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Chapter 1513: Locating the Swords

Upon hearing her words, Yan Zhaoges spirits were instantly uplifted.

He followed Gao Qingxuan into a room and saw her clone sitting face-to-face with Long Xingquan.

Between the two, an ancient sword was floating mid-air.

A talisman was pasted on the ancient swords hilt, craftwork from Yan Zhaoges hands.

Currently, four ethereal doors were floating atop the ancient sword, erected in four different directions.

They seemed so illusory, yet real at the same time.

Ruthless auras were being permeated from within as if a simple Immortal Extermination Formation had been laid down.

Only, this was different from an actual Immortal Extermination Formation.

Yan Zhaoge was well aware of this.

After all, this was a secret art that he managed to invent.

By using the Immortal Slaughtering Swords powers, he could attempt to locate the other three swords.

Then, he saw something floating atop one of the four doors, which resembled the appearance of a sword.

Threads of dark qis wreathed around the swords edge, which corresponded to the Immortal Slaughtering Sword.

Yan Zhaoge analyzed the other three doors, and a joyous expression took over his face, “Theres hope.”

“Thats great.” Gao Qingxuan followed up with another question, “Only, what should we do now We dont have any other clues in our hands.”

Long Xingquan sighed, “In the past, senior apprentice-brother ventured outside along with Daoist Di to locate the whereabouts of the Immortal Trapping Sword.

Unfortunately, before they acquired any information, they were subjected to perishment, never to return any longer.”

A sorrowful look appeared on Gao Qingxuans face.

Among the brethren under the Vine Sovereign – Li Ying, her relation with her junior apprentice-sister – Di Qinglian was the closest.

After Di Qinglian and Yan Xintang wedded each other, she still interacted with Gao Qingxuan and Long Xinquan very frequently.

Yan Xintang and Long Xingquan were from the Jade Clear lineage.

When tracing back through history, their lineages grandmaster was one of the Jade Clear Primordial Heavenly Lords disciples who excelled the most in cultivating the sword – the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity.

Something worth mentioning was that during the Ancient eras Investitures of the Gods war, the Prime Clear lineage underwent declination, and the Immortal Extermination Formation was shattered.

As a result, the Immortal Extermination Four Swords had fallen into the possession of a group of Jade Clear bigwigs.

It seemed like Master Red Essence had acquired the Immortal Slaughtering Sword, and the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity had acquired the Immortal Trapping Sword.

Later, during the Middle era, Master Red Essence had perished at the hands of the Lord of Plentiful Treasure, resulting in the Lord of Plentiful Treasure reclaiming the Immortal Slaughtering Sword.

However, before he could search for the other three swords, he perished at the hands of the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil.

Hence, the Immortal Trapping Sword had always been in possession of the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity.

Only, the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity had remained in seclusion throughout the years with minimal information regarding him being leaked outside.

Through the change in era and the Great Calamity, intel related to him was practically lost.

Yan Xintang was of the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys lineage.

He departed together with Di Qinglian of the Prime Clear lineage and ventured out searching for their predecessors remains.

They desired to affirm the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys condition and locate the Immortal Trapping Swords whereabouts.

After their departure, many years had passed, yet their efforts were to no avail.

Gao Qingxuan, Long Xingquan, Li Ying, Chen Xuanzong, Yue Zhenbei, and others tried to search for them.

However, what awaited them was a situation of grimness.

Before the two departed, they purposely left the swords tied to their souls behind.

The two swords shattered at the same time, announcing the death of the two.

Daoisms greatest pair of sword art prodigies after the Great Calamity had perished together, leaving endless regrets behind.

It also left Gao Qingxuan, Long Xingquan, and the others with endless grief.

Their final legacy was situated within the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, which had disappeared into somewhere else within the void.

Only, it was destined to descend unto Yan Di, who was in the dao universe.

Yan Zhaoge had heard about this long ago.

During the past few years he spent venturing outside, he was also searching for Yan Xintang and Di Qinglians remains along with Yan Di.

Unfortunately, no clues were obtained in the end.

“Some things deeply require opportune moments.” Yan Zhaoge walked around the Immortal Slaughtering Sword a few times, “Just because we couldnt find it last time, it doesnt mean we cant now.

After all, we now have the help of the Immortal Slaughtering Sword.”

He said softly, “My grandparents perishment happened too suddenly.

My guess is either something had lured their interest, or they had already located the Immortal Trapping Sword.”

“Even if they didnt, I believe the truth shouldnt be that far off.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a long sigh, “If we can locate the Immortal Trapping Sword and operate it in reverse, we might be able to locate the traces left behind by my grandparents nearby.”

After a moment of hesitation, he asked, “Although I had already asked senior apprentice-uncle Yue beforehand and received an answer, I would like to ask once again.

Is there no more hope for my grandparents survival”

“I also hope for a miracle to happen.

Only…” Long Xingquan shook his head, “The swords of life are much more accurate compared to secret arts like the soul lamp.

The two swords of different genders were placed together.

In the end, both swords had shattered at the same time.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded silently, “Lets bring out my grandparents relics and try using them.”

Gao Qingxuan took out a Sacred Artifact, a sword Di Qinglian had personally crafted before opening the Immortal Door.

The longsword was being held in Yan Zhaoges hand.

He threw it upward, causing it to hang atop the four illusory doors.

The Immortal Slaughtering Sword trembled slightly, causing the longsword Sacred Artifact to tremble as well.

Numerous formation patterns spread from the talisman placed unto the Immortal Slaughtering Swords sword hilt.

It embedded itself within the air, transforming into a formation.

The formation patterns flickered with radiances and converged together, which then engulfed the longsword Sacred Artifact.

As time passed, no other unique movements occurred with this longsword.

“Seems like this sword wouldnt work.” No hints of disappointment appeared on Yan Zhaoges face.

He calmly shook his head, “Lets try this.”

After Gao Qingxuan took the longsword away, Yan Zhaoge took out another sword.

Its surface glistened with faint-golden brilliance, its sharpness permeating through its surroundings.

Despite being a Sacred Artifact as well, it far surpassed Di Qinglians sword.

It was the Venus Sword.

After being bestowed with the title of a Luminary, Yan Xintang crafted this Sacred Artifact.

Its reputation had been on par with the Extreme Yang Seal, the Extreme Yin Crown, and the Grand Longevity Banner.

It was considered as the apex among the ranks of Sacred Artifacts.

Yan Xintangs superior crafting capabilities didnt cause the difference in quality.

Instead, this Venus Sword was personally crafted by Yan Xintang after he had become an Immortal.

For many years, this sword had been the World beyond Worlds Kunlun Mountains Northern High Peaks Jade Capital Crag lineages treasured heritage.

After Yue Zhenbei left the Jade Capital Crag, the Immortal Artifact he crafted himself – the Origin Opening Sword, had been left behind.

However, he would always carry this Venus Sword around.

Whenever he looked at it, reminiscence of his memories with Yan Xintang would always flood his mind.

It wasnt until Yan Zhaoge, and Yan Di appeared in the World beyond Worlds, and Yue Zhenbei returned from the voids boundless outskirts, did he return this sword to the Yan Family.

However, Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di insisted on returning this sword to the Jade Capital Crag.

While they were indeed Yan Xintangs children and grandchildren, when looking from the perspective of the martial arts lineage, Yue Zhenbei was Yan Xintangs orthodox successor, and the Jade Capital Crag was the legacy left behind by Yan Xintang.

This time, to locate the other three swords using the Immortal Slaughtering Sword and possibly searching for Yan Xintang and Di Qinglians burial spots, Yan Zhaoge purposely borrowed this sword from the Jade Capital Crag.

To Long Xingquan, who was already a Profound Immortal, a Sacred Artifact was no different from a piece of scrap metal.

However, when looking at the Venus Sword, even he was impressed.

Yan Zhaoge wielded the Venus Sword with both his hands and threw it up, causing it to land within the formation.

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