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Chapter 1521: Entrapped in the Jade Spring World

In the Jade Spring Mountains Golden Cloud Cave, the legendary Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys cave manor…

This place was given the name “Jade Spring.” His successors probably named it, rather than the cave manor being the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys handwork.

Yan Zhaoge quietly stood beside Yan Di and looked toward the three with amusement.

One Profound Immortal, two True Immortals.

If they were from any other orthodox Daoism sects, the sect would be considered excellent judging from the perspective after a Great Calamity.

The Sky beyond Skies current lavishness was merely due to their luck and the opportunities they fought for.

Even with the World beyond Worlds and the Roving Jade Heavens countless years of foundations, only a few sects could produce such an amount of experts.

However, if the Jade Spring World safely survived through the Great Calamity, their foundations would remain, making it unnecessary to start everything from scratch.

With these foundations, producing such experts could only be deemed as normal.

What made Yan Zhaoge interested was their reactions after Yan Di announced the name.

“Indeed, the two of us came from outside,” answered Yan Di.

Someone behind Daoist Qing Zhang couldnt hold back anymore and asked, “How did you two come in”

Before Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di replied, Daoist Qing Zhang looked at the guy that just spoke, “Dont mistreat our guests.”

“Forgive my impertinence.” The middle-aged Daoist immediately corrected his expression and cupped his hands facing Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, “I am Zhao Zhen, greetings to you two.”

“Zhao Zhen is my disciple.” Daoist Qing Zhang then introduced the people behind him, “This is Daoist Yao, also known as Yao Yuncheng, from the Tall Ripple Mountains Purple Longevity Valley.”

“Greetings to you two.” Yao Yuncheng, who had a teenagers appearance, was also looking at Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di now understood that the three in front originated from two different sects.

However, when thinking about their relationship with the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity, the teachings bestowed upon them might have originated from the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys branched teachings.

“The three of you seemed to have something to say after hearing my name” After greeting them all, he didnt give any comments to Daoist Zhao Zhens question.

Instead, he asked, “Ive never met you all before, and this should be our first interaction with each other.

Yet, why does it seem like you all know me”

Daoist Qing Zhang looked intently at Yan Di, “Naturally, this is the first time I met you two.

However, your name reminded me of two old acquaintances.

My disciple and Daoist Yao had heard of it as well, hence our rudeness just now.

Please dont blame them for it.”

“Dads name…” Yan Zhaoges expression remained unfazed, as everything was as he had expected.

Yan Dis name was the combination of Yan Xintang and Di Qinglians surnames.

If the two were indeed in this Jade Spring World and had interacted with Daoist Qing Zhang and the others, then relating Yan Dis name to them was considered normal.

If it were any other, then no attention would be drawn.

However, Yan Di and Yan Zhaoge were like Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian – they were all outsiders and werent the Jade Spring Worlds inhabitants.

With such common characteristics, it was no wonder they would think of that.

Only, Yan Di had been nurturing himself within the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud for two thousand years.

While his attitude slowly became more carefree, his bloodline had gradually faded.

As such, his facial characteristics differed from Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian.

This made Daoist Qing Zhang and the others filled with uncertainty.

Only, since the coincidence was far too striking, the three couldnt help but think of it.

“My name doesnt have any origins in particular.” Yan Di frankly said, “My mothers surname is Di, which is now my name.

Speaking of it, forgive my impudence for saying my mothers surname.”

The three looked at each other.

Finally, Daoist Qing Zhang said, “May I ask for your parents names”

Yan Di said, “My father is Yan Xintang, from the Jade Clear bigwig – the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys lineage.

My mother is Di Qinglian, from the Prime Clear lineage.”

Daoist Qing Zhang softly let out a sigh.

Yao Yuncheng and Daoist Zhao Zhens facial expressions turned weird.

“I came here to look for my parents.

While we lost contact with each other for many years, as a son, I must try my best to find them as long as a sliver of hope exists.” Yan Di looked at the three, “If the three of you know anything, please do tell me.

I will present you with my utmost gratitude.”

“Youre far too polite, Daoist Yan.” Daoist Qing Zhangs expression returned to normal, and said, “If there are no misunderstandings, then the two old acquaintances that I mentioned earlier should be the ones you were looking for.”

He nodded, “Daoist Yan and Daoist Di are indeed present in our Jade Spring World.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Dis spirits were instantly lifted, “Oh May I know if theyre still around”

“Naturally.” Daoist Qing Zhangs expression was filled with bitterness, “They wanted to leave, but they cant.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di frowned.

Daoist Qing Zhang shook his head and pointed toward the sky, “Forgive me for stumbling with my wordings.

What I meant was that no one could leave this place.”

He looked at the two, “Throughout the past two thousand years, you two are the first batch of guests.”

Daoist Zhao Zhen added, “Its been two thousand years, yet no one could leave nor enter the Jade Spring World.

The two of you are the only exceptions.”

“We only managed to come in by chance.” Yan Zhaoge said, “We cant use the way we came in to get out.”

He was telling the truth.

Unless they used brute force to destroy the entire Jade Spring World.

If they intend to leave this area safely, they would have to locate the Immortal Trapping Sword itself, dissolving the seal from within.

After hearing his words, their facial expressions changed.

Daoist Qing Zhangs expression was still fine.

However, Daoist Zhao Zhen and Yao Yunchengs expressions turned gloomy.

They were disappointed.

Despite having pushed open the Immortal Door, they were stuck within the Jade Spring World, unable to obtain freedom as long as they continued to exist.

Without a doubt, they were looking forward to leaving this area.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Dis arrival were their hope, yet what greeted their hope was another disappointment.

However, what caught Yan Zhaoges attention was that he vaguely felt some killing intent and Evil Qi from their sword qis.

Daoist Qing Zhang sighed, “Its far too difficult to get out.

Ive been here half my life, and Im an old man now.

Yet, I can only stay here, continuing to be entrapped in this place.

Yan Zhaoge faked an expression of deep worries, “I never expected such difficulties to exist before coming in here.”

“May I know where my parents are located” asked Yan Di.

Daoist Qing Zhang said, “To our west is the Golden Cloud Mountain.

They are both residing at that location.”

He turned his head and told Daoist Zhao Zhen, “Zhao Zhen, lead them to the golden Cloud Mountain.”

“Yes, Master.” Daoist Zhao Zhen tidied up his mood and reverted to his usual expression.

Then, he beckoned toward Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, “The two of you, please follow me.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di both looked at each other and nodded lightly.

Then, they followed Daoist Zhao Zhen to the west.

Daoist Qing Zhang and Yao Yuncheng remained silent.

After watching them disappear into the distance, Daoist Qing Zhang expressionlessly said, “Take action immediately..”

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