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HSSB149: Gaining the Sacred Artifact fragment


Yan Zhaoge struck out with both his palms, causing Lin Zhou’s left forearm to distort unnaturally, bending at some weird angles.

Lin Zhou emitted a tragic groan, then, not daring to continue fighting Yan Zhaoge head-on, made use of the force of the collision to fly backwards.

However, he had already been completely routed by this.

Even retreating, he was still enveloped and locked on by Yan Zhaoge’s momentum.

An intense light flickered within the depths of Lin Zhou’s gaze as his chest expanded and contracted, before he abruptly spat out a rain of blood towards the sky.

That rain of blood transformed into fog within the air, enveloping Lin Zhou’s entire body.

The jade pendant in the middle of Lin Zhou’s belt suddenly lit up, turning from jade-green into blood-red.

The pendant broke apart and a red glow lit up, sweeping Lin Zhou along as it instantly transformed into a streak of light, escaping far away towards the distant horizon!

Its speed was even faster than Lin Zhou when he was flapping his Wind Thunder Wings at full force.

This sudden extreme acceleration was something that even Martial Grandmasters would not have time to guard against, and would be hard pressed to keep him from leaving.

Looking at the red light which was far away in an instant, Yan Zhaoge lifted his brows slightly, “Oh, Blood Transforming Streaking Light Jade ah Already having some achievements, and possessing a pretty deep background; if I want to kill you, as compared to Ye Jing and Zhao Hao, I would have to make some preparations beforehand in order to succeed.”

Suppressing the abnormalities in the Sacred Artifact fragment over at the side, Ah Hu asked somewhat worriedly, “Young Master, with him having escaped, Miss Feng over at Cloud Portent Mountain’s Yin Yang Cloud Spring…”

“It’s fine,” Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “I cheated him on purpose just now.”

“Junior apprentice-sister Feng has actually already reached the final stage of things.

Even if she has to leave the Yin Yang Cloud Spring, she would also not be much affected.”

“As long as we do not tarry here, immediately sending a message back, it would be fine.

Having understood the situation, senior apprentice-aunt Fu would know how to deal with it.”

Yan Zhaoge slightly narrowed his eyes into slits for a moment, “As for me, I am rather more interested in some things that the person himself showed on him.”

“Speaking frankly, even him being able to execute Thunder-Lightning Union while in the Martial Scholar realm was something I more or less had some mental preparations for.”

“However, him actually knowing Jade Sea City’s One Line Edge was really something that was out of my predictions.

Whatever the case, Thunder-Lightning Union was still the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s own martial art.

The Flying Dragon Chasing Star Kick’s variant could also be from a fortuitous encounter of Lin Zhou’s; it could still be explained in such a way.

It was similar to how Yan Zhaoge was not afraid of people questioning why he knew martial arts like the Six Spirits Demonic Fist.

Following the Great Calamity, while the passing down of martial arts to the next generation was forcibly discontinued, many remnant legacies were also left behind, providing many fortuitous encounters for the new generations of martial practitioners just beginning to regain their footsteps.

However, the One Line Edge was different.

It was the direct lineage martial art of the current Sacred Ground of the Water Domain, Jade Sea City.

Also, it was created by Jade Sea City’s own martial practitioners.

Its links with the pre-Great Calamity era were very faint, being one of the self-created gems of the current martial world.

The One Line Edge that Lin Zhou had executed was exactly the same as that of Jade Sea City’s direct lineage.

If he were to get an expert of Jade Sea City proficient in this martial art to execute it, it would also look just like that.

This caused Yan Zhaoge to be extremely interested, “This fella-where did he learn the One Line Edge”

Ah Hu grinned broadly, “He still wants to throw information on Miss Feng to Infinite Boundless Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan.

Young Master, if you throw this news over to Jade Sea City, Jade Sea City will immediately go and find trouble with him!”

“This time, the conflict between Jade Sea City and the Heavenly Thunder Hall will only be growing more intense.”

“He cannot deny it, or refuse to admit it.

Without you, Young Master, having to do it, I could go and perform a Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony with him.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Let’s set that aside for now.

The fluctuations of power from a Sacred Artifact fragment are still very conspicuous.

While Lin Zhou came on his own to look for it, adding on the earlier Yan Shan, who knows how many more Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners won’t be drawn over by the aura of the artifact”

“Let’s at least first keep the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge came before it, clenching his fist, punching outwards.

His fist didn’t punch onto the Sacred Artifact fragment, as he was actually using his own fist-intent to shake it and merge with it.

In this process, Yan Zhaoge’s mind also connected with the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor.

Before him, appeared a world full of thunderbolts.

It was far from something the illusory heavens and earth formed of Lin Zhou’s aura-qi could compare to; it was much more realistic, as well and far more terrifying.

As soon as Yan Zhaoge let down his guard, his soul and mind could be instantly shattered on the spot, his entire person turning into an empty husk like a walking corpse.

However, the concept contained within was also incomparably profound.

While it was incomplete due to the Sacred Artifact having shattered, looking at it, Yan Zhaoge comprehended many things.

This was the most primordial power of thunderbolts, released within an instant, a power which dictated life and death!

It was as though, accompanied by a rumble of thunder, chaos would descend, opening the heavens and splitting the earth.

Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath, “Instantaneous Thunder…”

Instantaneous Thunder, incinerating everything in a single instant, all of its agglomerated power completely and released in that one instant.

Regarding an instant, the flicking of a finger was comprised of sixty instances.

Eternity and an instant-the longest and the shortest, the two extreme ends of the spectrum of time.

Having understood eternity and an instant, one would also have grasped the profound secrets of time.

The concept with the Eye of the Thunder Emperor was dictating life and death with the power of thunderbolts, dictating the life and death of all living beings, as the heavens and the earth changed, demonstrating the incomparable profoundness of time.

Yan Zhaoge abruptly slammed his palms together.

The fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor before him, as it shuddered, retracted its light of thunder.

The purple orb which was slightly bigger than a fist gradually shrunk, then transformed into the bluish-purple light of thunder.

As Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, observing the area before him, the bluish-purple light before him, slowly merged within Yan Zhaoge’s right eye!

“Hey!” Letting out a muffled groan, Yan Zhaoge shut his eyes, unconsciously grabbing at his right eye with his hands.

His right eyeball throbbed with an uncomfortable feeling.

Even with his eyes closed, purple light was still flashing incessantly before his eyes.

Yan Zhaoge felt his head throbbing, as it was like he might faint at any moment.

A qi like the flowing of electricity traversed within his body, causing it to feel numb.

The orifices on Yan Zhaoge’s entire body pulsed, unceasingly inhaling and exhaling this lightning qi, as his dantian’s qi ocean also circulated at an extremely high rate, breaking it down and absorbing it.

After a while, Yan Zhaoge opened his right eye, a violent purple light flashing past that shook one’s soul.

Silently guarding over him by the side, as he saw this, Ah Hu said, “Young Master, while you nourishing the Sacred Artifact fragment with your own body is very beneficial for the Sacred Artifact fragment as well as your own cultivation, the risks within are also very great.”

Still feeling a little uncomfortable in his right eye, Yan Zhaoge slightly shut it once more as he nodded, “Rest easy, I know my limits.”

“This land is not safe to remain in for long; let us go.”

The two hurriedly left, Yan Zhaoge also collecting the few spirit artifacts scattered over by the side.

Other than the Sacred Artifact fragment, Yan Zhaoge had also obtained one of Lin Zhou’s low-grade spirit artifacts, the Flying Thunder Sabre, this time.

“Cough, the Radiant Sun Wheel, the Purple Gold Thunder Sword, and now the Flying Thunder Sabre-I have collected quite a few trademark spirit artifacts of my opponents ah,” Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, before looking in the direction of the Thunder Domain, “However, what I am more interested in is-how much do you exactly understand regarding Maidens of Extreme Yin”

“Is it your personal knowledge, or did you get wind of it somewhere else”


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