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HSSB150: Heavenly Connection Meet


The general situation over on Feng Yunsheng’s side having been nearly concluded, the news on her being leaked was also no longer important.

Even if the Sacred Sun Clan found out about it, it was still not a problem.

Anyway, the relationship between the two clans was already as bad as it could get.

As for how the other Sacred Grounds reacted, other than Infinite Boundless Mountain feeling a little vexed, it actually wouldn’t be all that intense.

At the end of the day, Broad Creed Mountain who had always been relegated to sitting by the sidelines in Extreme Yin Bouts finally having a Maiden of Extreme Yin of their own actually only meant that they had gained the qualifications to participate in the Extreme Yin Bout.

As for who the Extreme Yin Crown would eventually fall to, it still depended on the results of the competition between the individual Maidens of Extreme Yin.

Thus, at the end of the day, the person who caused the other Sacred Grounds the most apprehension was still the Sacred Sun Clan’s Meng Wan.

The Feng Yunsheng who had only just regained her path, having already wasted a lot of time, under normal circumstances, should not pose much of a threat.

Speaking impolitely, if she had participated in the third Extreme Yin Bout half a year ago, she would most probably have emerged at the bottom.

It was even to the point that participating in the fourth Extreme Yin Bout half a year later, she would most likely still just be an accompaniment.

This had nothing to do with Feng Yunsheng’s talent; rather, it was due to the fact that she was just too far behind her competitors, with Meng Wan and the others also being not that easy to catch up to.

However, this was only under normal circumstances.

Thus, regarding Lin Zhou having guessed about Feng Yunsheng possibly regaining her extreme Yin Physique and possibly throwing this news to the other Sacred Grounds, Yan Zhaoge wasn’t really concerned about that.

In comparison, Yan Zhaoge was more concerned about how Lin Zhou had come to know of this.

Because this brought up one possibility, the possibility that Lin Zhou had also thought of using the method of yin and yang coexisting to strengthen and groom a Maiden of Extreme Yin.

If such was really the case, the Thunder Domain’s Maiden of Extreme Yin was also set to rise up domineeringly.

With this matter concerning the Extreme Yin Crown, even while they were allies, Lin Zhou and the Heavenly Thunder Hall would also not good-naturedly tell it to the Sacred Sun Clan.

After all, Meng Wan was currently already the strongest Maiden of Extreme Yin.

The problem instead lay with how Lin Zhou had thought up such a method, if he had done so.

Whether it was through analysing the remnant information of before the Great Calamity or he had just happened to think it up from his own ingenuity, if it was only he who knew it, Yan Zhaoge would actually still not be all that worried.

However, if Lin Zhou had obtained this method elsewhere, this meant that the Sacred Sun Clan might possibly be able to obtain it too.

If the Meng Wan who was originally already in the lead improved a step further, even Yan Zhaoge would feel a headache from having to deal with that.

With the Extreme Yin Crown now in Meng Wan’s hands, her cultivation was already being greatly bolstered.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, saying to Ah Hu, “In gathering information, pay more attention to the Maidens of Extreme Yin of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall for now.”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest laugh, “Yes, Young Master.”

Meeting up with Yan Zhaoge’s followers who were still located within the East Strangling Snow Mountains, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu immediately departed.

Very quickly, Infinite Boundless Mountain received the news that Broad Creed Mountain’s disciple was relying on Cloud Portent Mountain’s Yin Yang Cloud Spring to restore her Extreme Yin Physique.

As the two sides were now allies, doing something like killing the other party’s Maiden of Extreme Yin was naturally something that would not be done.

They could only find an excuse to send Feng Yunsheng out of Cloud Portent Mountain, preventing her from using the spring.

If Broad Creed Mountain insisted on staying, Infinite Boundless Mountain might also not forcibly expel them.

Instead, they would make use of this chance to repay their debt of gratitude from Yan Zhaoge having restored Cloud Portent Mountain’s Giant Spirit Magnetite vein.

This was also similarly an acceptable result.

However, having received news from Yan Zhaoge, Fu Enshu had long since arranged for Feng Yunsheng to wrap things up.

At this point in time, facing those of Infinite Boundless Mountain, neither panicked nor harried, fully self-composed, Fu Enshu took her leave with Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing, cleanly and tidily returning to the Heaven Domain.

While this result looked to be rather fine, it caused those of Infinite Boundless Mountain to feel despondent, somewhat having the feeling of punching out but hitting nothing but air.

Having received the news as well, the Sacred Sun Clan decided not to do anything for now, with no visible abnormalities on their exterior.

However, the true, internal situation within would definitely not be peaceful.

As the news on Feng Yunsheng was broadcast to the world, news of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s direct disciple Lin Zhou being proficient in Jade Sea City’s supreme martial art, One Line Edge, also spread everywhere under the heavens.

Jade Sea City was instantly in an uproar, while even the Heavenly Thunder Hall was also extremely surprised.

At the border of the Thunder and Water Domains, the two sides which had originally already been clashing incessantly seemed to have the feeling of being triggered once again.

The matter of Cloud Portent Mountain having completely drawn to a close, Yan Zhaoge also didn’t return there, instead changing direction and heading south.

The date for the next Heavenly Connection Meet was already drawing near, and he had prepared to participate in this time’s Meet.

As the Meet for the Heaven’s favoured children of the Eight Extremities World’s younger generation where heroes congregated, the various Sacred Grounds all attached much importance to it.

Usually, the six Sacred Grounds would take turn to play host for the event.

According to that rotational order, this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet should have been held in the lands of the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

It was only that with tensions mounting so high now, Broad Creed Mountain, Infinite Boundless Mountain and Jade Sea City were all assuredly unwilling to let their outstanding members of the younger generation head for the Thunder Domain, which would be like sending sheep to the mouth of a tiger.

Hence, the final method of compromise had set the location of the Meet as the Lake Domain.

The Turbid Wave Pavilion had always remained neutral, not leaning towards any side.

Whether it was the Sacred Sun Clan, the Heavenly Thunder Hall, or Broad Creed Mountain’s tripartite alliance, all of them could rest easy with the Turbid Wave Pavilion as the hosts.

However, even so, the Turbid Wave Pavilion only assured the safety of the external environment.

It could be predicted that in this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet, the smell of gunpowder and blood in the air would far surpass the usual atmosphere.

There would still be sparring, but some people, and not just a few, were probably heading there intending to directly kill or maim the disciples of their opposing clans in the process of their match.

While the Heavenly Connection Meet would be held in the Lake Domain, heading to the Lake Domain would make for an extremely long journey.

Whether it was Broad Creed Mountain or the other Sacred Grounds, other than the young disciples who would be participating in the Meet this time round, there would also be high-ranking experts of their clans leading their teams.

It was only that the person whom Broad Creed Mountain had dispatched this time was not Fu Enshu, but an even more important figure.

One of the Broad Creed Three Heroes, the First Seat of the Assignment Hall, the ‘Hidden Dragon’ Fang Zhun, personally led the participating members of Broad Creed Mountain to the Lake Domain.

Yan Zhaoge knew full well that this was his clan wanting to establish communication a step further with Turbid Wave Pavilion.

Although Turbid Wave Pavilion had always been neutral, only dealing with its own Lake Domain and not interfering with outside matters, with the current atmosphere within the Eight Extremities World growing more and more tense, to Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, as one of the six great Sacred Grounds, Turbid Wave Pavilion was not an existence that could be overlooked.

In terms of geography, the Lake Domain bordered both the Fire and the Water Domains.

Still looking his mild and refined self, as Fang Zhun saw Yan Zhaoge, he smiled, asking, “By that report of yours, the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s pair of Lightning Flashing Thunder Rumbling were both defeated at your hands”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Yan Shan aside, Lin Zhou far surpasses how he was previously.”

“Proficient in both the sabre and the sword, even successfully cultivating Thunder-Lightning Union whilst only in the Martial Scholar realm, as well as being much stronger in terms of toughness than the typical Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioner.”

“It should have been some fortuitous encounter that caused his aura-qi to become so forceful, its density far surpassing that of his peers.”

“Of course, there is still Jade Sea City’s One Line Edge.”

Fang Zhun said leisurely, “Yet we don’t know how he learnt the One Line Edge.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly.

At Fang Zhun’s level, this was indeed the foremost matter that he had to be concerned about, because it involved the conflict between two Sacred Grounds, no longer being just a matter of a contention between two young disciples.

In comparison, even Lin Zhou’s successful cultivation of Thunder-Lightning Union, while extremely shocking to the ears, also had to be placed slightly behind in terms of importance.

Fang Zhun looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Not having returned to the Mountain, your deserved rewards from your earlier trip to Cloud Portent Mountain-I have brought them along with me.”



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