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Chapter 1544: Change The World

Xu Fei smiled at Tang Yonghao’s words, “At that time, we didn’t know there was a land as broad as the World beyond Worlds.”

Hints of reminiscence appeared on Feng Moyang’s face as well.

He was currently in the Martial Saint Fifth Realm, in the Mid Seeing Divinity stage.

Among his peers, he was inferior to Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei, Ying Longtu, etc.

However, Feng Moyang had already surpassed his father – Feng Chi.

Right now, the Broad Creed Mountain within the Eight Extremities Worlds had no sect leader anymore.

Instead, it merely remained as ancestral heritage, used to pray and worship the past forebears.

The Broad Creed Mountain had relinquished their control over the Eight Extremities Worlds and merely relegated a few individuals to help with cleaning the ancestral heritage.

Even the Heavenly Life Lake was moved to the Sky beyond Skies.

The Broad Creed Mountain stopped occupying the Eight Extremities Worlds and allowed it to develop on its own accord.

It was just like how the Six-legged Winged Snake Race changed the Astro Mountains Starry Seas’ Fire Dragon World’s name to the Small Grand Splendor Immortal World many years after Suo Mingzhang left and looked after his parents’ graves for him.

Even if no one safeguarded the Broad Creed Mountain situated within the Eight Extremities Worlds, no one would dare intrude on the Broad Creed’s ancestral hall.

Only, for the prestige of their forebears, some people were explicitly ordered to look over it.

The current Broad Creed Mountain had set their sights and worldly view on a much higher plane.

The Eight Extremities Worlds’ Broad Creed Sect Master – Feng Chi did not need to stay there any longer.

Instead, he headed toward the Sky beyond Skies as well.

No matter how many reconstructions the Eight Extremities Worlds went through, the density of its spirit qi was still inferior to the Sky beyond Skies.

The Sky beyond Skies was much suitable for martial art cultivation.

Feng Chi wasn’t as talented as his son.

However, borrowing the excellent environment and the ample resources of the Broad Creed Mountain, he managed to reach the Martial Saint Third Level.

Whether he could break through the Seeing Divinity stage and transcend from the lower realm using his powers was still an unknown variable.

However, when placed in the Eight Extremities Worlds a hundred years ago, Feng Chi’s current cultivation would be a horrifying imperialistic force capable of governing a territory.

At that time, no one in the Eight Extremities Worlds could truly transcend to the World beyond Worlds.

“If we had never witnessed this broad of an outside world, and never received the aid of senior apprentice-brother Yan and the others from the World beyond Worlds, I bet many others would never reach such height, or enjoy such magnificent view even toward the end of our lives,” said Feng Moyang with a smile.

Compared to the World beyond Worlds, compared to the Sky beyond Skies, the Eight Extremities Worlds seemed so barren in all regards.

No matter the density of spirit qi or the abundance of resources, the Eight Extremities Worlds was inferior to the other two.

Through Yan Zhaoge and the others’ modification, the environment of the Eight Extremities Worlds was improved by a considerable margin.

At the same time, supplies for precious resources, or even resources deemed long gone, were being transported back to the Eight Extremities Worlds.

Moreover, some top-notch supreme arts archives were also included within.

Under this assistance, even if one cultivated in the Eight Extremities Worlds’ Broad Creed Mountain, their cultivation speed would increase significantly.

It allowed them to obtain sufficient improvements within their limited lifespan, granting them the chance of striving for an even higher plane of possibility.

As the adage goes, if one doesn’t reach the Martial Scholar Realm before thirty years old, their hopes of attaining the Martial Grandmaster Realm would be voided.

Many other sayings were made for each corresponding realm.

As their conditions got better and better, more people would gain the chance to improve.

Many years ago, other than the overwhelming records of tales left behind by Yan Di, Ying Longtu, and Yan Zhaoge were deemed as unsurpassable no matter the circumstances, many others had already surpassed their forebears in terms of cultivation speed.

Were these record-breakers more outstanding than their forebears

Not necessarily.

In most cases, it was caused by their improved living conditions and their hurdle of improvement getting lower and lower.

Currently, not only did the number of Martial Saint, Martial Grandmaster, and Martial Scholar surpassed the numbers of the past, the most jarring characteristic would be their lower-than-average age.

Other than the Broad Creed cultivators, many exceptional talents emerged from the Jade Sea City, the Infinite Boundless Mountain, the Turbid Wave Pavilion, and even the rebuilt Sacred Sun Clan, with more than a few reaching the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint Realm, transcending to the Sky beyond Skies using their capabilities.

A hundred years ago, such a sight was impossible to behold.

If the legendary figures in the history of Eight Extremities Worlds like Zhan Dongge, Zhan Xilou, Zhang Chao, Huang Guanglie, and the others were still alive, the current resources would lead them to an even higher peak.

Ultimately, their future would be under the mercy of fate.

It became jarringly apparent how fate could toy with someone in its palms.

“Compared to our cultivation and lifespan in the past, you’re still very young.

However, it’s not the time for you to reminisce about your past experiences yet.” Xu Fei said, “Don’t our brethren work hard for such kinds of transformations for the world While I played no part in it, being able to witness everything and contributing my minuscule strength also gives me a sense of pride.”

Tang Yonghao was also somewhat proud hearing his words, “Right.

These transformations had yet to reach their end and are still in the process of happening.

We can strive for a better change and recover the prime state we once had before the Great Calamity.”

His words weren’t just baseless statements.

The current Sky beyond Skies was still in its accumulating state.

But, of course, the accumulation it had was already highly sturdy, with preliminary outlines being shown.

Within the past fifty years, only Liu Zhenggu, Xue Chuqing, and Cao Jie managed to push open the Immortal Door.

However, if one took their worldly view to a lower level, they would notice a considerable force accumulated in the Martial Saint Realm.

In the Broad Creed Mountain lineage, Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun relinquished themselves off their duty long ago and focused entirely on their cultivation.

As a result, all their unused potential buried in the past started becoming a mighty pushing force, pushing their cultivation to a much higher state.

The master-disciple duo who were already on the Immortal Bridge ascended to the Exalt Martial Saint Realm one after another.

Despite not being of the Broad Creed Mountain, Ah Hu’s cultivation speed was in no way inferior to Sikong Qing and the others.

Currently, he was also in the Martial Saint Ninth Level.

Outside the Broad Creed Mountain, other than Wutong Slope’s Mao Yuansheng, even the “Grand Red Lotus” – Fu Ting of the Ingenious Flying Peak’s Red Lotus Cliff’s Brocade Emperor lineage had also entered the Exalt Realm.

The “Shadow Mountain Sword King” – Ling Hanhua of the past, currently known as Long Hanhua, was already in the Human Exalt Realm upon returning to the Golden Court Mountain from the Roving Jade Heavens.

The current locale head of the Profound Remnant Locale, the “Northern Heaven Qilin” – Zeng Mo, who relinquished all his assets from the World beyond Worlds’ northern Profound Heaven Territory, and came to the Sky beyond Skies together.

Despite losing the title of the Northern Exalt, he was still the Cloud Pavilion Mountain’s most outstanding talent who remained in the Martial Saint Peak Ninth Level for many years.

Right now, he was cultivating in seclusion, with his hopes of breaching through the Human Exalt Realm being extremely high.

Ascending from the Martial Saint Ninth Realm to the Human Immortal Exalt Realm and from the Exalt Realm to the Immortal Realm through challenging the Immortal Mortal Tribulation were two colossal hurdles for cultivators.

Any one of them could make one stuck in place for thousands of years, exhausting all their potential and lifespan.

Due to these two hurdles, especially the barrier existing between a human and Immortal, the Sky beyond Skies had managed to accumulate a decent number of high-level Martial Saint experts.

If their potential were depleted, then there’s that.

However, to those whose potential was still present, they would have to patiently go through the accumulation process and secure a chance of breaking through.

As long as they pass through the hurdle, a brand new world awaited them.

With how booming the Sky beyond Skies was right now, their future would only become better and better.

Just like the Eight Extremities Worlds in the past, no one expected the grand and thorough transformations.

In the current Sky beyond Skies, the unimaginable legends and miracles of the past were slowly materializing into their version of reality.

Feng Moyang smiled and nodded, “While I’m only this strong, I hope to contribute as well.

So long as I live, I shall give it my all.”


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