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Chapter 1522: Blood Ritual

“Daoist Zhao Zhen, how was this Jade Spring Worlds seal formed”

On the road, Yan Zhaoge asked as he observed his surroundings.

Daoist Zhao Zhen answered, “When you two entered here, you shouldve felt that the seals strength had originated from one of the four Immortal Extermination Swords.

Its the Immortal Trapping Sword which our Jade Cauldron Grand Master had control over.”

He sighed, “How shameful.

Despite remaining in the Jade Spring World, our brethren are unable to gain control over this sword and are instead entrapped in its cage, forever to be trapped here.”

“May I know where the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity is” Yan Zhaoge asked, “Why would there be an Immortal Trapping Swords seal placed here”

Daoist Zhao Zhens expression darkened, “Jade Cauldron Grand Master had already perished.”

“Oh” Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di both looked at him.

Daoist Zhao Zhen nodded and answered, “After the Great Calamity, the Jade Cauldron Grand Master had arrived here in this Jade Spring World.

However, at that time, he was filled with grave injuries.

Seven days later, he perished, leaving his cadaver behind at this Golden Cloud Mountain.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “My father and I are cultivators.

While we arent of the Jade Cauldron Grand Masters lineage, were still from the Three Clears Lineage.

We should pay our respects at the Jade Cauldron Grand Masters resting place.”

“Naturally.” Daoist Zhao Zhen nodded and continued leading the two to the west.

With their speed, they reached a mountain peak soon enough.

The mountain was glistening with gold radiances as if being veiled within a shroud of cloudy afterglow.

Only, the spirit qi here wasnt as prosperous as the location where they met Daoist Qing Zhang and the others.

It seemed mediocre at best.

However, strictly speaking, the spirit qi here seemed lacking, which caused the dilapidated phenomena to prevail.

“The Jade Spring Mountains Golden Cloud Cave.

Indeed, this was the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys cave manor in the past.” Yan Zhaoge thought, “The spiritual mountain named as Golden Cloud in the Jade Spring World.

Yet, why does the spiritual qi seem so lacking”

Moreover, with Yan Zhaoges perception toward this worlds spiritual qi, the Golden Cloud Mountain shouldve been the location with the most rigorous spiritual qi in the entire Jade Spring World.

The Immortal Trapping Sword mightve caused this abnormal situation.

Despite falling into the grasp of a Jade Clear cultivator, it was still a Prime Clear treasure.

It represented the worlds most ruthless existence, filled to the brim with destructive forces.

The two combined affected the spiritual qi circulation in the Jade Spring world, destroying the Golden Cloud Mountains geographical positioning in the process.

The Immortal Trapping Swords existence couldnt be sensed in the Golden Cloud Mountains range, most probably due to the Jade Spring Worlds spiritual qi circulation covering its presence.

Meanwhile, the swords strength was maintaining the seal.

“May I know where my parents are”

Daoist Zhao Zhen pointed toward the Golden Cloud Mountain, “In the mountains.

Please follow me inside.”

After he finished speaking, he led the way and descended downward.

Instead of going to the mountaintop, he flew through the mountain ranges, arriving at a valley.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di followed after him, descending upon the valley together.

There was a Daoist temple within the valley.

While it seemed dilapidated, it still maintained its tidiness.

“Senior Yan and Senior Di seemed to have gone out.” Daoist Zhao Zhen looked around the Daoist temple.

Seeing no one present, he said, “How about waiting here for a while I shall go search for them.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di looked at each other, “How about we assist you in your search You wouldnt mind, right”

Daoist Zhao Zhen replied, “Of course not.”

Yan Di nodded slightly, “Go ahead with Daoist Zhao Zhen.

I shall sit here for a bit.”

He looked at his surroundings as if he was finding the traces of his parents living here.

“Lets go.” Yan Zhaoge left the Daoist temple together with Daoist Zhao Zhen.

While walking within the mountains, he asked, “Where is the Jade Cauldron Grand Masters grave Could the two have gone there”

Daoist Zhao Zhen nodded, “Possibly.

Let us have a look then.

Follow me.”

The two headed toward the middle part of the mountain.

A cave appeared within the mountain.

Daoist Zhao Zhen said, “Were here.

However, no one seems to be present.”

“This is where the Jade Cauldron Grand Master perished” asked Yan Zhaoge.

“Thats right.

However, his cadaver isnt here.” While speaking, Daoist Zhao Zhen entered the cave, “The Grand Masters cadaver had already become a part of the seal.”

Before he finished speaking, the situation changed abruptly.

Rays of red radiances descended from the skies of the Golden Cloud Mountain.

Pillars of lights suddenly arose from the surroundings of the mountain range, emanating with momentunal powers.

It fused with the red radiances which descended from the skies, forming a giant cage.

A bizarre yet graceful aura started permeating through the surroundings.

It contained the Immortal Trapping Swords sword intent of utmost ruthlessness and contained other profound strengths as well.

The humongous prison oppressed the entire Golden Cloud Mountain, affecting those within as well.

Yan Zhaoge felt as if an intangible load of mass was pressing on his body, rendering him unable to utilize his strength to the fullest.

“Converging some parts of the seals strength, focusing them on one spot” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows and looked toward Daoist Zhen Zhao.

Yet, what he saw was a layer of red radiance covering the caves entrance.

Being situated outside, Daoist Zhen Zhao wasnt affected at all.

“Just like the Jade Cauldron Grand Masters cadaver, those two had transformed into a part of this seal.” Daoist Zhen Zhao suddenly turned around and stared at Yan Zhaoge expressionlessly.

His finger pointed upward, “They are indeed here.

Only, you wont see them any longer.”

Yan Zhaoge didnt say anything else.

While withstanding the pressure brought about by the red radiance, he walked toward the cave entrance.

However, gold radiances were emitted within the cave.

While isolating the red radiance away, it also prevented Yan Zhaoge from getting closer.

At that moment, Daoist Qing Zhang and Yao Yuncheng emerged from the deep parts of the cave.

“Dont blame us for this.

In the past, Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian were the ones causing trouble.

They used the Immortal Trapping Sword to seal our Jade Spring World for two thousand years, snatching our freedom away from us.” Daoist Qing Zhang calmly said, “We cant bear to wait any longer.

We were already determined to go all out in the next few days, hoping to secure a way out.”

“Only, the seal was far too strong.

While our brethren had been preparing for so many years, we still have no grounds of confidence.

The arrival of you two had instead given us hope!”

“In the past, Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian performed a blood ritual using the Immortal Trapping Sword to lay down the seal.

Today, we shall perform a blood ritual on their offsprings to break out of the seal.

As expected of karma, what goes around comes around.”

Despite basking in the red radiances, Yan Zhaoge wasnt panicking at all.

Instead, he humorously looked at Daoist Qing Zhang, “Must you take things to this degree Why not ask us if we have any methods of breaking down the seal Not even a try”

He looked at the three, “For the grudge of being sealed, or for the Immortal Trapping Sword”

Anger appeared on Yao Yunchengs face.

A complex expression appeared on Daoist Zhao Zhens face.

Daoist Qing Zhang stared intently at Yan Zhaoge, his expression seeming a little fatigued and lonesome.

He shook his head, “There are some things that you dont understand.”

As he spoke, the red radiances enveloping the Golden Cloud Mountain started burning even fiercely, becoming more and more ruthless.

Yan Zhaoge could even feel his mind and soul slowly becoming unstable.

From his body to his soul, from the outside to the inside, from illusion to reality, the sense of scorch and pain covered him entirely.

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