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Chapter 1534: Turning Hoax Into Reality

The Sword Buddha, much older than the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit and the Victorious Fighting Buddha, established the sword art lineage in Buddhism could not withstand the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel strike.

His originally impenetrable Golden Body was instantly shattered apart.

After being sealed for two thousand years, he faced perishment the day he was finally released.

“Oh, Eschatology…” He sighed with disappointment.

While the Sword Buddhas Golden Body had shattered, he had yet to take his final breath.

After his sigh, his figure gradually started disintegrating, transforming into dissipating airstreams.

Colorful auras circulated, forming a vast black hole.

Deep within the center of the black hole was dense and bottomless, while the outer area was distributed into six different worlds.

The Divine Realm, the Human Realm, the Infernal Realm, the Asura Realm, the Animal Realm, and the Preta Realm.

All six paths of reincarnations appeared together.

The Sword Buddha, who had transformed into the Human Realm, was now transforming into samsara the instant he perished, intending to drag all surrounding beings within.

The Jade Spring World, initially stabilized by the Immortal Trapping Sword, trembled in that instant.

As space itself was being distorted, it seemed to be being sucked into the black hole of samsara.

The colossal Demon Monkey grinned with his teeth showing.

He lifted the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel and swung it downward!

The iron cudgel filled up the samsara and filled up the black hole.

It was much heavier than the dark blackholes center and much vigorous.

The divine metal which once froze the flow of Heavenly River in place had now frozen the Sword Buddhas samsara of six paths as well.

Qu Su could not provide assistance in time.

Watching the samsara transformation of the Sword Buddhas cadaver, his originally pale face lost any color of blood.

No hints of emotions could be seen from him.

He sheathed his longsword, “Namo Sword Potante Buddha.”

After chanting his masters official Buddhist title, Qu Su stepped backward and drifted far away.

While the Immortal Trapping Sword was hindering his path, Yan Zhaoge and the others attention was mainly fixated on the six paths of samsara harnessed by the Sword Buddha.

With Qu Sus capabilities, escaping was no problem.

The Ru Yi Golden Cudgel forcefully suppressed the samsara world harnessed by the Sword Buddhas cadaver.

The black hole gradually dissipated, with the chaotic auras of six paths going quiet as well.

Yan Zhaoge and the others stood quietly on the spot.

They watched the scene unfold in front of them and remained silent.

“Junior apprentice-sister Di, Daoist Yan, may your souls rest in peace.” Gao Qingxuan mumbled softly.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng lowered their heads, their expressions solemn.

As the samsara of six paths disappeared, the Golden Body of the Great Sage stashed the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel away.

Then, his figure disassembled into rays of gold radiances, and he descended downward.

Pan-Pans figure reappeared, with gold radiances coalescing back to the tattoos by his back and scapula.

His figure shrank into a size smaller than a palm.

He hopped onto Yan Zhaoges palm and immediately started sleeping.

“This bum is always too lazy to move around most of the time.

We mustve worn you out this time.” Yan Zhaoge curled his fingers, and Pan-Pan disappeared.

The usage of the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel had caused a significant amount of consumption for Pan-Pan.

However, Yan Zhaoge and the others werent afraid of Qu Su, Wang Guan, and the others return.

The Sword Buddha had perished, while the Percussion Heavenly Lord had lost his combat prowess due to his injuries.

While Qu Su and Wang Guan were strong, the two alone couldnt deal with the Immortal Trapping Sword, Feng Yunsheng, and the Immortal Slaughtering Sword.

However, even so, their strength sufficed in self-protection.

“The main worry here would be them contacting more helpers and making a comeback.” Feng Yunsheng said, “Especially the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Future Buddha.”

Yan Zhaoge pulled out the broken white-jade shortsword from his chest.

Radiances glistened on the surface of the broken sword as if it would shatter apart at any second.

“They wont find too many helpers.” Yan Zhaoge let out a long sigh, “On the other side, my North Ocean Clone had made an unexpected change.”

Gao Qingxuan and Feng Yunsheng were startled upon hearing his statement.

To attract their enemies attention, Yan Zhaoge and the others had prepared a deceptive event.

They spread the fake news of the Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lord, intending to incite another fight between the two heretic factions with the premise of the Humanly Essence Stone in the Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lord.

Whether it will succeed or not, Yan Zhaoge had no confidence.

He merely hoped to distract his opponents, granting them more time and space to locate the Immortal Trapping Sword.

Considering making the show seem more credible, Yan Zhaoge deployed his North Ocean Clone containing the Golden Body of the Great Sage as a pretense.

However, an unexpected change occurred.

The originally fake situation showed signs of becoming true.

The reason being Yan Zhaoge caused the experts of the Immortal Court, the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, the Western Pure Lands, and the Demon Races experts to emerge from their factions.

Yan Zhaoge and the Incongruence Divine Mother had no clues on locating the Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lord.

They merely set down some deceptions to deceive their opponents.

Initially, their opponents held some reservations in the beginning.

They were merely probing into the situation.

While some of them were holding each other back, no major clash occurred.

However, unexpectedly, actual clues were held by the Immortal Court and the Demon Race.

These were seemingly invaluable objects in the two factions possession.

Having no special appearance of any sorts, no one seemed to realize its function.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have located the Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lords whereabouts after so many years.

However, as the two items met each other by pure coincidence, they instantly underwent transcendence.

This unusual turn of events had jarringly attracted the attention of others.

After a brief moment of shock, the two sides who were merely holding each other back rekindled the flames of warfare and continued with their grand clashes.

The Grand Saint of Nine Spirits, who secluded himself from the Astro Mountains Starry Seas for tens of thousands of years, appeared and snatched the treasure away from the Immortal Court and the Western Pure Lands.

However, this only brought things to an end temporarily.

As the two treasures fused as one, a method of locating the Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lord was founded.

For the Humanly Essence Stone fragment that could possibly exist, another grand war broke out inevitably.

This time, it wasnt just any deception created by Yan Zhaoge.

Instead, solid proofs were actually in place.

By then, the personal descent of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Future Buddha could already be anticipated.

The warfare that calmed down not long ago thanks to Mahamayuri had been rekindled officially!

“I only dared allow Pan-Pan to use the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel to the fullest extent after getting wind of these matters.” Yan Zhaoge said, “While the Immortal Trapping Sword is here, the two factions of troops on the other side are too occupied with their battle and have no leisure time to be bothered with us.”

If information regarding this area were sent back first, causing the two heretics factions – the Demon Race and the orthodox Buddhism to deploy troops here.

Their situation would undoubtedly be reversed.

The current situation was precisely what Yan Zhaoge and others hoped to see most.

Despite their previous careful planning, he didnt expect the outcome to become so ideal.

“Indeed, they might not have the freedom of giving us any attention.

However, if their preparations were done correctly, they might dispatch some troops over to us.” Gao Qingxuan said, “After all, we have the Immortal Trapping and Immortal Slaughtering Sword.”

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