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One hit sufficed in killing that Immortal Court Heavenly Monarch.

As the golden monkey bellowed, he swung his cudgel around, destroying the trails of starlights surrounding him.

Yan Zhaoge stared at Gao Han.

Gao Hans mouth twitched.

Then, he shook his head and stopped saying anything further.

Yan Zhaoge retracted his gaze and didnt waste his efforts on any blabber as well.

He also somersaulted and entered the Immortal Courts territory, landing on the colossal apes shoulder.

In that instant, the entire Immortal Court trembled.

Halation manifested from the Immortal Territories, which came enveloping toward the Golden Body of the Great Sage harnessed by the North Ocean Clone.

At that moment, countless colossal mountains seemed to have descended from the skies, which then came suppressing the giant ape.

Yan Zhaoge sneered.

The towering golden ape also displayed a similar snicker.

The giant golden ape that seemed capable of lifting the heavens leaped forward, his rampaging power bursting through the layers of suppression brought about by the halation.

As the golden ape leaped, the different layers of the Immortal Court appeared, unveiling its hidden marvelousness.

The myriad of worlds within the Three Thousand Immortal Territories were their foundations.

With these foundations, there were empyrean imperial existences that were even more ethereal.

The uppermost one was shining brilliantly.

A pagoda was surrounded by densely packed palace structures, greatly resembling the image of a divine palace.

The colossal apes gaze swept toward his surroundings.

As if his gaze had materialized, radiances and flames seemed to be seeping from within.

After a short while, Yan Zhaoge jumped into the Golden Body of the Great Sages palm and disappeared.

As if amorphous stairs were being present, the huge ape ascended higher and higher through the stairs, heading toward the “uppermost” divine palace!

Halfway through, endless waters surged, forming into a river that hung by the skies.

It sealed the space above it and sealed everything below, which obstructed the golden monkey, intending to drown him within the waters.

It was as if the mythical Heavenly River was extracted to this area.

When the Great Calamity occurred, the Heavenly River had also undergone retribution.

Yet, right now, the replication of it was being shown on the Immortal Courts territory.

The colossal ape remained fearless and stood with his legs wide open.

To Yan Zhaoge, this water source was very suitable for him to lay down the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

This would ultimately become his playground.

At that moment, a formidable aura surged from the Heavenly River, as if it had fused with it, their very essence becoming inseparable.

Profound and obscure musical notes resounded from the water.

A Grand Heavenly Immortal had descended upon this area!

Due to his previous Heavenly Court Divine Palace experiences before the Great Calamity, Yan Zhaoge could somewhat interpret what these obscure notes meant.

“Nine Bends… Yellow River… Formation, dont think of… using it in front of I… the Inspiration Heavenly Lord…”

Hearing this, the golden apes eyes glistened with crimson-gold radiances, and he looked toward the water.

Although he was in the Grand Heavenly Realm, the colossal ape could still see what manifested clearly.

He had a golden helmet, was clad in an armor of gold, wore a treasured belt, and put on a pair of yellow boots.

His eyes were round, and his teeth were sharp.

He had a head full of fiery-red short hair and wielded a Nine Petals Crimson Bronze Mace.

After seeing his appearance, the giant ape bellowed, “Great King of Inspiration Adversaries are truly fated to confront each other.

Even the golden fish in Bodhisattva Guan Yins pond managed to swim to the territories of the heretics.”

The existence with a half-man half-fish appearance widened its already round eyes and stared closely at the huge ape, “So what Didnt that monkey already become the Victorious Fighting Buddha”

“They could afford to deploy you even with the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus presence” The colossal ape chuckled.

“Allow me to witness just how great you are, imposter.” The Great King of Inspiration snorted, “So what if youre the real one Im already different from the past.

Ive ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm!”

He gained intelligence when he was a goldfish.

However, he wasnt of the Demon Races roots.

Instead, he listened to Guan Yins teachings and first entered orthodox Buddhism.

Due to his restricted capabilities, he couldnt attain enlightenment and could not ascend to the Grand Heavenly Realm.

In the end, he joined the Immortal Court and cultivated the path of heretics.

Using the treasured lights imbued with faith power, he managed to ascend to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Due to his Earlier Heaven innate talent, his control over the water was top-notch, allowing him to control the Heavenly River perfectly.

With his cultivation in place, even Yan Zhaoge couldnt utilize this water source and lay down the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

However, Yan Zhaoge didnt mind it at all.

The giant ape laughed, “Can a heretics Grand Heavenly Realm be called the Grand Heavenly Realm”

Amidst his roar, gold radiances converged within his hand, transforming into the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

Then, he lifted it and slammed it toward the Great King of Inspiration.

The enormous strength capable of distorting the entire universe exploded, even causing cracks by the Heavenly River, which resulted in water leaking from within!

The Great King of Inspiration was enraged.

He lifted his Nine Petals Crimson Bronze Mace to block the attack.

As the two clashed, the illusory Ru Yi Golden Cudgel in the giant apes hands showed signs of breaking apart.

Despite having the weaponry advantage, the Great King of Inspiration still laughed loudly.

He decided to press further, not giving Yan Zhaoge any chance to catch a breather.

Rays of starlights reinforced the Heavenly River, causing the scattered waters to coalesce together once again.

The Great King of Inspiration, who held the territorial advantage of the Immortal Court, felt a crazy surge of increment in his strength.

“Ignorant fool.

What place do you think this is Is this a place for your blatant impertinence” The Great King of Inspiration lifted his Nine Petals Crimson Bronze Mace and slammed it toward the giant ape harnessed by Yan Zhaoge.

At the same time, the Heavenly River poured downwards, fusing insurmountable mass with the Great King of Inspirations hammer.

With the amalgamation of the two strengths, his attacks became much more horrifying.

The powers of the Grand Heavenly Realm came pouring down.

As if the skies had collapsed, great momentum rivaling even the flood came flowing down from the Heavenly River.

“Hah!” The giant monkey snickered and remained still on the spot.

Then, two flashes of brilliance appeared atop his head!

As the twin flashes of brilliance appeared, the monkeys vitality fanatically surged once again.

Suns arose from every fur of the monkey, spewing out scorching embers from within.

The violent and ruthless Demonic qi transformed into dark billowing clouds, which engulfed the surroundings, becoming more audacious.

The gold radiances converged once again within his hands, transforming into the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

He raised his hands and immediately swiped his surroundings.

Even with the Heavenly Rivers mass, the Great King of Inspirations Nine Petals Crimson Bronze Mace was still blocked by the monkey!

The sky on the verge of collapsing seemed to have regained its pillar of support.

Not only that, the pillar even forcefully lifted the sky!

The collapsing sky was now flying all the way upward!

The downpouring Heavenly River was reversed, causing waters to rise instead!

The horrifying rampaging ape leaped.

He flipped over the Great King of Inspirations hammer while holding his cudgel and the descending Heavenly River!

Then, from the top, he flipped his body and landed another attack!

With just this attack alone, the Heavenly Rivers water supply was forcefully cut off momentarily.

Their roles were now reversed, and it was the King of Inspirations turn to block.

The monkeys attacks were like raindrops, landing continuously without stopping.

While they were quick, the impact and force they contained were insurmountable.

The Great King of Inspiration couldnt hold on any longer.

An attack landed and knocked him in the head!

Yan Zhaoges attack stumbled a Grand Heavenly Immortal!

Fortunately, he had the Heavenly Immortals Immortal Splendour reinforcing himself, which allowed him to remain uninjured.

However, he was still forced into a sorry state.

“You shant harm my Heavenly Lord physique!” The Great King of Inspiration came back to his senses and smiled smugly, “Hahaha… Ugh!”

His laughter was suddenly cut off.

“Heavenly Lord Are you even worthy of that title”

The ruthless ape strode to his front and extended a humongous hand, grabbing the Great King of Inspirations head and lifting him.

Then, amidst a ruthless bellow, he pushed the Great King of Inspiration like a chariot and rushed to the divine palace in the “sky”!

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