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The Great King of Inspiration and the others werent aware of how Yan Zhaoge had acquired the Golden Body of the Great Sage.

However, they knew that the Golden Body harnessed by Yan Zhaoge had a pair of fiery gold eyes, which could perceive through even the Eight Desolaces.

Ever since he stepped into the Immortal Courts territories, Yan Zhaoge didnt need to inquire about He Mians location at all.

On the contrary, if He Mian werent present here, he would be aware of it as well.

To lay down the killing trap and ambush Yan Zhaoges group, the Great King of Inspiration, could only use He Mian as bait in the Immortal Court.

With this bait, Yan Zhaoge and the others could be lured into the Immortal Courts encirclement.

The initial way things developed went precisely as the Great King of Inspiration and the others had planned.

However, as things developed further on, things had gone way beyond their expectations.

No one expected Yan Zhaoge to possess three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage!

Three Virtual Immortal Peak Realms experts, comparable to the battle prowess of a Grand Heavenly Immortal, had appeared in the Immortal Court.

With how lacking the Immortal Courts manpower was, they couldnt even withstand the pressure!

During the Middle era, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens caused great havoc within the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

Today, another Demon Monkey was causing havoc within the Immortal Court!

The enormous monkey harnessed by Yan Zhaoge kicked through the buildings of ruination, preventing He Mian from escaping any further.

Being under the protection of the jade radiances, the palace He Mian was located in wasnt destroyed.

However, he was still exposed under Yan Zhaoges field of vision.

The giant ape stared intently, causing the palaces jade radiances to tremble like waves of water as if they would shatter apart at any moment.

Even with the jade radiances protection, He Mian still felt a tight pull in his heart, causing his entire body to go numb with chilliness.

The disparity between the twos cultivation was far too significant.

Even with the veil of jade radiance separating the two, He Mian almost perished on the spot.

The gigantic Demon Monkey inched closer to the ruined palace that was shrouded in a layer of jade radiance, his eyes filled with frigidness.

At that moment, two green lotuses suddenly appeared within the void.

The green lotuses were glistening with radiance, with each of them holding a golden lamp.

The green lotuses descended to the front of He Mian, obstructing the giant apes path.

A Buddha sat atop one green lotus.

He had twenty heads and eighteen arms.

“You spineless coward!” The three Demon Monkeys shrieked with rage upon seeing that Buddha.

Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei, and Pan-Pan felt the fanatical rage from the Golden Body of the Great Sage, which in turn affected them as well.

The initially rampant Demonic qi became even more ruthless.

Because the Buddha currently hindering their path was the Victorious Fighting Buddha!

The one once dubbed as the Traveling Monk Sun.

In most peoples hearts, he was the one who left the Five Elements Mountains and joined Tang Sanzangs pilgrimage toward the West.

With that, Buddhism descended upon the East, and the Traveling Monk Sun attained enlightenment in the Mystical Mountain!

One was a Buddha that attained a complete form of wisdom and also attained enlightenment.

The other was a vicious and ruthless Great Demon whose Demonic qi skyrocketed.

The two completely different existences, which existed on two different spectrum of extremities, were currently facing each other.

One side remained calm, while the others rage was increasing as time went by.

Facing the rageous monkey, the Victorious Fighting Buddha chanted, “Namo Amitabha.

The karmic dispute between thy and I shall see a denouement, hence my advent.”

Currently, the twenty-headed Buddha had already lost the sorry look he had after being wounded by the Immortal Extermination Formation.

His four broken arms were recovered, while the horrifying scar across his chest had also vanished.

However, the treasures held within his eighteen arms were destroyed and couldnt be replaced in time.

While his aura still seemed a little unstable, weaker compared to him during his prime, his wounds had mostly been healed.

A legitimate Buddha was far superior compared to a heretical Grand Heavenly Immortal.

His presence and strength far exceeded the Great King of Inspiration.

The Great King of Inspiration quickly summoned the Heaven River and caused dense smokes to shroud the surrounding.

They blocked off the two Buddhas Buddha lights, preventing them from affecting the Immortal Courts worlds beneath the divine palace.

“That traitorous fool must die.” Yan Zhaoge remained fearless and coldly said, “As for you, even if you didnt appear today, Ill still go find you some time in the future.”

Even when his opponent was a Buddha who had attained enlightenment, the giant ape bellowed and continued attacking him!

The Victorious Fighting Buddha remained still on the green lotus, and the sarira within the golden lamp had disappeared.

However, its ember was still prancing about.

He lifted his hand and blocked the monkeys attack.

Under the Four Noble Truths effects, all his worries were deeply rooted within.

Without moving at all, his fist came launching toward the monkey, serving as his counter-attack.

At that moment, the Victorious Fighting Buddha transformed into a Buddha who burned with rage, and his eyes became indestructible.

He was in the Grand Heavenly Realm, after all.

When using the techniques specially used to subdue demons, his overwhelming strength could suppress even the Demon Monkey.

Even when his attacks were ineffective, Yan Zhaoge wasnt disheartened at all.

His onslaughts continued raining down like a heavy downpour.

On the other side, the Demon Monkeys harnessed by Xu Fei and Pan-Pan went for He Mian.

The Victorious Fighting Buddha smiled, “Separated beings we are, but his techniques and repulse I still apprehend.”

As he prepared to welcome the threes attacks, all of his arms were suddenly raised to the top of his head, and he took down the golden lamp.

The golden lamp stood in front of him, and all twenty of his heads did the same action.

They blew.

Twenty blows blew on the lamp fire.

While its flames werent disintegrated, dense billowing gases gushed from within.

Smokes came out from the fire, with hints of red amidst the dark gas.

It engulfed the entire skies and engulfed the three Demonic Monkeys within.

“Ugh!” The three Demonic Monkeys eyes were stung with pain, and tears poured incessantly.

They immediately rolled out of the affected area.

As soon as they escaped from the area engulfed by the dense gases, Yan Zhaoge already had his countermeasure.

A vermillion red gourd landed on his hand.

He took out its cork, causing pristine waters to flow from within.

The three Demon Monkeys laughed together.

Then, they grabbed a handful of the water and rubbed it on their eyes.

Then, together, the three monkeys continued their attacks!

This time, even when they entered the gassy areas, they werent afraid of the acrid gases any longer.

They only continue rushing forward with ease!

One monkey lifted his Ru Yi Golden Cudgel and instantly knocked the golden lamp away!

“…Three Brilliances Sacred Water” On the other green lotus sat another Buddha with a body of blue.

His right hand maintained a Vitarka sign, while his left hand posed a Dhyana sign.

Seeing the Demon Monkeys rushing out from the smokes, the blue Buddha let out a sigh.

Then, he faced his palm behind, sending He Mian far away.

The Demon Monkeys bellowed, and all three of them chased after He Mian.

The Victorious Fighting Buddha obstructed their path, with the Great King of Inspiration aiding him.

His feelings toward the two Buddhas, especially the Victorious Fighting Buddha, were very complex.

Others were invading his territory, yet outsiders had to assist them in fending off the outsiders.

Naturally, this had placed the Immortal Court to shame.

However, seeing how three Grand Heavenly Realm experts were here, the flames of hope rekindled within the Great King of Inspiration.

Three against three.

It sufficed in suppressing Yan Zhaoges group!

Albeit shameful, the Great King of Inspiration still lunged forward, obstructing Yan Zhaoge and the others path.

“Nambu Amitabha.” The blue Buddha also stood up and went up against the rampaging Demon Monkey heading toward him.

Seeing his appearance, the Demon Monkey yelled, “Buddha Tang Sanzang Buddha of Sandalwood Merit How nice, everyones present now!”

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