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HSSB148: True Dragon Leaves Abyss Breaking Heavenly Thunder!


Coldness flickered within Yan Zhaoge’s eyes as the sound of thunderbolts exploding resounded from where the two came into contact.

This fist of his seemed to be punching into a huge mountain, while having been hit by the force of the exploding electricity, he could feel numbness radiating off it.

The flow of his qi and blood instantly became disturbed as his entire arm felt as though it was not his.

This was similar to his right hand.

Although his Divine Dragon Sweeps Tail earlier had deflected Lin Zhou’s Green Thunder Justice Fist, his right hand that had come into contact with Lin Zhou’s arm had too been rendered numb from the lightning aura-qi on Lin Zhou’s fist exploding.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall was proficient in attack and not defence.

As soon as they fell at a disadvantage, that disadvantage would only grow larger and larger.

The Lin Zhou who had lost the initiative did not dare to retreat any further as he directly kicked out in counterattack, literally wanting to pull back things by letting both sides be injured.

“It is not a martial art of the Heavenly Thunder Hall; it seems to be a variant of the Flying Dragon Chasing Star Kick of before the Great Calamity.”

This thought flashed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind like lightning.

With a low snort, Yan Zhaoge similarly didn’t retreat, instead advancing a step, raising his knee like a shield.

The muscles on his entire body tensed and coiled as beneath his skin, innumerable tendons entangled, pushing against his skin, causing his originally resilient skin to grow even stronger.

Of the Six Spirit Demonic Fists, this was the Spirit Rhino Demonic Fist!

The concept of this fist emulated the prehistoric rhino, that ancient demonic beast from times long past, famed under the heavens for its supreme defensive power.

Raising his knee, Yan Zhaoge didn’t retreat in the slightest, directly taking on this Dragon Soaring Expelling Moon kicking technique of Lin Zhou’s!

At the same time, he inhaled and exhaled, soothing the numbness on his hands as his flow of blood and qi became smooth once more.

The aura-qi of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body surged, not giving Lin Zhou any chance at all as Yan Zhaoge switched from fist to palm, the surface of his palm a purplish red.

A Tu**a Palm bore down domineeringly on Lin Zhou!

His palms interlocked, Lin Zhou’s second wave of counterattack had originally already been launched.

However, he was helpless as he discovered that Yan Zhaoge was even faster at switching stances than him.

If the two sides launched fierce attacks on each other like this, it would be him who would first be struck by Yan Zhaoge.

Having tested out the defence of Yan Zhaoge’s Spirit Rhino Demonic Fist with his kick, Lin Zhou had already clearly understood one thing.

Although his cultivation base was higher by a level, if they traded injury for injury, it would be him who would suffer the greater loss.

Lin Zhou knit his brows tightly, having no choice but to retract his fist as he made a stance with his arm to parry Yan Zhaoge’s Tu**a Palm.

This time, Yan Zhaoge had already completely seized the advantage.

Not holding back with momentum on his side, Yan Zhaoge’s following attacks resembled the unceasing, never-ending roar of waves, each wave higher than the last as they bore down on Lin Zhou, obscuring the heavens and covering the earth.

Lin Zhou was also not rendered dispirited or rash as he displayed a resilience seldom seen in Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners, pushing his movement techniques to their limit, dispelling Yan Zhaoge’s attacks as he resembled a flashing silhouette of lightning.

The two stepped took to the air, their figures flickering incessantly in mid-air as they also frequently descended back to the ground, causing a series of cracks to appear on the great earth.

The spirit artifacts of both sides entangled, but the glow of artifacts also radiated from them every once in a while.

Spiritual light shot in all directions, both sides engaging with attacks, dissipating those attacks, trading blows.

The aura-qi of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body boiled as he let out a sound resembling a dragon roaring and a tiger howling.

While Lin Zhou’s aura-qi had the trademark toughness and violence of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, it also displayed a heaviness and forcefulness that far surpassed Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners of the same cultivation level.

His spirituality-filled aura-qi posed a huge threat as it formed an illusory heaven and earth to envelop Yan Zhaoge, to the point where Yan Zhaoge was also unable to continue expanding on his advantage.

Deep into the battle, Yan Zhaoge condensed his aura-qi into a sword, executing a superbly perfect Big Dipper Sword which seemed to descend from beyond the heavens, targeted at Lin Zhou’s forehead.

Lin Zhou’s cold gaze suddenly turned blazing hot.

His body abruptly spun, his tough, violent sabre techniques suddenly becoming as cold and soft as water.

Within the all-encompassing world of thunderbolts, a stream of water suddenly appeared.

That stream of water condensed into a line, cutting through the very air itself, seemingly completely indestructible, yet intelligently possessing many variations, causing others to be hard pressed to predict its trajectory.

Yan Zhaoge’s pupils abruptly contracted, “Jade Sea City’s One Line Edge!”

The heavens and sea in a single line; who would dare to face its edge

A direct lineage martial art of the Water Domain’s Jade Sea City, One Line Edge.

It was actually currently being executed by this Heavenly Thunder Hall direct disciple, Lin Zhou.

It was not an imitation which just seemed possessed a similar form, as contained within was the true divine essence of that supreme martial art.

Despite having predicted that Lin Zhou would definitely have a trump card, as this One Line Edge was executed, it was really out of Yan Zhaoge’s expectations.

This came far, far more unexpected to him that the martial art that Lin Zhou had executed that originated from before the Great Calamity and had long been lost to the Eight Extremities World.

Yan Zhaoge changed his stance of the Big Dipper Sword, resembling its sevens stars working together to freeze a heavenly river as they forcibly withstood that strange, unpredictable line of water.

Making use of this chance, Lin Zhou finally got an opportunity to switch from defence to attack.

His entire body’s aura-qi exploded out abruptly.

His left and right hands shot out simultaneously, his aura-qi taking the form of a sabre and a sword, one hand wielding a sword, the other gripping a sabre.

The sound of thunder rumbling resounded unceasingly between the heavens and the earth as in the illusory heavens and earth formed of Lin Zhou’s aura-qi, other than a sky full of lightning, there was completely nothing else.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s direct lineage Lightning Mantra Seventy Two Swords as well as Thunder Mantra Thirty Six Blades were executed simultaneously!

Seeing this, the Ah Hu who was keeping the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor stable by the side instantly had his expression change, “How did he achieve Thunder-Lightning Union!”

The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s supreme martial art, sword-sabre combination, thunder-lightning union.

Ever since the Heavenly Thunder Hall had been founded, there had not been anyone who could execute it whilst only in the Martial Scholar realm.

Lin Zhou was a pioneer in this field.

The illusory heavens and earth that was filled with lightning exploded.

Lin Zhou’s gaze was cold to the point of holding no temperature whatsoever, “The way it is now, Yan Zhaoge, you are actually soon to be a dead man.”

“This world doesn’t require your existence; walk the fated path that you were meant to walk then.”

A sword-light like lightning and a sabre-light like thunderbolts filled the surrounding thousands of metres of sky in all directions.

The two forces collided, causing their energy which had originally already been violent to erupt completely in a single instant.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze fell calm and silent as he sucked in a deep breath.

His fists simultaneously took up the stance of the Ocean Stabilising Spirit Fist.

As the clear qi within his dantian circulated, the mass of chaotic qi abruptly shuddered.

The aura-qi that coiled within his body’s orifices like dragons suddenly all changed in unison.

The aura-qi that was blazing hot like fire, in but an instant, was completely converted to icy cold aura-qi, combining with his original icy cold aura-qi of before.

It was as though a cold fog had rose up in the surroundings of Yan Zhaoge’s body.

The icy cold aura-qi which was boundless as the sea pushed forth his Ocean Stabilising Spirit Fist.

As Yan Zhaoge punched out, his entire person seemed to have turned into an icy, bottomless ocean.

Incomparably quiet, incomparably cold, to the point of deathly stillness to which there could be no compare.

Everything returned to the abyssal depths of the deep sea, as though one had stepped into a land of eternal slumber.

As that violent lightning as well as thunderbolts descended, it was like they were like mud having entered the sea, as they temporarily could not do anything to Yan Zhaoge.

Even when some of those sword-shadows and sabre-light broke through the defences of Yan Zhaoge’s Ocean Stabilising Spirit Fist, they were then forcibly withstood by Yan Zhaoge’s body of iron as trained up by his Spirit Rhino Demonic Fist.

Going all out in a single burst, then ailing, then failing.

Lin Zhou’s Thunder-Lightning Union was incomparably fierce and violent, but having descended quickly, it also left quickly.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge’s stance abruptly changed, moving from the Ocean Stabilising Spirit Fist to the Heavenly Snake King Fist.

Changing from being extremely passive to extremely active in but an instant, yet performed completely smoothly as he willed.

It was as though the dragon that had been hidden within the abyss emerged, like a true dragon soaring into the skies!

As the chaotic qi mass within his dantian shuddered once more, Yan Zhaoge’s icy cold aura-qi turned blazing hot in an instant as well.

As the violent force erupted forth, it domineeringly broke through the sabre-sword combination of Lin Zhou’s that had already lost much of its keenness.

Yan Zhaoge stepped forward, drawing on his aura-qi that was like fire as he simultaneously pushed outwards, striking out towards Lin Zhou with twin Tu**a palms.

Lin Zhou exerted as much force as he could with his feet, dodging backwards as he threw up his arm to guard before his chest.


As two muffled sounds resounded, Lin Zhou’s lower left arm had its bones directly snapped into three segments by Yan Zhaoge’s twin palms.


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