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Being grabbed by the golden-furred monkeys colossal palm, the Great King of Inspiration let out an agonizing scream.

His eyes almost popped out with blood all over his body.

Even if he was an Immortal Court heretic, he was still a Grand Heavenly immortal that had achieved the Three Flowers Converged Crown and five Qis Unification.

However, as the horrifying grip became tighter, the Great King of Inspirations entire body continuously let out a crackling sound.

As the Great King of Inspiration was wailing in agony, he was also struggling with all his might.

While he was fighting for his liberation, he also commanded the rays of jade radiances to his aid.

However, the golden hairs on the horrifying palm stood up as if they were gold pillars.

They flickered with gold radiances, which obstructed the jade radiances from pressing further.

As the fur stood up, the colossal palm seemed to have increased in size once again.

With a firm grip, the Great King of Inspiration let out a scream and was forced back into his original form – a huge goldfish!

He cultivated and attained significant accomplishments in the path of Daoism and Buddhism.

He had already relinquished himself from his demonic form, and beating him back into that state shouldnt have been possible.

However, the terrifyingly colossal monkey that was grabbing him seemed to have reversed yin and yang, distorted the laws of the world, and forcefully broke through the accomplishments the Great King of Inspiration had achieved throughout his entire life.

Amidst the vast field of gold radiance, a gigantic ape wearing a Phoenix Feather Purple Golden Crown, clad in Golden Chainmail, and wore a pair of lotus silk root cloud-stepping shoes emerged.

At first glance, he didnt seem all that tall.

However, his towering figure made it seem as if he was about to break through the boundaries of the world.

Both of his eyes were opened widely, resembling two massive suns hanging in the sky.

The indomitable and unruly ruthless aura permeated, engulfing the entire Immortal Court at that very moment!

The silhouette who caused great havoc within the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace during the Middle era appeared once again.

The legend sealed within the tales of history was brilliantly re-enacted once again, in the eyes of the entire world!

As the silhouette emerged entirely from the radiance, he strengthened his grip, squeezing the goldfish into a pile of disintegrated mess!

The Great King of Inspiration was squashed to death by this horrifying apes hand.

An Immortal Court Heavenly Lord instantly perished!

The brutal air filled with sanguinity engulfed the surroundings, permeating throughout the Nine Heavens.

The towering ape raised his head and stared at the Victorious Fighting Buddha and the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit, the shade of blood-red filling his vicious eyes.

He strode forward and raised both of his arms, grabbing toward the two Buddhas.

“OBenevolent Buddha, cease thy killing intent.” The Buddha of Sandalwood Merit let out a sigh.

The lotuses turned into a sea of flowers, hindering the path between the huge monkey and him.

Wherever the green lotuses passed through, they squeezed the fabrics of space, distorting the world in the process, causing a Land of Buddhism to appear.

The Buddha of Sandalwood Merit teleported his Land of Buddhism to descend upon this land, fusing with the marvelousness of his Tongue of Lotus, creating a world where the laws were under his absolute control.

Other than a few exceptions, when most other Grand Heavenly Realm experts enter this world, their actions would revolve around the Buddha of Sandalwood Merits will.

However, his current opponent was one of the few exceptions!

The colossal monkey harnessed by Yan Zhaoge let out a deafening bellow, “Who are you to command me”

The monkey leaped up, his claw-shaped hands pressing forward, pervading with domineering ascendancy.

The Buddha of Sandalwood Merits marvelous and unfathomable Land of Buddhism was grabbed and torn apart by the monkeys hands!

Right now, the monkey wasnt in the Virtual Immortal Peak Realm anymore.

Instead, he had also ascended to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm!

Even if he wasnt as strong as the Great Sage Equalling Heavens during his prime, the monkey had ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm, becoming one of the most top-notch existences among the Grand Heavenly Immortals!

The giant monkey grinned and exerted force in his arms.

Unlike a heretic Heavenly Immortal like the Great King of Inspiration, the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit was a legitimate Buddha who had attained enlightenment.

Even the Buddhas of the West dared not belittle his strength.

However, at this very moment, the monkeys claws extended sideways, instantly tearing the Buddha of Sandalwood Merits Land of Buddhism!

Even the Tongue of Lotus, where doctrines accompanied his words, ceased to take effect any longer.

From aside, the Victorious Fighting Buddha let out a sigh upon seeing the vicious giant monkey.

The Buddha of Sandalwood Merit said, “The coming of this karma is inevitable.”


Only, I repulse the thought of reverting to by primal form.

Alas, this cultivation of mine has yet to reach perfection.” The Victorious Fighting Buddha shook his head, and his body transformed.

All twenty of his heads and his nine pairs of arms disappeared.

The cleasening Buddha light emitting from his body had also turned dim and vanished without a trace remaining.

His exterior appearance changed into a one with a monk appearance.

Only, his mouth was sharp, his cheeks were bloated, and fur covered his face as if he was a monkey in a monks robes.

Using the Buddha of Sandalwood Merits Land of Buddhism, the Victorious Fighting Buddha managed to gain enough time to revert to his original form!

He stared at the Great Sage Equalling Heavens harnessed by Yan Zhaoge, their appearances bearing striking resemblance.

Traveling Monk Sun took in a deep breath and tilted his head.

Then, from his ear, a small cudgel flew out.

As soon as it came in contact with the atmosphere, it instantly transformed into a giant Ru Yi Golden Cudgel!

This weapon wasnt harnessed through his strength.

Instead, it was the actual Ru Yi Golden Cudgel!

The weapon used by the Great Sage Equalling Heavens to triumph over the heavens in the past!

The unparalleled ruthlessness swept through the surroundings, bringing tremendous crushing weight upon the skies.

Just by standing there, the skies of the Immortal Court seemed to be breaking apart.

Traveling Monk Sun lifted the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel and came attacking toward the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.

“Very well!”

The Great Sage Equalling Heavens bellowed, and gold radiances coalesced in his palm, forming a Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

Then, he lifted it to defend against the incoming attack.

The two cudgels clashed against each other, with a loud “bang” following suit.

The shockwaves spread across all directions, causing the Immortal Palace in the sky to vibrate incessantly.

The Great Sage Equalling Heavens cudgel disintegrated into fragments of lights while Traveling Monk Suns bona-fide Ru Yi Golden Cudgel was knocked into the sky.

As it was still flying mid-air, a vast furry palm grabbed onto the cudgel!

“Thy appearance will only last but for a moment.

However, thy momentary transformation is too much for us to bear,” sighed Traveling Monk Sun helplessly.

The colossal force transferring from the other side of the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel had already rendered his hand numb, causing his grip to loosen more and more.

Traveling Monk Sun waves his hand and decisively let go of the divine metal in his hand.

With the pulling force exerted by the Great Sage Equalling Heavens, he added more strength into his push, pushing the weapon to his foe.

At the same time, using the opposite force from the push, he took the chance to retreat.

The Buddha of Sandalwood Merit quickly escorted the Traveling Monk Sun, who had reverted into his Victorious Fighting Buddha appearance, and the two fled from the Immortal Court.

The Great Sage Equalling Heavens stabilized his form and wielded the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel in his hands, bellowing toward the skies.

The divine rod of iron skyrocketing with maliciousness spun in his hands and came crashing downward!

The Immortal Palace that the Nine Heavens seemingly erected was hit, causing a part of it to crumble!

The entire Immortal Palace became tilted, causing the majestic pagodas and palace buildings radiating with golden signs of brilliance to crumble!

The Immortals in the Immortal Palace were caught up in the mess and disintegrated into nothingness.

The force of destruction continued spreading afar, causing the palace to collapse, causing debrises to fly toward the distance, causing the floor surface to crumble.

Very quickly, a silhouette could be seen flying toward the opposite direction.

It was He Mian.

Upon sensing the commotion behind him, he immediately turned around.

What greeted him were two eyes as huge as a pair of blood-red suns, which were inching closer and closer unto him!

“I have something to say…” He Mian shouted.

“Whats there to say” Yan Zhaoge didnt bother listening to him.

The colossal monkeys palm came descending, instantly crushing He Mians body to bits, not leaving behind even a single trace!

“When I said only death awaits you, your fate of death had been sealed!”

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