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Zhang Buxu traversed through the dense layer of dark mist and arrived at the top of the pool of blood.

Upon witnessing the transpiring scene and feeling the boundless aura filled with maliciousness, his expression changed drastically.

After a brief period of thinking, Zhang Buxus expression turned grim, “One of them is the vessel of the Devil of Aged Metal”

Basking in the rain of blood, he released his sword qi, isolating himself from the descending blood of filth.

Despite being filled with uneasiness, Zhang Buxu was reluctant to leave just like that.

His gaze shot through the blood rain and smokescreen, gazing straight toward the pool of blood.

He saw Yu Ye, whose body was quietly laying within, with her eyes shut.

Cracks filled her entire body as if she was a broken porcelain doll on the verge of shattering.

At that moment, the white bones glistening with dark-gold brilliance suddenly started moving and were all erected vertically.

Rays of dark-gold radiances intertwined together as if myriads of sword-lights were gleaming.

The malicious aura in the sea of blood reached its peak.

Yu Yes body sunk inside, her figure now replaced by a mans silhouette that was slowly emerging.

“Nie Jingshen!” Albeit having the same appearance, Zhang Buxu knew that he wasnt the same as he previously was any longer.

All his previous injuries ceased to exist any longer.

His sword intent became sharper than ever, affixed with more cruelty.

Rays of dark sword qis were wreathing around him.

When he raised his head to look at Zhang Buxu, Zhang Buxu even felt a chill running through his entire body.

Zhang Buxu was also a sword cultivator.

He preferred the elegance of the qins melody and preferred to dwell in leisure.

However, he was still a sword cultivator.

Yet, he felt as if he became a wooden sword that was placed in an eerie forest of armaments.

The dark-gold radiances manifested into projections.

There were spears, sabers, axes, and various other weapons.

Of course, swords were also included.

The closest weapon to Nie Jingshen was a longsword.

A longsword whose body was pure black.

These ethereal projections were the collective essences from the Devil of Aged Metals past vessels, which were derived from their very own martial arts true intent.

As a sword cultivator of the same era as Yan Xintang, Zhang Buxu realized something upon sensing the sword intent contained within that longsword of pure darkness.

Devil Heavenly Sword, the sword that the Sword Devil – Yin Shiyang used to fight against the Sword God – Yan Xintangs Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword, the exalt sword among the ranks of Devils!

All these martial art intents would enter his body, allowing the new vessel of the Devil of Aged Metal – Nie Jingshen to possess all these forebearers supreme martial arts.

Nie Jingshen wielded the pure black longsword and swung it in front of him!

All the weapon projections in front of him shattered!

Zhang Buxu was startled at first, with this feeling instantly transitioning into fear.

His expression changed, and he quickly fled away.

Nie Jingshan coldly stared at Zhang Buxu, and dark-gold radiances flickered within his eyes.

All-encompassing gold radiances sealed the entire devilish domain, preventing Zhang Buxu from fleeing.

“Break!” Zhang Buxu yelled.

Rays of green sword radiances surged, using the Immortal Extermination Formations sword intent to break through the gold radiance entrapping him.

The gold radiances were formed by the Devil of Aged Metals aura.

While it was strong, the Devil of Aged Metal had yet to return to his prime state.

Hence, while it might obstruct Zhang Buxus path for a while, he could still break through it.

Using the instant Zhang Buxu used to break the seal, Nie Jingshen moved.

He wielded the pure black longsword formed by the Devil Heavenly Swords sword intent and strode toward Zhang Buxu.

Nie Jingshen looked at the pure black longsword in his hand and smiled.

He strengthened his grip, causing the longsword to shatter apart, returning to its original dark-gold radiance form.

Then, he raised his arm, causing the eerie all-encompassing Evil Qi to converge by his palm!

A dark-golden longsword was even more uncanny than the Devil Heavenly Sword was manifested!

Then, it slashed toward Zhang Buxu!

Being obstructed by the seal for a moment, Zhang Buxu, who was anxiously trying to break free, felt a sword reaching the back of his head!

Just a little longer, he would be able to escape.

Just a little more, he could use the Immortal Trapping Sword Manual to slice through space and leave this area.

He didnt have the luxury for these options and was forced to withstand this attack.

Otherwise, he would immediately be slain on the spot by Nie Jingshen!

Zhang Buxu let out a growl and decided not to play safe anymore.

Then, rays of sword-lights started converging.

A blaring “pluck” sounds resounded as if the qins string had snapped apart.

Prime Clear sword-lights filled with utmost maliciousness skyrocketed, going against the dark-golden sword-light in Nie Jingshens hand.

As the two collided against each other, the skies of the devilish domain were instantly torn apart.

The surrounding devilish qi was cleansed, rendering the surrounding to a vacuum state.

However, before Zhang Buxu could react, dark-gold radiances flashed across his eyes once again!

A sword slash so fast, its speed was deemed as unparalleled!

The slash was much faster than the Prime Clear Immortal Trapping Sword!

Before his body could transmit any information to his brain, he already saw his arm being separated from his body through the corner of his eye!

This Prime Clear sword cultivator utilized all the experience he accumulated throughout his time of living.

Without caring about his injuries any longer, Zhang Buxu first exploded his broken arm.

Upon exploding, blood rained, and light mists appeared.

They transformed into sharp swords, which blotted Nie Jingshens skies.

At the same time, his remaining hand clapped on the qin case behind his back.

Countless sword qis were cached within.

Like the nebula, if they were released, they could immediately obstruct his enemies.

Facing the blood swords formed by Zhang Buxus broken arm, Nie Jingshen remained poised.

Dark-gold sword qis surged from his body, forming a hemispheric barrier in front of him, which blocked the myriad of blood swords from touching him.

At the same time, Zhang Buxus vision blurred.

Nie Jingshen had already teleported behind him.

The dark-gold radiances flickered again!

Before Zhang Buxu could slap his qin case, the ferocious devilish sword had already pinned his palm onto the qin case!

The tip of the sword pierced through his palm!

It pierced through the qin case!

It pierced through Zhang Buxus body!

“Kneel, and die.”

Nie Jingshen said calmly.

The dark-golden sword lights broke the qin case apart.

Sword qis exploded from within and sliced through Zhang Buxu first.

Zhang Buxu let out a tragic scream, and his entire body fell forward.

He raised his head with difficulty and saw how close the pool of blood was.

However, behind him, Nie Jingshen coldly raised his hand!

Like water torrents, the dark-golden sword qis converged together, forming a dense and robust light pillar, which devoured Zhang Buxu entirely!

This Tranquil Profound Immortal of the orthodox Daoism perished just like that.

Renouncing the arrival of the strongest Devil of Aged Metal…

Boundless malicious aura skyrocketed, causing quakes throughout the Nine Underworlds.

In the land of tranquil streams located outside of the Nine Underworlds, Yue Zhenbeis expression changed drastically.

Even the Immortal Court Heavenly Monarch fighting against him stopped attacking and carefully stared at the Nine Underworlds.

Upon regaining his freedom, Yue Zhenbei did not heed anything else and immediately rushed into the Nine Underworlds devilish domain.

He searched for the spot with the densest devilish qi, and saw a sea of blood hanging by the void.

Countless corpses were littered at the side of the sea.

These were all the Immortal Court cultivators that pursued after Nie Jingshen.

They had all died a tragic death.

A decapitated head rolled toward his foot.

Yue Zhenbei lowered his head and saw Zhang Buxus face filled with bewilderment!

One person stood mid-air, atop the sea of blood.

His back was currently facing Yue Zhenbei.

The silhouette he was once so familiar with seemed so foreign now.

As the cold winds howled, a figure arose from the sea of blood below.

It belonged to Yu Ye, whose eyes were now shut close.

Although one of her arms was broken, and her body was filled with cracks, the cracks didnt press on any further.

Her breathing tempo was also temporarily stabilized.

“Take her.” The silhouette said, his back still facing Yue Zhenbei.

Yu Ye floated to the front of Yue Zhenbei.

Yue Zhenbei received her and raised his head, “Jingshen…”

The silhouette didnt turn his head.

With his back facing Yue Zhenbei, he silently left, disappeared into the depths of the Nine Underworlds.

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