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The scenery of the Immortal Territorys palace brimming with a myriad of phenomena changed drastically.

Amidst the savage roar that shook the nine heavens, a violent ape grabbed onto the Great King of Inspiration and rushed toward the skies.

Then, with a rumbling sound, he dashed straight into the group of palace.

Numerous signs of brilliance and gold radiances surged from the palaces, wreathing around the erected structures, serving as protection.

However, the monkey, grabbing the Great King of Inspiration, crashed into the buildings like a chariot.

The gold radiances shook, allowing the monkey to breach through a hole created by the impact.

The monkey had no intentions of stopping at all.

He pulled back his hand and forcefully crashed the Great King of Inspiration again.

With a “boom,” one side of the enormous palaces walls was forcefully broken apart!

The Great King of Inspirations complex darkened, and he let out a yell.

As he yelled, the surrounding Immortal Court palaces vibrated in unison.

Then, majestic pavilions appeared high in the sky, with a formation circulating above every pavilion.

The gold radiances transformed, causing the golden colors to fade, being replaced by the color of jade.

As soon as the jade-colored lights appeared, the entire universes appearance changed, causing the whole cosmos to turn murky.

As reveries and reality transformed, nine pagodas appeared together, with one being tall and eight others being short.

The tall pagoda hung in mid-air in the center, while the eight other pagodas were placed in all eight directions surrounding the main pagoda.

Under the nine pagodas envelopment, the cosmic nebula started changing its placement and was drawn into the pagoda.

The monkey instantly felt immense pressure weighing down on him, rendering him unable to move.

Under this mysterious powers reinforcement, the Great King of Inspirations disadvantageous situation suddenly changed.

As the stars moved, he regained his freedom of movement and started unleashing his counter-attack toward the monkey.

With this change, the twos roles were exchanged once again.

“Impertinent brat, ignorant of the difference between us.

Now, I shall let you know our disparity!” The Great King of Inspiration finally said, “The reason why I left the battlefield and arrived here is solely to capture you all in our trap!”

“While I dont know since when did you receive that monkeys abilities, it doesnt matter.

You cant possibly hide it from the Immeasurable Dao Ancestor.

He had already planned ahead on how to subdue your little new ability!”

The Great King of Inspirations Nine Petals Crimson Bronze Mace coalesced together with the Heavenly Rivers water, significantly increasing the hammers mightiness.

Being situated between the pagodas, the monkeys strength was being suppressed.

The Great King of Inspirations hammer came slamming toward him, his demeanor reeking with stylishness.

“You purposely came here for me” The colossal monkey formed by the North Ocean Clone lifted his weapon and held it toward the sky, blocking the Great King of Inspirations hammer attack.

In the past, four Grand Heavenly Immortals of the Immortal Court had perished under Suo Mingzhangs hands.

Until now, all the lost Grand Heavenly Immortals werent entirely replaced yet.

The Immortal Courts numbers of Grand Heavenly Immortals were already far inferior to the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

With such an occurrence happening, their disadvantage became even more jarring.

Yet, despite being in such a situation, the Great King of Inspiration was still dispatched here solely for Yan Zhaoge and the others.

As expected, their foes had laid down some traps in wait for Yan Zhaoge and the others.

If those of the orthodox Daoism came searching after He Mian, the Great King of Inspiration would attempt to massacre them!

The pagodas enveloped, instantly forming an oppressional force.

As Yan Zhaoge looked upward, he realized that the Great King of Inspiration wasnt the only heretic present.

Silhouettes could vaguely be seen in every pagoda.

In each and every pagoda, there was a heretic Virtual immortal, as well as countless Profound Immortals and True Immortals presiding over them.

Profound Immortals and True Immortals might not come off as a surprise.

However, with how handicapped the Immortal Court was, dispatching a Virtual Immortal was a significant matter.

Despite being at a disadvantage when fighting against the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, they could still afford to deploy such a large amount of troops and besiege Yan Zhaoge!

“You still dont know what awaits you, right” The Great King of Inspiration snickered, “Now, lets see where youll flee!”

Amidst his snicker, a layer of jade-color aura permeated from the areas where the twos weapons clashed, which spread toward the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

Then, it quickly spread toward the monkeys hands.

Being tainted by the jade radiance, the monkeys hands seemed to have turned into jades and were frozen in place.

The jade color continued spreading, attempting to taint the monkeys entire body.

“Flee Why should I” said Yan Zhaoge coldly.

The Great King of Inspiration was startled.

Then, a round figure flew out from the monkeys ear, which belonged to a Pixiu.

Pan-Pan had relinquished himself off his usual slothful appearance, replaced with malign ferociousness.

As he roared toward the skies, gold radiances arose from the tattoos at his back.

Gold radiances converged in the void, instantly causing another golden monkey to appear!

The Great King of Inspirations eyes widened, “You…”

The humongous ape harnessed by Pan-Pan bellowed and lifted his Ru Yi Golden Cudgel as well.

Like a windmill, he spun and slammed it toward the Great King of Inspirations head!

The Great King of Inspiration initially assumed it to be a mere illusion.

However, after feeling the horrifying might that could overturn the entire world, he was overwhelmed with shock.

He immediately gave up suppressing the monkey formed by the North Ocean Clone and quickly dodged aside.

The North Ocean Clones arms shook, and the jade colors faded.

The golden monkey bellowed ferociously and wielded his weapon again, instantly attacking his target.

His cruelty and viciousness became much denser than ever!

“How are there two What the hell is going on” The Great King of Inspiration was enraged, “So what if theres two of you”

He yelled and threw away the hammer formed by the streams of water.

Then, he pressed both his palms downward.

All the pagodas trembled violently, causing violent roars to resound from within.

As the jade radiance flickered, the void engulfed by the pagodas seemed to have frozen.

It froze the two monkeys, causing them to resemble amber pieces embedded in place.

The Great King of Inspiration flew outside, with the group of heretics within the pagodas hurriedly running away from the area engulfed by the pagodas jade radiance.

The pagodas, which seemed to have become a single entity, entrapped the two monkeys and proceeded to plunge downward!

The marvelous restriction was utilized to its fullest, its strength dragging Yan Zhaoge away from the divine palace “in the sky.”

Feng Yunshengs techniques were no secret to the Immortal Court.

Although they werent certain if Feng Yunsheng would arrive at the Immortal Court after the battle against the Nine Underworlds Devils, the Immortal Court still included her within their plot.

The traps laid down by the Great King of Inspiration were initially laid down with Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng in mind.

Now, while Feng Yunsheng had yet to appear, two Golden Body of the Great Sages had appeared instead.

The Great King of Inspiration could only curb his drive to capture Yan Zhaoge and quickly attacked first!

“With I here, you shant continue your impertinence! Youre only two mere monkeys, scram!” yelled the Great King of Inspiration.

The giant ape bellowed toward the sky, “Are you sure you trash are capable of that”

With this roar, Xu Feis silhouette appeared in mid-air.

Without saying anything else, he did the same movement as the North Ocean Clone.

As his body arched forward, gold radiance shot out from the tattoo on his right shoulder.

Everyone of the Immortal Court was dumbstruck.

A third monkey had appeared!

Three ruthless Demon Monkeys of the same appearance swung their Ru Yi Golden Cudgel and placed it on the floor!

As if three pillars capable of supporting the skies were present, the plummeting world instantly stopped its tracks.

Then, the three Ru Yi Golden Cudgel spun together, shattering the imprisonment of the pagodas!

As if the entire world had turned over, the jade radiances scattered throughout the area.

The three Demon Monkeys weapons rampantly swung around, causing the entire world to experience an upheaval.

An attack landed at the East, causing the Great King of Inspiration to roll about in mid-air.

An attack landed on the West, crushing the group of heretic Profound Immortals and True Immortals to bits.

A few other attacks came crashing down in the middle, instantly taking the lives of some heretic Virtual immortals.

Amidst the giant apes roar, an attack landed on the Immortal Court Heavenly Monarchs body, crashing him into a divine palace structure.

Then, another attack landed, landing on the Heavenly Monarchs corpse along with the huge palace, bringing it to ruins!

“You traitor, you think you can avoid me”

The towering ape lifted his leg and stomped ruthlessly, causing the collapsing palace to get knocked backward.

It fell onto the pagodas behind, destroying them as well!

After the collapses effects hit the pagodas, it finally stopped.

Jade radiances glistened vigorously, protecting a palace structure from falling apart.

However, a wall was still breached through, exposing a silhouette within, staring at Yan Zhaoge with an expression filled with shock.

The silhouette belonged to He Mian.

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