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Chapter 1531: Sense of Mundaneness

The smell of womens cosmetics and makeup…

The smell of soy sauce, vinegar, and the smoking oil by the kitchen stove…

The repulsive scent of sweat coming from the labor workers…

Being contaminated by this aura of mundaneness, Yan Zhaoge and the others felt as if they had been integrated within, becoming one with mundaneness.

Gao Qingxuan felt like she wasnt wielding the Immortal Slaughtering Sword anymore, but a weaving needle.

Feng Yunsheng felt as if the Cold Sun Divine Saber wasnt a weapon anymore, but the woks and pans in the kitchen.

Even the Demon Monkey felt like he had transformed back into a Pixiu and was tranquilly running about within the bamboo mountains!

Everyone seemed to be fusing with that mortal mundaneness.

There werent any Immortal Extermination Four Swords, nor was there any doomsday saber or any Primordial Heavenly Scriptures.

Everyone became a part of the mortal world, progressing their mortal lives within.

They experienced all sorts of human emotions – all sorts of vanity from others and quiet desolateness.

The Sword Buddha himself was also entrapped within this mundane world.

Here, there wasnt any Buddhism supreme martial art or any Samsara Sword Manual.

He was the same as Yan Zhaoge and the others.

If he were alone, this naturally wouldnt net him his victory.

However, his disciple, the Sword Master of the Six Paths – Qu Su was with him!

When his master unleashed the path of the Human Realm in the sword of samsara, Qu Sus attack pattern changed immediately.

The sword-light sent into the cycle of samsara vibrated continuously, resonating together with the Sword Buddha, who manifested into the Human Realm.

Yan Zhaoge and the others immediately felt their descent into the Human Realm speeding up, rendering them unable to resist the pull.

Upon sensing the Sword Buddhas sword intent change, everyone became confused for a second and immediately went on alert.

Demonic qi skyrocketed, saber-lights shattered space apart, and sword qis shot throughout the entire area.

Everyone used their methods to break free from the mundane world that was dragging them within, and escape the restraints binding them.

However, Qu Sus sword-light arrived at that moment.

The attack wasnt ruthless, nor was it sharp.

However, it originated from everyones karma.

Under Qu Sus control, samsara remained, while the six paths disappeared, leaving only the Human Realm to prevail.

Encumbered by this power, the aura of mundaneness within Yan Zhaoge and the others turned vigorous, exploding from their bodies.

Being influenced by this, the Human Realm manifested by the Sword Buddha increased its force of traction, rendering the group unable even to break out.

They could only fuse inside obediently.

While Pan-Pan wasnt human, he had already attained a humane personality, with his intelligence reaching its maturity, as well as the comprehension of all emotions.

While his condition was slightly better than Yan Zhaoge and the others, he was still disrupted by this mundane world.

A considerable vortex seemed to have appeared within the world, which sought to devour everyone within.

The entire Jade Spring Realm was also trembling.

It didnt affect just the Sword Buddha, Qu Su, and Yan Zhaoges group.

Even Tong Xinlin, Guang Tongzi, and the others were no exception.

They were pulled into the daily life of the mundane world.

Within the Jade Spring World, there werent just cultivators with different cultivation.

As such a vast world, they also had a massive number of inhabitants, as well as a boundless mundane earthly world.

At this moment, all mundane lifeforms were enveloped by the Sword Buddhas Human Realm, becoming the Sword Buddhas most significant beacon of support.

“One transforms into the Human Realm, while the other sends his opponents into the Human Realm.

With you two complement each other, this could be considered as a form of Dual Sword Amalgamation, right” At that moment, a slothful voice resounded.

A man in green seemed as drowsy as ever suddenly appeared in front of everyone and let out a yawn.

“Wang Guan.” Qu Su wasnt a stranger to the newcomer.

Before ascending to the Grand Heavenly Realm, he had always been brawling against Wang Guan.

While Qu Sus age was slightly older, the two could be considered the same generation nemesis.

They had been fighting against each other for a thousand years.

At that time, he was the strongest Bodhisattva in the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, while Wang Guan was the Immortal Courts most potent Heavenly Monarch.

A few hundred years ago, he managed to ascend to the Grand Heavenly Realm first.

However, not more than two decades later, Wang Guan had also done the same.

Not long ago, during the battle between the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, the two had also fought against each other.

He could only locate this area due to his master – the Sword Buddha transforming into the Human Realm, causing the presence of mundaneness to connect with the outside world.

As for Wang Guan, he most likely followed after Qu Su.

Qu Su couldnt be bothered to figure out how Wang Guan managed to follow him, and he wasnt annoyed by it either.

Instead, he remained as calm as a tranquil lake.

The calm him didnt bother looking at Wang Guan.

Instead, he gazed in another direction.

Another middle-aged man in Daoist robes appeared and immediately grabbed after the Immortal Trapping Sword hanging mid-air.

It was the Percussion Heavenly Lord, belonging to the Immortal Court as well.

“Two swords, two parties, one for each, How about that” asked Wang Guan with a chuckle.

Qu Su said softly, “If this thought thou possesses, deal with the heretics first, and the distribution of swords we shalt discuss.

Otherwise, if thou obtain a sword first, we master, and disciple might even perish here.”

Without saying anything else, the Human Realm transformed by the Sword Buddha billowed and expanded, enveloping Wang Guan and the Percussion Heavenly Lord within.

Qu Sus sword-light was as sharp as ever.

Wang Guan yawned, “Why I dont even cultivate any sword arts.

Even if I do acquire it, I will bring it back to the Immortal Court.

Im not like you two, whose strength will immediately increase upon obtaining the sword.

The void in front of them was like a realm of illusion that suddenly broke apart.

Wang Guan and the Percussion Heavenly Lords figures disappeared, causing the aura of mundaneness to envelope the air.

Their silhouettes appeared at another place, and they didnt even touch a stain of the Human Realm.

The Percussion Heavenly Lord went far away from the Immortal Trapping Sword, but Wang Guan was now beside the sword instead.

“The heretics got too strong throughout the past few years using the opportunity of us fighting against each other.” Wang Guan said, “Now, you still intend on granting them a chance”

Percussion Heavenly Lord said, “Lets deal with these heretics first before discussing the sword.”

As he spoke, he unleashed his palm attack, which came launching toward Yan Zhaoge and the others who were trapped in the Human Realm.

Daoist Zhao Zhen, Yao Yuncheng, and the others captured by Yan Zhaoge were currently struggling frantically.

With all of them plunging to the Human Realm, no disparity of strength existed between them, which gave them the intentions of escaping.

“This is but a mere illusion.

You had yet to pull us down to the mortal realm.” Yan Zhaoges eyes turned cold, “Yet, you still dare be so arrogant”

He took in a deep breath, causing chaos to grow within his body, with sword-lights instantly surging from his eyes.

Being engulfed by this sword-light, Yan Zhaoge slowly transcended from the Human Realm, with the Fallen Deity returning to the Nine Heavens.

“As a Tranquil Profound Immortal, I cant break through a Buddhas cultivation.

However, since you transformed into the mundane world, your advantage as a Buddha ceased to exist any longer.

Similarly, your Grand Heavenly Realm Immortal Splendour is incapable of nullifying my sword intent.”

Even Daoist Zhao Zhen and Yao Yuncheng, who was captured by him, had the same feeling.

However, in the next instant, billowing sword-lights crashed upon their heads, instantly pulling them down to the mortal realm.

This feeling was different from them being tainted by the mundane aura given off by the Sword Buddhas Human Realm.

Instead, they seemed to have truly crashed down from the Immortal Realm.

Their cultivations leaked like water, and they returned to the Martial Saint Realm.

In Daoist Zhao Zhen and Yao Yunchengs eyes, Yan Zhaoge seemed like a sanctimonious being standing in the skies, standing in a different world.

However, this sword lights descent wasnt aimed toward them.

Instead, they were heading toward somewhere else.

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