordial times when the heavens opened, and the earth was split apart.

No matter if its Zhang Buxus sword-lights or the Immortal Court experts attacks, they all seemed so diminutive in the face of Yue Zhenbeis sword.

As they sunk into a trance state, they felt as if they had returned to when they first started cultivating, returning to the beginning of everything.

Their grasp toward the laws of the world, as well as their comprehensions accumulated throughout their lifetime, ceased to exist any longer.

Only their elementary entry-level comprehension remained.

“Preface of the Worlds Establishment, Genesis of Myriads!”

Zhang Buxus gaze entered a momentary daze.

He had witnessed this Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword before.

In the past, this was the sword Yan Xintang used to defeat Gao Qingxuan and fight equally against Di Qinglian back in the Roving Jade Heavens!”

Moreover, other than Gao Qingxuan and Di Qinglian, no one else in the Roving Jade Heavens had truly experienced the grace of this sword art.

Today, he finally had the chance to do so.

However, he felt as if an incubus had descended upon him.

Yue Zhenbei and his tempered sword seemed to have disappeared together, leaving only a pillar of radiance by the land of tranquil streams.

Their phantom-like etherealness was ubiquitous, forcing Zhang Buxu and the others to defend against it.

As if that pillar of light radiance was the very first light after the heavens opened and the earth split apart, no one could hinder its might.

The heretic True Immortals evaded it with their life on the line and dared not near it.

If they got even a tiny bit closer, they would instantly be slain by the sword-light.

Only death awaits those who dared enter it within the area where Yue Zhenbeis sword might encompassed.

It posed significant danger even to the heretic Profound Immortals.

The radiances occasionally showed signs of instability.

It was obviously due to Yue Zhenbeis injuries.

Zhang Buxu and the others used that chance to counter-attack whenever it occurred.

However, even so, they still couldnt advance any further.

However, very quickly, a look of joyousness appeared on the heretic experts faces.

Suddenly, the sonorous voice of the great dao resounded majestically within the void!

The Virtual Immortal Heavenly Monarch leading the heretics had finally arrived!

As the sonorous voice of the great dao resounded, even Nie Jingshens body froze.

Although he gradually started to unveil the enigma of peerlessness, it still wasnt comparable to the Peerless Heavenly Scripture that Yan Zhaoge cultivated.

He possessed excelling talent and was paired with extraordinary strength.

However, ultimately, he was still in the True Immortal Realm.

When facing a Grand Virtual Immortal, he would be unable to resist the sonorous voice of the great dao, resulting in his suppression.

Billowing green bolts of lightning came descending from the sky, forming clumps of vast thunderous clouds which spanned across the land of tranquil streams.

However, this heretic Virtual Immortal didnt attack immediately.

Instead, he seemed to be observing Yue Zhenbei and Zhang Buxu.

Zhang Buxu remained silent for a while.

Then, he said word by word, “Im all alone.

They have three people together.”

“Zhang Qingchao!” Yue Zhenbei yelled.

The thunder paused for a moment and instantly blared.

Billowing lightning then descended downward, crashing against the sword domain formed by Yue Zhenbeis sword-light!

Zhang Buxu used this chance to counter-attack and attacked along with the green lightning.

Although Yue Zhenbeis sword-lights didnt dissipate, the sword domain which enveloped the universe was torn apart.

The heretic group made up of Profound Immortals and True Immortals didnt join Yue Zhenbeis besiegement.

Instead, they went for Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye, who were in a worse condition!

As the sonorous voice of the great dao continued blaring, Nie Jingshen was being suppressed the entire time.

Although he didnt sink into the blank-minded state, his body was still frozen in place.

Even his actions and his thought process had slowed down immensely.

At the crucial moment, Yu Ye hugged Nie Jingshen and dived into the vast dark mist permeating with ferociousness.

They dove straight toward the baleful Nine Underworlds abyss!

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