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A high peak stood atop the vast plains.

A brilliant luster shone from the top, shimmering through day and night, causing the surrounding areas to remain in daylight.

A figure suddenly appeared from the faraway horizon.

As she got nearer, her white attire could be seen.

Amidst her gentle and lively gazes were hints of cheekiness, and her ravishing gorgeousness was so stunning as if the heavens had graced her with all beauty in the world.

As the woman in white neared the peak where radiance shone, a voice resounded, “Junior apprentice-sister Meng.”

A path of light extended from the mountain top, instantly materializing into solidity.

After the woman in white stepped onto the path of light, the brilliance retracted, bringing her along to the mountain top.

After passing through the defense mechanisms, the radiances dissipated, presenting a group of awe-inspiring edifices.

Silhouettes could be seen moving in between, a strong maestoso permeating from them.

Upon seeing the woman in white, they all greeted her, retaining their manners.

The woman wasnt a stranger to this place.

She smiled slightly and nodded to transmit her greetings.

Naturally, someone else came to welcome her and led her up to the central hall atop the mountain.

Within the vast hall, a man in white smiled and said, “Were about to leave soon, so well forgo the ceremony of welcome.”

The woman smiled as well, “Naturally.

Why are you so formal, senior apprentice-brother Tang”

The “senior apprentice-brother Tang” from her mouth had a handsome and dignified appearance and was a capable man.

Only, his temperament was considerably elusive.

He seemed as lofty as the towering palatial mountains yet seemed as compelling as a sharp sword that was just unsheathed.

His age couldnt be judged by his appearance alone.

He seemed like a forty-year-old equitable middle-aged man, yet also resembled a man in his twenties who was valiant and gallant.

However, if a martial art practitioner from the Eight Extremities Worlds saw this mans facial features, they would undoubtedly recognize him.

Tang Yonghao.

The once most outstanding youthful talent from the Eight Extremities Worlds Sacred Sun Clan.

After arriving at the World beyond Worlds, he obtained a phoenix bone by chance and became the Southeastern Exalt – Cao Jies closed-door disciple.

As the river of time continued flowing, a few decades had passed.

The woman in white in front of him was also once a disciple from the Eight Extremities Worlds Sacred Sun Clan – Meng Wan.

Meng Wan was the second daughter of the World beyond Worlds Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi.

They were separated since young and only managed to find each other after arriving at the World beyond Worlds.

However, while the father-daughter duo recognized their relationship, she did not change her surname to Fu and retained her name as Meng Wan.

Fu Yunchi did not mind this and continued being affectionate with her.

Now, everyone had acknowledged the twos relations with each other.

This was why Tang Yonghao still referred to her as “junior apprentice-sister Meng.”

“If you need no rest, lets head to the Golden Court Mountain,” said Tang Yonghao.

“Lets go then.” Meng Wan answered, “If you werent awaiting my arrival, you wouldve departed to the Golden Court Mountain long ago.

Master pushing open the Immortal Door, how joyous is that”

Tang Yonghao nodded, “Indeed.”

In the past, Yan Zhaoge moved half of the World beyond Worlds into the Pill Hall, pulling it away from the dao universe.

At that time, the Eastern Vast Heaven Territory, the Southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, the Northeastern Sky Heaven Territory, the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, the southwestern Vermillion Heaven Territory, and a part of the central Jun Heaven Territory were separated from World beyond Worlds.

Twenty years later, the Roving Jade Heavens had also entered the Pill Hall.

Yan Zhaoge ascended to the Immortal Realm and reenacted the majestic feat of establishing a world, turning the Pill Hall into the Awakened Sky Cosmos, and naming their brand-new territory as the Sky beyond Skies.

This had put an end to Daoisms Three Clear Lineages old era and signified the beginning of a new one.

The brand-new World beyond Worlds was separated into five different continents.

The Central Jun Heaven Territory and the Eastern Vast Heaven Territory of the World beyond Worlds were turned into the Central Continent, with the core of the Sky beyond Skies – the Broad Creed Mountain situated within.

The Central Continent spanned across a vast distance, going from south to north.

The Southeastern Yang Heaven Territory of the World beyond Worlds was now the Sky beyond Skies Eastern Continent.

The Northeastern Sky Heaven Territory was now the Northern Continent, the southern Blazing Heaven Territory becoming the Southern Continent, and the southwestern Vermillion Heaven Territory turned into Western Continent.

Since then, the territories of the Sky beyond Skies stabilized, and they continued their developments until now.

The myriad of lower worlds like the Eight Extremities Worlds, the Vast Ocean World, the Floating Gate World, and the others were connected to the five territories through their sky wounds.

Outside the Awakened Sky Cosmos, the battle between the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus was still ongoing, with the Demon Race brawling against the Western Pure Lands and the Nine Underworlds Devils fleeing after the reincarnation event.

However, the Awakened Sky Hall remained unaffected, retaining its peacefulness and order.

After Yan Zhaoge and the others returned with the Immortal Trapping Sword, he rarely showed himself to the public, thus making the Awakened Sky Cosmos much more peaceful.

As time continued moving on, forty-nine years had passed by.

The peak where Tang Yonghao and Meng Wan currently stood was by the Sky beyond Skies Eastern Territory.

This mountain was named the Luminous Peak [1].

This was the brand-new refurbished Sacred Sun Clan.

However, when comparing it to the Sacred Sun Clan in the past, there was nothing else similar between the two other than a few similar martial art lineages.

The Sacred Sun Clan of the World beyond Worlds had already declined, while most stubbornly refuted the Broad Creed Mountain were already laid dead.

The other survivors either turned to other clans of the Eight Extremities Worlds or lived incognito elsewhere.

As a result, when Tang Yonghao reopened the sect door, barely any of his formal brethren remained.

For example, Meng Wans benefactor in the Sacred Sun Clan – Chen Mingying, had remained by the Turbid Wave Pavilion and never to return.

People like her were not in the minority.

The Broad Creed Mountain was now a towering imposing figure that they couldnt hope to contend against, which weakened everyones determination to revive the once glorious clan.

However, Tang Yonghao was not affected at all.

Starting from zero, he was already preparing to rebuild the Sacred Sun Clan in the Eight Extremities Worlds.

Later, when the World beyond Worlds was split apart, and the Sky beyond Skies was established, he settled down his Sacred Sun Clan here, laying the foundations for its reestablishment.

The Sacred Sun Clan had become a brand-new sect in the Eastern Continent and was considerably famous.

Of course, they also had the backing of the Golden Court Mountain.

Tang Yonghao remembered the kindness he received from Cao Jie and the Golden Court Mountain and viewed himself as the Golden Court Mountains successor.

As the Sacred Sun Clan stabilized its footing in the Sky beyond Skies, Tang Yonghao had also brought up a new leader for the clan, which allowed him the freedom of doing whatever he planned on doing.

Naturally, the Sacred Sun Clan and the Golden Court Mountain bond couldnt be cut off so easily.

In the publics eyes, the Sacred Sun Clan was considered the Golden Court Mountains affiliated sect, or even Tang Yonhhaos very own cave manor.

However, even if Tang Yonghao returned to the Golden Court Mountain and secluded himself within, the Sacred Sun Clan could still operate as normal.

Tang Yonghao was highly grateful for this benefactor – Cao Jies care.

Hearing Meng Wans congratulatory words, he sighed emotionally, “Youre far too polite.

Its natural for me to be so joyous now that my master has successfully taken that step forward.”

“The Eastern Continent aside, the entire Sky beyond Skies seems to be welcoming numerous joyous occasions throughout the past few years,” said Meng Wan with a smile.

[1] The previous translator goes with World Illumination Peak.

But, we think Luminous Peak is a better fit.

It refers to a peak at Sacred Sun Clans Fire Domain.

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