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While hugging Yu Ye, Nie Jingshen continued soaring through the Nine Underworlds, his heart filled with agonizing aches.

He could still vaguely sense his enemies pursuing him from behind.

However, right now, he didnt care about that anymore.

Another pressing matter took away all his attention.

Currently, numerous cracks appeared on Yu Yes exquisite face, with radiances leaking from within.

The cracks were compactly formed and spread throughout her entire body.

She seemed like a broken porcelain doll that was on the verge of death.

Right now, her right arm had already disappeared.

Using a True Immortals physique to slay a Profound Immortal.

Even if the Profound Immortal was one of the heretics, Yu Ye had created the same miracle as Yan Zhaoge had.

However, despite being gravely wounded, she still unleashed the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture so often, ultimately leading to the fragmentation of her own body.

Her right hand that wielded her blade was merely the start.

Soon after, her entire body was like shattered porcelain which continued breaking apart.

The body and soul were of the same entity.

Right now, she was walking toward the process of disintegration.

“Hold on for a while longer, just a while longer… Youll be fine! Youll be fine!” Nie Jingshen, someone who always showed his calm and composed side even when facing a stronger foe, was now like a child panicking over his lost candy.

“Jingshen… Leave me be, and go…” Yu Yes gaze brightened a little, a deep contrast to her previous weak self.

However, Nie Jingshens heart ached even further when seeing the change in her gaze.

This was the sign of terminal lucidity.

“Stop saying such disheartening words!” said Nie Jingshen.

He took in a deep breath and forced himself to remain calm.

Rays of sword qis shot out from his body, which enveloped Yu Ye within.

The marvelousness of the Early Heaven Nascent Form was on display once again.

With Nie Jingshens actions, Yu Yes body stopped the process of disintegration.

While she was still at deaths door, she wasnt slipping down into the abyss any longer.

The disintegration merely stopped by her right arm.

However, doing so resulted in a colossal consumption from Nie Jingshen.

After experiencing so many vicious battles, he was heavily wounded as well.

By forcing his consumption, he was destined not to hold up much longer.

Especially when there were still foes pursuing them from behind!

If he were to fight against someone, he wouldnt be able to protect Yu Ye, who was within his embrace, any longer.

“What should I do”

This question wreathed around Nie Jingshens mind, causing him to enter a state of great panic.

Blood-red lightning and vast dark mists continued billowing in front of him.

Like an abyss that devoured a mans soul, it made him sink even deeper into despair.

Suddenly, Nie Jingshen broke through the dark mists, and golden radiances appeared in front of him.

The golden radiances werent vibrant at all.

Instead, they seemed dreary, as if they were filled with unending maliciousness.

The eeriness made Nie Jingshens heart shudder.

As he looked closer, he noticed that the golden light was the reflection of white bones.

The white bones were piled together, forming the enormous size of a mountain.

Every single bone was like pillars of metal, which reflected the somber radiance.

The metals malicious aura filled with sharpness capable of shattering the world apart emerged.

Nie Jingshen felt as if he was situated in a bloody sea of corpses, like the aftermath of a bloodbath with deistic corpses.

The white bones formed countless mountains, forming the geography of a mountain valley.

A pool of blood was situated in the middle of the eerie valley.

Numerous bubbles floated by the pools surface, which then exploded as if they were in a boiling pool of lava.

Devilish Qi skyrocketed from within, encapsulating the spectral feeling contained within.

“…Devil of Aged Metal!”

Someones name instantly came to his mind.

Being surprised by the revelation, the name seeped out from his mouth.

After a brief surprise, he was instantly enraged.

He looked around the devilish domain and yelled, “These are all your doings!”


My brethren were merely watching from the sidelines.” A voice suddenly resounded.

Nie Jingshen looked atop the pool of blood and saw rays of gold radiances intertwining together, projecting the silhouette of someone.

Nie Jingshen was no stranger to his appearance.

The vessel of the previous Devil of Aged Metal, the Sword Devil – Yin Shiyang.

In the past, he had perished by Nie Jingshens grandmaster – Yan Xintang.

Using the unique condition of the Nine Underworlds, a special ritual was used, which allowed this deceaseds figure to appear.

“I was merely waiting for you two here,” said the Devil of Aged Metal calmly.

Nie Jingshen coldly stared at him.

Then, a clump of vibrant cloud converged beside the Devil of Aged Metal, forming the projection of an old man with a gaunt face.

“Primordial Heart Devil…” Nie Jingshgens pupils contracted.

The old man smiled faintly and said, “You mustve sensed it as well.

Someone elses betrayal causes your current situation.”

Nie Jingshen opened his mouth and shut it back.

“Thats right.

This isnt my attempt of deception, but merely the thoughts looming deep within your mind.” The Primordial Heart Devil smiled, “Right now, Im busy fighting against other forces Grand Heavenly Realm, and thus my attention cant be focused on you.

If you werent so greatly injured, even I am unable to see through the thoughts of someone with the Earlier Heaven Nascent Form.”

“Although youre oblivious of who it was, youre aware that only your allies could unveil the guise of your runes.”

The Primordial Heart Devil said, “This isnt my doing.

Or, should I say, its your souls perseverance that allowed me to accomplish my goal.”

Nie Jingshen looked at the two devils and finally locked his sight on the Devil of Aged Metal, with a revelation in his mind, “Your target is me”

“Thats right.” The Aged of Devil Metal said, “The vessel compatible with me in this era is Yan Xintangs grand disciple, the grand disciple of someone who sent me into perishment.

Its truly marvelous how ironic this is.”

Nie Jingshen stared at him and suddenly attacked!

With his attack, the Devil of Aged Metals projection was destroyed by the sword-light.

The Primordial Heart Devil wasnt surprised at all, “If it werent for the woman in your embrace, youd rather fight to the death than joining our Nine Underworlds.”

“Im impressed by how resolute your mind is.

However, the intensity of your hatred impresses me even more.”

“Your hatred toward my brethren is as intense as your hatred toward your pursuers.

However, right now, youre inadequate to make us pay.”

“Come on.

How about becoming stronger first and surviving the current ordeal Let me see if I would perish by the sword of my brethren”

“As for the little girl in your embrace, curb your worries.

Although she possesses the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture and poses threats against our rearmost Ancestral Devil, a deeply wounded her is much better than her death.

To my brethren, of course.”

Yu Yes perishment implied that others possessing the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture could start cultivating this supreme martial art.

The old mans figure gradually faded, “The person pursuing you is about to arrive.”

Atop the pool of blood, the devilish qi continued skyrocketing.

Nie Jingshen was still embracing Yu Ye.

Looking down, he saw that she had already lost her consciousness.

Despite being reinforced by Nie Jingshens sword qi, he was heavily wounded, causing his sword qi to appear feeble.

After her terminal lucidity, Yu Ye was slowly walking toward the verge of death.

The womans face was filled with web-like cracks, her beauty ceasing to exist any longer.

However, the stern gaze within Nie Jingshens eyes disappeared, replaced by a gaze of unprecedented gentleness and tenderness.

He softly placed his lips onto her forehead.

His legs continued striding forward.

The monstrous malicious aura skyrocketed, engulfing the eerie mountain of bones in its dark-gold radiance.

From afar, qins melody resounded again, like a vengeance-seeking soul coming after its prey.

A man, embracing a woman, slowly disappeared into the sea of blood.

In the next instant, blood skyrocketed, its momentum resembling billions of blood swords!

Then, blood descended from the skies, turning into a rain of ichor, as if the devilish domain was shedding its tears.

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