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Chapter 1520 : Jade Cauldron Legacy

Dark-red radiances emerged from Yan Zhaoges fingertip.

Then he traced it along the patterns inscribed by the worlds boundaries, imitating its shape.

After a while, he retracted his finger, “Its more like some sort of seal, reliant on the Immortal Trapping Swords sword-light for survival.

The seal and this entire boundary are one entity alone.

If we break through it with brute strength, the outcome will turn out unfavorably.”

“If we intend on snatching the sword forcefully, we can attempt this method.

However, the situation is still uncertain as of now, especially the condition of the Exalted Gold Luminary and Di Qinglian.

Could there possibly still be a sliver of hope remaining” Feng Yunsheng asked, “How about we try entering it for now”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Yan Di and Gao Qingxuan.

The two had no objections to it.

While the situation seemed a little weird, no one present was afraid.

When Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian disappeared, they were still in the Profound Immortal Realm.

Due to their cultivations limitations, they might be burdened with several inconveniences.

Today, everyone present here could deal with even an actual Grand Heavenly Immortal.

The stronger one was, the more gallant they would be.

Naturally, they were given the freedom of choice.

Moreover, the Immortal Trapping Sword in front of them seemed to have no owner.

“If thats the case, let us attempt entering it.” Yan Zhaoge nodded.

He looked toward Feng Yunsheng.

Without the need to speak, dark mists arose from Feng Yunshengs body, engulfing her within.

Then, she slowly integrated into the jet-black void, disappearing without a trace.

Dark-red sword-lights surged from Gao Qingxuans index finger fingertip, which pierced toward the dark-red world in front of her.

While they were of different origins, the Immortal Trapping Swords sword intent stabilized the world, temporarily preventing any changes from occurring.

Yan Zhaoge took the chance to step forward, with his figure entering the dark-red radiance.

Upon entering the red radiance, the spatial phenomena in front of him changed instantly.

However, with Gao Qingxuans aid, Yan Zhaoge didnt experience any spatial distortion upon entering.

While only a short period of time had passed, Yan Zhaoge and Gao Qingxuan, who were proficient in the Immortal Trapping Sword Manual, quickly found a solution in penetrating the seal.

If no other methods were effective, they could only resort to brute strength to break the seal.

Otherwise, upon coming in contact with the red radiance, they would be transported toward other universes.

Internally, the clump of Immortal Trapping Sword sword-light was maintaining the stability of the world.

However, from the outside, it seemed like a group of unpredictable Original Nebula.

Its profundities were so subtle that no one could describe it in words.

As for the method of bypassing it, Yan Zhaoge was already setting it up from within.

He turned the unstable space into a tangible connecting bridge, allowing one to traverse within.

Being beside him, Yan Di could avoid being lost in the spatial distortion, which would result in him being transported toward somewhere else.

After walking for a while, the twos gazes intensified, and they frowned.

In front of them, amidst the thin red radiance, rays of sword-lights seemed to be intertwining together.

They formed into seals, dragging the surrounding dark-red space along with it.

Upon seeing this sword-light, the two became covetous for a moment.

Because the sword intent contained within was highly identical to Yan Dis Creation Saber!

Even Gao Qingxuan and her clones Dual Sword Amalgamation wont emit such similarities.

“It only lacks the nurturing of the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud and lacks the final touch of perfection.” Yan Di, who was the most qualified to give comments, said, “Normally speaking, even with two people combining their strength, they shouldnt be capable of reaching this state.”

After he finished speaking, he shut his mouth and walked forward.

Yan Zhaoge remained silent as well.

Two different entities were ultimately not one.

No matter how compatible they were, even when just comparing the pure stylishness when swinging the sword around, it couldnt possibly come close to the other entitys actions.

Hence, typically speaking, two people cooperating shouldnt be capable of reaching this degree of compatibleness.

Even for Gao Qingxuan and her clone, it remained the same.

Then, the sight in front of them was caused by some abnormal circumstances.

Yan Dis expression remained unfazed.

He walked forward and slashed his saber in front of him.

His saber-light intertwined together with the sword-light.

Instead of a clashing sound, the two lights gradually fused into one entity.

Then, the seal formed by the sword-light was released, causing the space they were in to transform once again.

The dark-red radiances faded, causing the skies to reemerge.

After stabilizing his body, Yan Zhaoge looked to the front and saw some mountains by the faraway horizon.

“The pulsation of spirit qi is a little sporadic, and its already showing signs of being drained dry.

However, it had yet to plummet down.” Yan Zhaoge took a deep breath, “Perhaps, its because the Immortal Trapping Sword is being sealed here”

In addition, he vaguely felt that the pulsation of spirit qis here was extremely close to the great thousand universes before the Great Calamity.

This implied that this world was initially just like the Daoist temple.

It managed to withstand the destruction of the Great Calamity and managed to preserve itself.

It was much stronger than the Daoist temple.

Logically speaking, after so many years had passed since the Great Calamity, this place shouldve become dilapidated as well.

The reason why it could be preserved until now, with the spirit qis remaining intact, should be due to the Immortal Trapping Swords seal.

Due to the seal, the flow of spirit qi became slow, close to stagnating.

However, at the same time, it lost contact with the outside world.

The benefits and drawbacks involved within were too complicated to form a short conclusion out of it.

“Rather, is there anyone living in this place” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes and checked his surroundings.

Yan Di gave no comments.

He shut his eyes and quietly expanded his senses, searching for another sword-intent resembling the Creation Saber.

After a while, he widened his eyes, and his expression turned stern, “None…”

Yan Zhaoge sighed and said, “Let us try searching for it.

By locating the Immortal Trapping Sword itself, we might be able to locate their whereabouts.”

“Or, we can find the people living here and understand the situation.” After checking where the pulsation of qis, he discovered some locations where these qis converged.

With his current cultivation, he could already tell that people were taking residence at those converging spots.

Moreover, there were signs of the spiritual qi that permeated this place being modified.

The two sped up on the way, reaching one of the areas very quickly.

When looking from afar, a mountain was jarringly taller than the other group of mountains.

Its towering figure resembled a sword pointing toward the sky.

Ruthless sword intent permeated, presenting its majestic aura toward the surroundings.

After observing for only a moment, Yan Zhaoge was already aware of what it was.

Jade Clear Sword Art Legacy!

It wasnt some other factions legacy.

It was the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys legacy!

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di didnt conceal their aura at all and approached the mountain openly.

Despite still being far away, the inhabitants immediately noticed them.

Soon after, rays of sword-lights lit up, which then closed in unto Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Upon nearing them, the sword-lights didnt attack blindly.

Instead, they coalesced by the front of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

The one in the lead was an old man in Daoist robes.

His monumental aura emanated, presenting the Four Qis Fused Aura – the Righteous Qi, the Changing Qi, the Clear Qi, and the Bright Qi.

It was apparent that he belonged to the Tranquil Profound Immortal Peak Realm.

The old man looked at the two and did a kowtow, “My name is Qing Zhang.

May I know how you two should be referred to”

Yan Di calmly replied, “Youre too courteous, Daoist Qing Zhang.

Im Yan Di, and this is my son Yan Zhaoge.”

Upon hearing Yan Dis name, the expressions of some behind Daoist Qing Zhang changed slightly.

“Yan Di…” After reciting his name, he looked at Yan Di for a while and asked, “Did you come from somewhere else, outside of this Jade Spring World”

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