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Upon entering the Nine Underworlds devilish domain, the billowing dark mists flickering with blood-lights cut off the sonorous voice of the great dao from the Immortal Court Heavenly Monarch.

Nie Jingshen immediately recovered his ability to move.

However, on the other side, Yu Yes complexion turned even paler, the weakening of her aura becoming more and more apparent.

Nie Jingshen wasnt in that good of a state either.

He was initially ridden with wounds and had even experienced countless devastating battles.

After going through all these, there was no way he would still be fine.

However, before they could let out a sigh of relief, the group of Profound Immortals and True Immortals entered the Nine Underworlds after pondering for a mere moment!

Nie Jingshen brought Yu Ye along with him and quickly sped away.

However, his opponents were still relentlessly pursuing after them.

Beyond the Nine Underworlds, Zhang Buxu was fighting Yue Zhenbei together with the heretic Heavenly Monarch within the land of tranquil streams.

Suddenly, his action changed.

When the heretic Heavenly Monarch was attacking Yue Zhenbei, he suddenly changed his direction.

Under the radiance of the Immortal Trapping Swords dark-red sword-light, Zhang Buxu dived into the Nine Underworlds as well!

Currently, although the Primordial Heart Devil, the Wood Devil, and other top-notch Great Devils werent in the Nine Underworlds, Nie Jingshen and the others unwelcomed entry had alerted the Devils near them.

As such, several Devils rushed toward them, blocking Nie Jingshen and the others pathway.

As time moved on, Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye ultimately entered another besiegement.

A group of Immortal Court Sovereigns and Emperors surrounded them.

Nie Jingshens expression became stern.

Without holding any fear, he wielded his sword and went up against his foes.

Under the sword lights transformation, they interluded, forming a barrier.

With the capability to be on offense and defense at the same time, he obstructed all incoming foes.

Although he was gravely wounded, Nie Jingshen remained poised, maintaining his indomitable stance.

Even with the Immortal Courts besiegement, they couldnt close in within a short amount of time.

Upon seeing this, an Immortal Court Sovereign slowly became impatient.

He yelled, “Stop holding back.

Otherwise, theyll flee!”

After his words ended, he instantly unleashed a ruthless attack.

Nie Jingshen struck back, but the Immortal Court Sovereign didnt bother evading the attack.

With his Tranquil Realm physique, he forcefully withstood Nie Jingshens attack.

At the same time, he was still dashing toward Nie Jingshen.

His intention was clear – to adapt an internecine strategy.

Even if they originated from the Immortal Court, a Tranquil Profound Immortals Immortal Aura wouldnt be affected by True Immortals Immortal qi.

This Immortal Court Sovereign intended to oppress Nie Jingshen using his realm advantage.

Nie Jingshen quickly attacked again.

With the marvelousness of his Earlier Heaven Nascent Form being displayed to the fullest, his standards of sword-play far surpassed that of an average True Immortal.

He decisively obstructed his opponents attack, popping his opponents bubble of imagination.

However, other Immortal Court Sovereigns imitated the attackers actions, resulting in tidal waves of attacks crashing down toward Nie Jingshen.

One of the heretic Profound Immortal was exceptionally vile.

He changed his technique mid-way and aimed toward Yu Ye, whose injury was much more severe.

He intended to disrupt Nie Jingshens actions and force him to save Yu Ye, causing him to make some mistakes along the way.

Nie Jingshen frowned.

He took in a deep breath and flipped his palm, meticulously blocking his opponents longsword.

At the same time, he moved and attacked while dispersing his opponents attacks.

While avoiding another Immortal Court Sovereigns attack, he unleashed his sword again, blocking the three Immortal Court Sovereigns.

However, at this very moment, two silhouettes dashed out from the dark.

The two were heretic True Immortals.

Nie Jingshen had been fighting against the group of enemies for a long time and was already accustomed to his attack patterns.

When facing the unexpected variable, his movements paused for a moment, giving his opponent enough time to close in onto him.

He immediately turned his head and yelled with his eyes widened.

White qis spewed out from his mouth and transformed into sword-lights that swept through the area, hindering the twos path.

However, a blood-red sword silently came out of the void.

Nie Jingshen couldnt avoid it, and the blood-red sword pierced into his waist!

As dark mists billowed, the appearance of an Immortal Court Emperor emerged.

He was viciously staring at Nie Jingshen.

The sword in his hand continued forward, its eerie sharpness intending to cut deeper into Nie Jingshen.

“Hah!” Nie Jingshen yelled.

Like an amorphous sword, the deafening yell pierced into this Immortal Court Emperors soul, causing his mind to go blank.

As his movements slowed down a little, Nie Jingshens entire body surged with sword intent, instantly shattering the blood-red sword.

In the wound by Nie Jingshens waist, the half-broken blood-red sword shot outward.

It transformed into a bolt of blood-red lightning, which fired back toward the Immortal Court Emperor!

When this heretic True Immortal came back to his senses, his eyes widened to the fullest, and we attempted to dodge.

However, it was already far too late.

When a tyrant falls off power and becomes exiled, it would ultimately result in others bullying them.

However, no matter how bad the tyrants state was, not any random joe would have the qualification to bully him!

The blood-red lightning shot back, instantly piercing through the Immortal Court Emperors neck, splitting his head away from his body!

Even under such an advantageous situation, the Immortal Courts brethren died under Nie Jingshens hand.

It enraged the Immortal Court experts, even causing the few Immortal Court Sovereign to become furious.

Although Nie Jingshen was still stubbornly hanging on under their continuous besiegement, his situation was becoming direr.

Finally, after he killed another heretic True Immortal, a Profound immortals attack landed on his body.

His body was already heavily wounded.

After receiving another fatal attack, it became much harder to go on any further.

The cracks of the dam grew bigger and bigger, ultimately resulting in a leakage.

Under his opponents all-encompassing attacks, Nie Jingshens weakness was finally in plain sight, allowing others to take advantage of it.

Billowing saber lights came descending upon him, as oppressive as the weight of countless mountains.

It made one suffocate and sense the eerie sense of death closing in.

Nie Jingshen was already at the end of his tether.

Even if the saber lights hadnt hit him directly, the gusts of winds that came before it was like sharp physical blades, which sliced his flesh.

“Jingshen!” Yu Ye weakly opened her eyes, with hints of decisiveness materializing within.

The phenomena of extinguishing chaos emerged once again within her eyes as if the myriad was about to reach its end.

A ray of somber brilliance capable of shuddering ones very own soul exploded within the crowd!

The eerie doomsday brilliance demolished the layers of mountain-like saber lights.

Obliterating the opponents saber.

Obliterating the hand the opponent used to wield the sword.

Finally, massacring the owner of that hand!

Everyone was taken aback and watched as the Profound Immortal Sovereign perished by her sword-light.

Perishing by the hands of a True Immortal!

Among those present, only Nie Jingshen wasnt surprised.

His eyes were bloodshot, and he gritted his teeth, using that chance to counter-attack.

As the sword-lights explosively erupted, they swept through the surrounding, slaying the True Immortal who was previously still acting so arrogantly.

Within the crude devilish domain, a brutal bloodbath was taking place.

Nie Jingshen was like a deistic ghost covered with blood.

Amidst his vicious roar, he hugged Yu Ye and darted out of the besiegement, instantly fleeing toward the distance.

The Immortal Court experts were surprised by their performances.

Their momentary bewilderment allowed them to escape.

After a while, the group of heretic experts came back to their senses.

As the reality hit them, emotions of shame and furiousness surged through them.

At that moment, the qin melody resounded from a distance, with a sword-light breaking through the devilish mist.

Zhang Buxu had finally chased up to them.

Without stopping his advancement, he continued chasing after Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye.

“The two heretics are at their limits!” The Immortal Court experts looked at each other and quickly chased after them.

The Nine Underworlds devilish domain turned even more sanguinary due to these outsiders.

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