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This special seal was created through the efforts of the group of orthodox Daoism experts in the Awakened Sky Hall and saw completion only recently.

Even the Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing and the Vine Sovereign – Li Ying werent aware of it.

Zhang Buxu and the group of Immortal Court experts were of no exception.

Those who knew were of a marginal minority.

Only those of the Awakened Sky Cosmos that joined the battle against the Nine Underworlds Great Devils this time knew of it.

Yet, in the end, Nie Jingshens seal was unveiled, allowing anyone to decipher his note, exposing his tracks to Zhang Buxu.

Zhang Buxu deeply coveted after the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

It was practically the only thing that he could think of.

So many opportunities were already in his grasp, only to slip past him in the end.

The continuous failure didnt destroy his will.

Instead, it greatly contributed to his tolerance for failure.

Initially, Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye had already managed to escape safely.

As long as they wait patiently and await the aid of Yan Zhaoge and the others, their danger would be gone entirely.

However, since Zhang Buxu and the others obtained the clues of the seal, Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye were discovered very quickly, way before Yan Zhaoge and the others could save them.

This only implied one thing – someone betrayed Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye.

This person was the very first to discover the seal left behind by Nie Jingshen.

Not only did that person not report it to Yan Zhaoge and the others, he even altered the seal personally, allowing their pursuers to decipher it, ultimately resulting in them catching up to the two.

“This isnt some internal dispute.

Its the doing of a traitor!”

Within the tranquil void, only Yan Zhaoges ice-cold voice resounded.

Compared to enemies, he detested traitors even more.

The seals that he discovered and the seals Yue Zhenbei provided were all floating atop Yan Zhaoges palm.

Yan Zhaoge lifted them and extended his finger, outlining it in the air.

It formed an exquisite formation, which proceeded to engulf the few seals within.

Although the seals were created through the effort of many others, Yan Zhaoges contributions were the most.

Similarly, his understanding and control over this seal was the most proficient one.

Radiances shone within the formation, slowly turning from white to blood-red.

Murky auras were leaking from within.

It didnt seem like art from orthodox Daoism.

Instead, it seemed more like an unrighteous one, a dao closer to that of Devils.

Under the formations engulfment, the seals seemed to have gained life and were continuously trembling non-stop.

Yan Zhaoge remained expressionless and quietly stared at this scene.

A few seals tainted with the color of red twisted after a short while, causing red mists to gush out from within.

The blood mists intertwined together, gradually forming a projection.

First, a guy and a lady appeared in the projection.

Everyone felt like the air was sucked away from their lungs.

The two were clearly Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye.

Within the projection, they were both heavily wounded.

Yu Ye was exceptionally weak, while Nie Jingshens condition was still fine.

However, it was apparent that he had just experienced a tough battle.

Nie Jingshen was gesturing in the air, creating the seal to store information and leave clues behind.

Although his complexion was pale white and was filled with weariness, his eyes were still beaming with resoluteness.

Not long ago, he worked together with Yu Ye to break out of Zhang Buxus pursuit and successfully escaped Zhang Buxus grasp.

Although they were gravely wounded, he sincerely believed that he could escape from danger and await the arrival of his allies.

Looking at that expression, Yan Zhaoge and the others felt their hearts aching.

However, upon seeing the next projection that appeared, everyone was filled with rage.

In the next projection, a teenage daoist in daoist robes appeared.

He didnt bother tying his hair, which made his hair drape down.

Everyone present recognized this teenage daoist.

Daoist Cloud Conquests disciple, one of the few youthful prodigies of the Roving Jade Heavens, the Sword Shaking Nine Heavens – He Mian.

Together with Yu Ye, the two were dubbed as the “Nine Heavens Soaring Solo Crane, Fragrant Splendour Fills Divine Lands.”

His talents were of an exceptional level.

Among those in the same cultivation as him, like Gao Xuebo or Fu Ting, his strength and achievements in the sword path were far more exceptional.

He was considered one of the top-notch martial art prodigies.

Previously, he wielded Daoist Cloud Conquests Immortal Artifact – the Clear Accomplishment Sword and was responsible for aiding Yan Zhaoge and the others along with Bai Tao, Kung Ningzi, and Fu Yunchi.

After the Immortal Extermination Formation shattered, everyone was finding those who were lost.

And yet, this Prime Clear prodigy was the one who betrayed Yu Ye, the one who betrayed Nie Jingshen.

He Mian looked at the seal he unveiled and pretended to cover it in a layer of mist.

However, it just made the seal much more obvious.

Yan Zhaoges eyes narrowed, with gloomy frigid lights flickering within.

Daoist Cloud Conquest, who was standing beside, also saw what happened.

The old Daoist quietly stood on the spot, not even an inch of his muscle bulging.

No one placed their gazes on him at all.

However, everyones silence made the situation much more pressuring.

Everyone was closely staring at He Mian.

“Find him,” said Yan Zhaoge coldly.

Fu Yunchi glanced at Daoist Cloud Conquest and said, “He might not be aware that his actions were exposed.

Let us return to the Awakened Sky Cosmos first and deal with it later.

We wouldnt want to lose the element of surprise, do we”

“Jingshen had already succumbed to the darkness.

Even if you confront him about it, he could deny his way out.” Yan Di said, “Since he doesnt know that you have this method up your sleeve, his wariness would be lowered.

No need to over-complicate things and tell him to return to the Roving Jade Heavens normally.”

Finally, Daoist Cloud Conquests expression changed, becoming a tad more complex.

He let out a long sigh.

Then, he turned to face Gao Qingxuan and Long Xingquan, “My teachings werent strict enough, which ultimately resulted in todays matters.

Please do forgive me for it.”

Yu Ye was the granddaughter of Gao Qingxuan and Long Xingquan and would also become their most exceptional successor.

Yet, right now, she succumbed to such a story state.

In fact, Nie Jingshen had only succumbed to the darkness to protect Yu Ye.

Otherwise, Yu Yes death would be guaranteed.

For such things to happen, Daoist Cloud Conquest had to take responsibility.

“Lets discuss it only after returning to the Awakened Sky Cosmos.” Long Xingquan sighed as well, “Little Yes condition is still far too unstable.”

Everyone silently nodded and started journeying back to the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

Yan Zhaoge delivered a message to those still scattered around, telling them all to return.

Of course, He Mian was also included.

However, very quickly, a reply was received.

“He Mian had fallen into the hands of the Immortal Court” Yan Zhaoge looked at the Mars Halberd with a surprised look.

Mars Halberd nodded, “I was fighting against some other heretics when he mentioned that He Mian had fallen by the hands of their Virtual Immortal.”

“We have to prevent the Awakened Sky Cosmos coordinates from being leaked.

Its not that I dont trust Nine Heavens He, but a Virtual Immortal could forcefully illuminate him, someone still in the Martial Saint Realm.”

Currently, the Mars Halberd was still oblivious of what He Mian did.

He was only thinking about something else.

After hearing Mars Hlaberds statement, Yue Zhenbei said, “Its the heretic Virtual Immortal that appeared in the land of tranquil streams – the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch.”

“How convenient.

Lets deal with them together.” Yan Di snorted.

While Yan Zhaoge and the others contacted the Awakened Sky Cosmos and warned them to remain on guard, they headed toward the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch and He Mian direction.

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