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HSSB153: A dangerous figure

Although Zhao Hao had not made a move, listening carefully to his breathing, Yan Zhaoge could tell that he had already completely finished the washing and refining of all of his internal organs with his aura-qi.

Accumulated to its limits, his aura-qi had very possibly already formed a ball of qi within his body.

In other words, the current Zhao Hao should at least be at the peak of the mid inner aura Martial Scholar realm, perhaps even having already stepped into the late inner aura Martial Scholar realm.

From the time Yan Zhaoge had seen him last half a year ago at Cloud Portent Mountain, his cultivation had soared by leaps and bounds once more.

Nearly having blown up his clan’s own Giant Spirit Magnetite vein back in Cloud Portent Mountain, Zhao Hao’s following days in Infinite Boundless Mountain should have originally  been very difficult.

Now, however, he was clearly already a direct disciple of Infinite Boundless Mountain, even having surpassed the similarly-aged Hou Xiang to be brought by Infinite Boundless Mountain to participate in this Heavenly Connection Meet.

From this, it could be seen that he had still managed to make Infinite Boundless Mountain attach much importance to him.

After all, his knowledge of medicine and alchemy aside, Zhao Hao’s cultivation base was already extremely outstanding for his current age, much less the fact that his cultivation speed was still so shocking.

Although he had nearly made a terribly big mistake in a major matter earlier, as a disciple of the younger generation, his martial talent was something that any Sacred Ground would also have to treat seriously.

Zhao Hao’s gazed at the spiritual light that shot up from above Yan Zhaoge’s head, “Really already in the Xiantian stage…”

Comparing it to what he knew about Yan Zhaoge’s previous cultivation level as well as his speed of progress in recent years, Zhao Hao also felt slightly shocked.

Yan Zhaoge, was not just a head over him in the matter of the Golden Needle Liberating Pill Technique and the restoration of the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein.

In terms of martial talent, he was similarly outstanding, causing even him who had seen and experienced much to have to inwardly let out a shocked sigh of admiration.

However, while he felt slightly shocked, Zhao Hao was not actually nervous.

He retracted his gaze which had been directed towards Yan Zhaoge, “In martial cultivation, the higher one goes, the slower rate of improvement.

As we rise higher, I will catch up with you very quickly.”

Zhao Hao smiled coldly within his heart, “At the same cultivation level, beating you would be as easy as beating a dead dog.”

As for Zhao Hao, Yan Zhaoge didn’t really pay him much heed, his gaze instead sweeping towards the other Infinite Boundless Mountain disciples.

The direct disciples of Infinite Boundless Mountain who had come to attend the Heavenly Connection Meet this time numbered four.

Other than Zhao Hao, Ji Hanru was also there.

According to Yan Zhaoge’s knowledge, following his defeat by him on Cloud Portent Mountain, Ji Hanru had nursed his vengeance and gone into secluded cultivation.

Originally at the peak of the early Xiantian stage, just before coming to the Meet, he had successfully broken through the bottleneck which he had been stuck at for a long time, stepping into the mid Xiantian Martial Scholar stage, somewhat giving the feeling of stepping up valiantly after having faced humiliation.

The other young disciple was close to Yan Zhaoge’s age, older than Zhao Hao whilst younger than Ji Hanru.

With intelligent looks and a friendly expression on his face, he smiled as he nodded towards Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Yan Zhaoge thought for a while before his matched the person’s appearance with the information within his brain.

This youth was named Xiao Yu, and was also a direct disciple of Infinite Boundless Mountain.

His cultivation talent was extremely high, to the extent that it was even rumoured that whether it was in terms of comprehension or talent, he was the current number one of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s younger generation.

It was only that this person was not all that passionate about cultivating, spending three days fishing and then two days drying the net.

However, his martial talent was outstanding to the point that even while not being much focused on cultivation, he was still an elite of the younger generation.

The other party expressing friendliness, Yan Zhaoge also smiled as he nodded back in greeting.

That Xiao Yu appeared to be very happy as he swivelled his head to say to the Ji Hanru beside him, “See, senior apprentice-brother Ji, it’s actually very easy, isn’t it There are no problems that cannot be solved through communication.

First getting the atmosphere right, it would then be even easier.”

The corners of Ji Hanru’s mouth twitched, as he turned his head and did not speak.

Yan Zhaoge was rendered speechless, but his attention also didn’t stay on Xiao Yu and Ji Hanru for too long.

Beside Xiao Yu and others, that oldest Infinite Boundless Mountain disciple looked like he was smiling whilst also not, as he looked over with an unfriendly gaze.

Seeing that Infinite Boundless Mountain disciple, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly.

Feeling somewhat unlucky, the Ye Zhongzhou by the side gave a low snort, “Infinite Boundless Mountain let that madman Liu Shengfeng out this time”

Liu Shengfeng, a direct disciple of Infinite Boundless Mountain, of a similar age to Xu Fei and Tang Yonghao.

It was only that as compared to the other disciples of Infinite Boundless Mountain, Liu Shengfeng was notorious outside for being ruthless with his attacks as well as his cruel, violent temperament as he enjoyed playing with his opponents, especially enjoying bullying the weak with his superior strength as he often liked to move to kill or injure martial practitioners whose cultivation were inferior to his without any reason whatsoever.

Therefore, in recent years, Infinite Boundless Mountain had restricted Liu Shengfeng from going out alone most of the time.

However, his talent was indeed outstanding, being the undisputed strongest amongst those of the same age as him in Infinite Boundless Mountain, especially proficient at fighting people in actual combat.

Mostly, Infinite Boundless Mountain loved yet hated him at the same time, feeling him to be a real headache.

Liu Shengfeng’s gaze moved between Yan Zhaoge and Ye Zhongzhou.

Baring his teeth, he was just about to stride over.

The face of the Ji Hanru beside him changed slightly, as he hurriedly said to Ye Zhongzhou, “Jade Sea City’s Senior Brother Ye, is it I have long heard of your famous name; I hope you will guide me along generously.”

Saying thus, he directly punched towards Ye Zhongzhou.

Liu Shengfeng glanced coldly at Ji Hanru, his gaze moving in a somewhat unfriendly manner between Yan Zhaoge and Ye Zhongzhou once more before it finally came to rest on the former.

Xiao Yu chuckled towards the sky as he hurried out, “Senior Brother Yan, Yan Zhaoge I am Xiao Yu, and this is the first time we’re meeting.

I have some inquiries regarding that Thunder Element Revival Art-please care to enlighten me.”

Liu Shengfeng’s gaze revealed an expression that made it seem like he was smiling whilst also not as, his hands behind his back, he finally halted.

However, Yan Zhaoge noticed that the glow within his eyes was emanating a more and more threatening feel.

Acquainted with Ji Hanru as well, Ye Zhongzhou was similarly able to feel that his attacks, while fierce in momentum, actually contained no ill intentions whatsoever.

“You can also be considered as having put in much effort,” Shaking his head rather helplessly, Ye Zhongzhou sent a sound transmission with his aura-qi over to Ji Hanru as he moved to receive Ji Hanru’s attack.

Ji Hanru’s face was the picture of seriousness, “I have just stepped into the mid Xiantian Martial Scholar realm; may Senior Brother Ye give me some pointers.”

The two clashed without any real heat behind it, but with the direct lineage of the two Sacred Grounds, Infinite Boundless Mountain and Jade Sea City, facing off against each other, it still made for an exceptionally amazing show.

Fang Zhun and Elder Chen had arrived at their destination and met with the bigwigs of Turbid Wave Pavilion and Infinite Boundless Mountain.

Regarding the contest of their disciples, as long as it was not exceptionally problematic, they would all not needlessly interfere with their affairs.

The Heavenly Connection Meet was originally where all the heroes under the heavens congregated, with the clashing of geniuses taking place.

As Yan Zhaoge conversed with Xiao Yu, answering his questions one after another, his expression suddenly changed as he looked in another direction.

Ah Hu and Liu Shengfeng also similarly looked in that direction.

A youth neared at a high speed, first nodding towards Yan Zhaoge, Liu Shengfeng and the others, before he came to where Ye Zhongzhou and Ji Hanru were currently clashing.

Interlocking his hands, this person’s arms drew a circle in mid-air, causing rings of aura-qi that resembled waves to surge which instantly enveloped both Ye Zhongzhou and Ji Hanru.

The illusory heaven and earth formed of aura-qi that appeared within the air resembled a muddy swamp.

Ye Zhongzhou and Ji Hanru instantly felt as though they had sunk into a swamp.

As the two were originally also not in anything like a deathmatch, they immediately stopped.

The newcomer was actually also only a mid Xiantian Martial Scholar.

However, with precise vision and intricate control, he had cut in at just the right time, instantly separating the two fighters.

Looking at that youth, Yan Zhaoge identified, “Ruan Ping”

Having separated Ye Zhongzhou and Ji Hanru, that Ruan Ping said, “Having come all the way to my Turbid Wave Pavilion, everyone here is a guest.

Please allow my clan to display our hospitality as the hosts.

The Heavenly Connection Meet will officially begin very soon-where is the need to rush”


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