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Chapter 1542 : Leading Figure of the Sky Beyond Skies

Back in the World beyond Worlds, the master of Zhuang Shen and Mao Yuansheng of the Wutong Slope lineage leaned toward Mao Yuansheng inheriting the sect master title.

However, since he perished in an accident, the sect master position of the Wutong Slope fell into the hands of Zhuang Shen.

Later, Zhuang Shen surpassed his predecessors.

As he got stronger and stronger, his reputation grew much more prominent than ever, causing everyone else to forget about the past matters slowly.

When Zhuang Shen arrived at the Exalt Martial Saint Realm, his reputation had reached its climax.

The once most outstanding Mao Yuansheng was now but a shadow behind his back.

This didnt happen in the World beyond Worlds only.

Within the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, even within the internal section of the Wutong Slope, Mao Yuansheng continued maintaining his low profile.

Even if Zhuang Shen had never oppressed him, he still avoided Zhuang Shen at all costs.

Later, with the arrival of Yan Zhaoge, the Wutong Slope suffered from heavy casualties, causing significant damage to their vitality.

After that incident, Mao Yuansheng finally came out of hiding and assisted Zhuang Shen in rebuilding the Wutong Slope.

When Zhuang Shen challenged the Broad Creed Mountain and died by Yan Dis blade, Mao Yuansheng gained control over the Wutong Slope.

After the battle between the black and white Brocade Emperor ended, the first thing Mao Yuansheng did was beg for forgiveness from the Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi of the Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff.

Moreover, he also invited Meng Wan back to the Wutong Slope as a guest, with increased respect to showcasing his sincerity.

While Fu Yunchi was mad at Zhuang Shen using Meng Wan to disrupt his state of mind, Zhuang Shen himself was already dead.

With Fu Yunchis forbearance, he didnt care to pressure anyone else from the Wutong Slope.

Meng Wan did not make things harder for Mao Yuansheng and the Wutong Slope either.

She returned to the south and paid respects to her mother – Liu Xianting, who was once a disciple of the Wutong Slope.

Later, after leaving the World beyond Worlds and entering the Sky beyond Skies, Meng Wan had frequent interactions with the Wutong Slope.

However, Mao Yuansheng and the Wutong Slope still dared not become acclaimed figures to the public.

Even when Mao Yuansheng successfully broke through a decade ago, going from the Martial Saint Ninth Level to the Human Exalt Realm, he remained as low-key as ever.

However, the radiances buried under Zhuang Shens vassals were already becoming notable figures.

Under Mao Yuanshengs control, the Wutong Slope received his patient and detailed teachings, leading it to recover its vitality gradually.

Now, in the Sky beyond Skies Southern Continent, the Wutong Slope returned to its prime once again, becoming a solid figure where no one could afford to neglect in the Southern Continent.


Mao has ample self-awareness.

I believe that he wont make any rash and unwise decisions.” Meng Wan left the Luminous Peak together with Tang Yonghao and headed toward the Golden Court Mountain.

“We all know that the Wutong Slope wouldnt have existed any longer if the Broad Creed Mountain decided to press on further.

They could only live up to their current state due to the mercy bestowed upon them.”

Meng Wan sighed, “Yet, even with Wutong Slopes current state, comparing it to the Broad Creed Mountain would be like comparing the spark of a firefly to the scorching blaze of the sun.

However, could they ever hope to surpass the Broad Creed Mountain”

“Only, there are still many elders in the Wutong Slope, which requires us to be on guard just in case one of them gets blinded with their current achievements.”

She looked at Tang Yonghao, “Compared to that, the current disciples of the Sacred Sun Clan had little to no idea of what happened in the past, which makes the situation much better for you.”

Tang Yonghao said, “If the Broad Creed Mountain intended on oppressing us, the reconstruction of the Sacred Sun Clan would be impossible.”

After a momentary silence, he said, “The sleaziness of the higher-ups would ultimately influence the minds of those below them.

Most of the time, these people would walk the risky path not because of revenge, but for their desire and greed.”

Meng Wan said, “Having the motivation to go forward and having their very own desire isnt necessarily a bad thing.

However, one shouldnt risk harming the grand scheme of things for their diminutive greed.”

“Now, our orthodox Daoism is showing signs of restoration.

Its the time for our hearts to remain as one.”

The woman in white said, “A group cant go on without a leader.

And now, the colossal figure – the Broad Creed Mountain had become the leading figure of our Sky beyond Skies.

The stronger they are, the stronger the Sky beyond Skies, and the faster our Daoism will walk back toward its prime.

This would become extremely beneficial to our brethren.”

Tang Yonghao looked into the distance, “Right.

My master, Master Liu, and even the Wutong Slopes Sect Master Mao are of no exception.”

“If our Daoism is tarnished, our brethren would then be affected by it negatively.

Its just like how those who remained in the World beyond Worlds had undergone the catastrophe.

While my master didnt say who the opponent was, that tragic end sufficed in making the entire Sky beyond Skies remain on alert.”

Tang Yonghao let out a sigh, “Back in the Eight Extremities Worlds, there was the threat from the Nine Underworlds and the invasion of the Flame Devil.

At that time, I never understood why junior apprentice-brother Huang and the others were stubbornly stirring up the great war between the Broad Creed Mountain, the Jade Sea City, and the other sects, causing internal warfare in the Eight Extremities Worlds.”

“Later, it was revealed that they were already aware of the World beyond Worlds existence long ago and had even established a relationship with the Radiant Light Sect.

When things escalated to the point where the Eight Extremities Worlds couldnt be controlled any longer, they could invite the descent of someone from the Radiant Light Sect to tend to the unrest.”

“Being so fearless of any repercussions, they first focused on destroying other sects like the Broad Creed Mountain, which will affirm our Sacred Sun Clans number-one position in the Eight Extremities Worlds.”

Tang Yonghao shook his head, “At that time, junior apprentice-brother Huang laughed at me for my ignorance, which I finally understood later on.

However, how similar is the current situation with the past I still dont see any hopes of someone suddenly descending from the skies, allowing us to ignore all possible repercussions.

With our Daoisms current situation, our only hope would be to unite together as one.”

Meng Wan quietly listened to Tang Yonghao speaking.

After he finished, she smiled, “Back in the Eight Extremities Worlds, we were like infants enclosed within a closed room, oblivious of all matters happening outside.

Who wouldve imagined the outside world to be so broad”

“Yeah…” Tang Yonghao also smiled.

As Meng Wan turned her head behind, the Luminous Peak was already out of her sight, “While the Sacred Sun Clan had been rebuilt, you and I arent its disciples anymore.

No one else will remember the fall of the clan in the past.”

She was currently in the Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff, while Tang Yonghao now belonged to the Golden Court Mountain lineage.

“My master is safe, while senior apprentice-sister Feng is at the Broad Creed Mountain.

Back then, while I lost in the contest against her for the Extreme Yin Crown, I had no regrets, as I have performed with all my might.” Meng Wan softly said, “Deep down, I didnt want to become enemies with the Broad Creed Mountain.

But, I wonder if I truly thought so, or if I was merely finding an excuse for my fear against the current Broad Creed Mountain”

Tang Yonghao smiled, “Back in the Eight Extremities Worlds, before the Broad Creed Mountain gained their current strength, werent you unwilling to make enemies with them as well”


To the Sacred Sun Clan back then, I was considered an unfilial disciple.” Meng Wan sighed.

Tang Yonghao said, “There are some things we are forced to do, even if our strengths are deemed as incompetent.

Even with prodigious valor, there are some things we are allowed to do, and some we are better off not doing.”

Meng Wan laughed, “Were not in the Eight Extremities Worlds anymore, yet you remained the same throughout the years.”

“Im only remarkable in this regard.” Tang Yonghao smiled as well.

As the two talked, they were heading toward the Golden Court Mountain.

While the Sky beyond Skies Eastern Continent was incredibly vast, the Luminous Peak was not far from the Golden Court Mountain.

With the twos current cultivation, they arrived very quickly.

As expected, it was very lively here.

Many people came from different places to congratulate Cao Jie.

When Tang Yonghao and Meng Wan arrived, they saw the Wutong Slopes sect master – Mao Yuansheng, who was already present.

The hostility between the Wutong Slope and the Golden Court Mountain back in the World beyond Worlds had disappeared entirely.

Meng Wan and Tang Yonghao looked at each other and smiled.

As the successor of the Golden Court Mountain, and Cao Jies closed-door disciple, he was fully equipped with the ways of welcoming guests and proceeded to fulfill his duty of hospitality.

After a while, a new batch of guests arrived, causing a commotion throughout the area.

The representatives of the Broad Creed Mountain had arrived.

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