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Chapter 1525 : Peerless Sword Duo

Yan Zhaoge looked up toward the sky.

The influence of the blood ritual toward the seal had yet to disperse.

Atop the Golden Cloud Mountain, dark red shades appeared in the skies.

“Two thousand years ago… If I remember correctly, two thousand and ninety-seven years ago, Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian came from the outside and visited our Jade Spring World.” Tong Xinlins voice resounded.

Hints of reminiscence appeared within her eyes, “He was here to look for the Jade Cauldron Grand Master and the Immortal Trapping Sword.”

At that time, the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity had already perished, while the Immortal Trapping Sword was preserved in the Jade Spring World.

During that period, no one in the Jade Spring World had achieved the Five Qis Unification Realm and couldnt afford to use the Immortal Trapping Sword.

Hence, while there were different branched lineages within this world, no one could truly possess the sword.

However, this didnt translate to them allowing outsiders to take the sword away.

Even after Yan Xintang had announced his identity and proclaimed himself as someone of the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys lineage as well, their stance remained the same.

“When Daoist Yan bantered with us, he mentioned something about our current orthodox Daoism being weak, while the heretics were growing stronger and stronger.

They invited our brethren to join forces together.” Tong Xinlin softly said, “Unfortunately, before he finished speaking, someone else had already arrived.”

“The Sword Buddha” Yan Zhaoge and Yan Dis gazes flickered.

Tong Xinlin nodded, “Thats right, the Sword buddha.”

Her expression became a little erratic, “The Sword Buddha came from the outside with his sword, his Buddha figure oppressing the entire Jade Spring World.

While there was the Immortal Trapping Sword here, no one here could operate it, rendering us incapable of dealing with that sword of Buddhism.”

“Was he here for the Immortal Trapping Sword, or…” Yan Zhaoge asked.

Tong Xinlin nodded and continued with her words, “The Sword Buddha was here for the Jade Cauldron Grand Master.

After confirming his perishment, the Sword Buddha didnt touch his cadaver.

However, not only did the Sword Buddha intend on snatching the Immortal Trapping Sword away, he even wanted to illuminate us, forcing us to worship Buddhisms Blessed Lands.”

“We couldnt possibly contend against the mightiness of a Grand Heavenly Realm expert.”

Tong Xinlins expression became a little bleak.

While Daoist Qing Zhangs expression darkened.

They both personally experienced the Sword Buddhas descent and the calamity which placed the entire Jade Spring World into a grim situation.

No matter how exceptional one was, a Profound Immortal couldnt possibly hope to contend against a Grand Heavenly Realm Buddhist expert with their strength, even if he was a mere heretic Buddha.

It was just like how a mortal realms Martial Saint could attempt to contend against a Leakless True Immortal but couldnt possibly withstand a Tranquil Profound Immortal.

Similarly, a Profound Immortal had no hopes of contending against a Heavenly Immortal.

Leaving the fact that Immortal Auras couldnt harm the opponents Immortal Splendour protection aside, the Immortal Aura would crumble upon being struck by the Immortal Splendour, rendering it into nothingness.

If there werent any other Grand Heavenly Realm experts neutralizing their marvelousness, or if the great dao werent restricting them, these Grand Heavenly Realm experts would become a ubiquitous existence to the Profound Immortals.

The Sword Buddha was precisely like that.

His radiance enveloped the entire Jade Spring World, ensnaring every living being within his light, allowing no one to escape.

Perhaps, the Sword Buddha was incapable of forcefully illuminating a few Profound Immortals.

However, illuminating others by force was still plausible.

Only the Sword Buddha himself didnt mind this.

He planned on bringing them all back to the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus and let others deal with them.

Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian were included.

At that moment, Yan Xintang suddenly made a request.

Since the Sword Buddha included the word “Sword” in his name, Yan Xintang planned on having a sword duel with him.

“To everyones surprise, the Sword Buddha accepted,” said Tong Xinlin as she recalled her memories.

Yan Zhaoge pondered and said, “The Sword Buddha had immersed himself in the sword path throughout his entire life and was determined to establish a new branch in Buddhisms martial arts.

While being filled with greed, exasperation, and madness, his stubbornness ultimately led to him opening up this brand-new branch, granting him his accomplishments.”

“Some rumors said that the Sword Bodhisattva left the Blessed Lands after its doctrine changed, yet returned at a later date, and accepted the Maitreya Buddhas new doctrine to challenge the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, allowing him to attain Buddhism enlightenment.”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, “However, this wasnt because he lost faith in his path, but because his end is nearing.”

The Sword Bodhisattvas was already well-known since long ago.

Throughout his life, due to the hurdles in his path and some unexpected situations, some of his lifespans were damaged, causing his lifespan to become shorter compared to other Bodhisattvas or Daoism Virtual Immortals.

By calculating his lifespan after the Great Calamity, rumors had it that he was already nearing the maximum extent of his lifespan.

The reason why he willingly joined the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus wasnt that he feared death but because he didnt want to leave his sword path before it was completed.

After attaining heretical enlightenment, while he couldnt be everlasting like the orthodox Buddhisms Buddhas, it would intensely replenish the Sword Bodhisattvas lifespan.

With this, he had more time to continue perfecting his sword art.

“I heard some rumors about this Sword Bodhisattva, no, Sword Buddha.” Yan Zhaoge said, “He integrated the six paths of samsara into his sword, and fused with his sword, transforming himself into the six paths.

Every thousand years, it would change once.”

Tong Xinlin nodded upon hearing his words, “Thats right.

At that time, we only thought about it a little too late.”

The Sword Buddha transformed into the six paths.

Every time it interchanged, his personality would become different.

In the Divine Realm, he would become benevolent and compassionate; In the Human Realm, he would possess all the emotions of an ordinary mortal; In the Animal Realm, his thoughts would become blur, as if he was in a thoughtless state, succumbing into a half-awake state.

“During that time, was he in the Asura Realm” asked Yan Zhaoge.

The Sword Buddha in the Asura Realm was extremely bellicose, extremely stubborn, and an extremely sore loser.

“Thats right.

He was in the Asura Realm!” Tong Xinlin answered, “He agreed to have a sword duel with Daoist Yan, a Profound Immortal, as a Grand Heavenly Realm expert.

However, he seemed to have accepted it because he knew Yan Dis name.”

As she spoke, expressions of admiration appeared on Tong Xinlins face, “Later, my Jade Spring Worlds brethren finally understood what a higher-level sword art is and knew how short-sighted we were.”

Not only Yan Xintang, but even the Sword Buddhas presentation of his sword-art also robbed the Jade Spring Worlds attention away, leaving them in awe.

“However, while the Sword Buddha was strong, Daoist Yan was stronger!” Tong Xinlin said, “The Sword Buddhas insight in sword-art had already broadened our horizons greatly, yet Daoist Yans sword-art made us feel as if we wasted our entire lives learning sword for nothing.”

During the duel, Yan Xintang participated in ten matches and won all of them!

As for the Sword Buddha, who was in the Asura Realm, he constantly lost one match after another.

He didnt bring the Immortal Trapping Sword and the Jade Spring Worlds inhabitants back with him to the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, but he didnt let anyone leave either.

His all-encompassing Buddha lights sealed the entire Jade Spring World, and he focused entirely on dueling with Yan Xintang.

Yan Xintangs performance gave boundless inspiration to the Sword Buddha.

While he was drunk in this sensation, his sword-art was also improving significantly.

However, while he improved, Yan Xintang was also constantly perfecting his sword and oppressed the Sword Buddha!

Halfway through the battle, Di Qinglian even unsheathed her sword and replaced her husband in the duel.

“At that time, Daoist Di chugged her wine while unsheathing the sword by her waist and simply threw the wine bottle onto the ground.

Her unconstrained stylishness as she walked up to the Buddha wielding her sword made even I, a woman captivated.

This scene would constantly replay in my eyes, not dispersing even after a thousand years,” said Tong Xinlin as she let out a sigh.

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