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Chapter 1541: Low-key Development

“After Master Liu of the Green Sky Mountain Grave’s Thunder Palace and Lady Yan of the Bright Connection Valley, your master is the third Human Exalt to push open the Immortal Door,” said Meng Wan with a smile.

After the three Devils’ reincarnation events, Yan Zhaoge’s commotion in the Immortal Court, the Immortal Slaughtering Sword and the Immortal Trapping Sword returned to the Three Clear Lineage.

On the other hand, the Awakened Sky Hall had never cut off their contact with the outside world; they were proceeding in a stable development phase.

In the past fifty years or so, countless changes occurred in the Sky beyond Skies, with many sorrowful partings involved within.

The most attention-grabbing ones would be the emergence of top-notch experts.

The outstanding news was having experts ascended to the Immortal Realm and pushed open the Immortal Door.

The one who managed to take the step forward first was the World beyond Worlds’ former Northeastern Exalt, Liu Zhenggu of the Green Sky Mountain Grave’s Thunder Palace.

At present, the Green Sky Mountain Grave’s Thunder Palace was considered a top-notch dominant force in the Northern Continent.

In the World beyond Worlds, Liu Zhenggu was one of the oldest Exalt Martial Saints.

Back then, only the Earth Exalt – Wang Zhengcheng was older than him.

In terms of age, Liu Zhenggu was already nearing his end.

After all, Martial Saints who could live as long as Wang Zhengcheng were considerably rare even in history.

This was especially the case for Liu Zhenggu, who cultivated the Grave Thunder Palace lineage’s martial arts.

They were considerably ruthless, vicious, and could easily damage the cultivator.

As such, Liu Zhenggu’s lifespan was slightly shorter compared to other Exalt Martial Saints.

Only, Liu Zhenggu retained his upright quality despite his age and remained as strong as ever without ever losing his grace, making others neglect his age subconsciously.

However, him stepping into the end of his life was the undeniable truth.

If he could not break through, his end would arrive inevitably, in around a hundred years or so.

Compared to other Immortal Realm experts, even Exalt Martial Saints’ life was considered fragile.

Most of the time, this wasn’t only due to the disparity in strength but also the age disparity.

However, after leaving the World beyond Worlds, Liu Zhenggu had been cultivating in seclusion.

The Green Sky Mountain Grave’s Thunder Palace, the Remote Cloud Mountain’s Clear Light Locale, and the Bright Connection Valley – the three Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor lineages established friendly interaction through Yan Zhaoge’s and Xue Chuqing’s assistance.

Escaping the dao universe and entering the Awakened Sky Hall had not just increased their safeness and secretiveness.

The Sky beyond Skies also had some methods of contacting the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

While there were limited opportunities, the Southern Extremities Longevity Emperor’s casual remarks were considered precious for Martial Saints.

As such, the bottleneck holding Liu Zhenggu back for so many years had finally been set free.

This elderly Exalt Martial Saint successfully took the last step forward, pushing open the Immortal Door, and ascended to the Leakless True Immortal Realm in the process.

On the other hand, Xue Chuqing had also recently managed to ascend to the Immortal Realm after gaining ample accumulation.

Compared to Liu Zhenggu, Xue Chuqing was far too young.

Her talents in martial arts were already top-notch, to begin with.

Back when she was traveling around the Eight Extremities Worlds, she had been contesting against Yan Di, with both wins and losses obtained in their contests.

She only paled a little compared to Yan Di and far surpassed Fang Zhun and the others.

Although Yan Di’s Creation Saber had yet to display its true insights at that time, it was apparent how high Xue Chuqing’s talent was.

Only, her hobbies encompassed a wide variety, and her focus was placed on other subjects, like formation arts.

Moreover, prior to this, she spent most of her time being forlorn, hiding away and living incognito wherever she went, causing her to lack resources.

Therefore, Xue Chuqing’s cultivation was neglected by her, which buried most of her talents away.

In fact, this might’ve even affected her final accomplishments.

Even so, after her new environment had stabilized and she received sufficient resources, Xue Chuqing had focused on her cultivation, resulting in a shocking makeover.

Back when the Roving Jade Heavens entered the Pill Hall when the Awakened Sky Cosmos was established whilst the Sky beyond Skies undergone successful construction, only two decades had passed since they detached themselves from the World beyond Worlds.

At that time, Xue Chuqing had already arrived at the Human Exalt Realm.

Through the past few years of accumulation, she ultimately managed to pass the Immortal Mortal Tribulation, achieving the Leakless True Immortal’s physique.

Previously, Liu Zhenggu and Xue Chuqing pushing open the Immortal Door were joyous occasions for the Sky beyond Skies.

Now that Cao Jie of the Golden Court Mountain also managed to take this step forward, people came from all directions to congratulate him.

“Just like Master Liu of the Thunder Grave Palace, my master only managed to take this step forward thanks to the current environment of the Sky beyond Skies,” said Tang Yonghao softly as he looked at Meng Wan.

Meng Wan’s expression remained unchanged, and she nodded, “I heard my father mentioning it before.”

Tang Yonghao was aware of it.

Meng Wan’s father was a Grand Clear lineage True Immortal, the Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi.

Over the years, the Ingenious Flying Peak’s Red Lotus Cliff line had frequently interacted with the Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge and the Golden Court Mountain’s Cao Jie of the Grand Clear lineage.

Among the three factions, only the discovery and recovery of the Grand Clear lineage’s supreme martial arts were discussed in-depth.

Fu Yunchi had fallen into the Immortal Court heretics’ schemes in the past and was also plotted by the World beyond Worlds’ Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce, or rather the Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Han, causing him to undergo several retributions in the past.

Even after a victor had been decided between the white and black Brocade Emperor, Fu Yunchi still required some preparations if he planned on stepping back to the righteous path.

In this regard, with Yan Zhaoge’s assistance, his situation was getting better and better.

Meng Wan was aware of the general gist of the situation and knew that the Golden Court Mountain was benefitting due to this.

The foundations of Cao Jie and the Golden Court Mountain originated from the Numerous Heavens Orthodox Arts and the Three Enclosures Emperor Sword, created by the Purple Tenuity Emperor.

It was a sword path created through the Great Numerous Heavens Orthodox Arts, one of the Grand Clear’s Later Heaven Five Ultimates.

As a sword art, it was outstanding enough to challenge the Numinous Treasures Four Swords.

Only, the Golden Court Mountain lineage’s Three Enclosures Emperor Sword wasn’t complete.

Under Yan Zhaoge and Fu Yunchi’s assistance, the Golden Court Mountain had not only been attempting to complete the Three Enclosures Emperor Sword, but they were also inferring the Great Numerous Heavens Orthodox Arts in reverse.

The Great Numerous Heavens Orthodox Arts weren’t as strong as the Three Enclosures Emperor Sword.

However, as an authentic source, referencing it would undoubtedly assist Cao Jie in his cultivation.

Cao Jie managed to break through his bottleneck like Liu Zhenggu and successfully challenge the Immortal Mortal Tribulation through this process.

Meng Wan was a smart and intelligent woman and was already aware of the meaning behind Tang Yonghao’s words.

“No special movements had been sighted in the Wutong Slope.”

Back in the World beyond Worlds, the original Southern Exalt – Zhuang Shen had perished under Yan Di’s saber, allowing the Broad Creed Mountain to conquer the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

The original lord of the South – the Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope was forced to relocate to somewhere else.

The Wutong Slope originally planned on migrating toward the Western Turtle Heaven Territory.

However, in the end, they did not leave the south.

Under their new sect leader – Mao Yuansheng’s lead, the Wutong Slope yielded to the Broad Creed Mountain, allowing them to survive by the Broad Creed Mountain’s mercy.

No matter what they planned on doing, they had been remaining low-key after that incident happened.

As the World beyond Worlds was separated, the southern Blazing Heaven Territory was also moved into the Pill Hall, which later became the Sky beyond Skies’ Southern Continent.

The Wutong Slope’s lineage also took root at this place.

Under Mao Yuansheng’s low-profile and careful ways of doing things, the Wutong Slope finally showed signs of instauration.


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