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Hearing Feng Moyangs words, Tang Yonghao solemnly said, “Daoist Feng, dont try to water down your contributions.

Im well aware of what you have done.

You also played a part in the Sky beyond Skies current prosperous state.

Even I would have to give you my thanks for that.”

He was currently the Golden Court Mountains disciple and often interacted with the Broad Creed Mountain on pill refinement.

While Feng Moyangs cultivation was slightly lower, he poured a tremendous amount of effort into developing the methods for refining pills.

Tang Yonghao knew this very well.

In this regard, the main contributor was naturally Yan Zhaoge.

However, Yan Zhaoge had many things he had to take care of.

Therefore, he couldnt personally attend to many minor details and didnt see the need to.

In terms of pill refinement, Feng Moyang was among the most prodigious among his youthful peers.

But, most of the time, he was responsible for manifesting Yan Zhaoges ideation into reality, and he continued pushing forward from there.

This started long ago, back when they were still in the World beyond Worlds.

After so many years had passed, and they were now in the Sky beyond Skies, the skills for pill refinement had been improving incessantly, continuing to escalate even further.

Ample spirit pills and medicines were among the main factors why the Sky beyond Skies martial art practitioners cultivation quality was increasing day by day.

Feng Moyang and the others played an indelible part in this.

It wasnt just the Broad Creed Mountain and the Golden Court Mountain.

Even the entire Sky beyond Skies were benefiting from this.

This included the reconstructed Sacred Sun Clan.

“Youre too courteous.” Feng Moyang felt a surge of emotion when looking at Tang Yonghao.

Back in the Eight Extremities Worlds, the perception of the entire Broad Creed had been rather complex toward this person.

Especially if they were in the same generation as Tang Yonghao.

Following the rise of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, their arch nemesis in the Eight Extremities Worlds – the Sacred Sun Clan became a relic of the past.

Even the Radiant Light Sect that backed the Sacred Sun Clan securing World beyond Worlds could not escape their inevitable undoing.

Tang Yonghao reconstructed the new Sacred Sun Clan from scratch.

It arose from the depths and emerged from the Eight Extremities Worlds, ultimately settling down in the Sky beyond Skies.

Now, not only did the Sacred Sun Clan stabilize themselves in the Sky beyond Skies Eastern Continent, they even became one of the most attention-grabbing new forces to emerge.

It was just like how the Broad Creed Mountain was back in the World beyond Worlds.

Tang Yonghao himself was also paired with an outstanding reputation.

As Cao Jies closed-door disciple [1], he proved how unerring Cao Jies vision for talents was.

It also proved that Cao Jie didnt keep him as a disciple in the past solely to brawl against the Wutong Slope.

In the Eight Extremities Worlds, other than the Broad Creed Mountain, two stars of utmost brilliance emerged – Tang Yonghao and Meng Wan.

Meng Wan was known for her cultivation speed.

Right now, she was in the Martial Saint Ninth Level and the Late Immortal Bridge Realm.

She even surpassed Tang Yonghao and surpassed countless people.

The phoenix that once resonated through the Eight Extremities shed off the dirt tainting her from the world and soared high toward the nine skies once again, astonishing the entire world with its outstanding grace.

Objectively, many factors were contributing to her growth.

For example, her father being the Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi, and the Ingenious Flying Peaks condition surpassing that of the Golden Court Mountain and various other forces.

Moreover, after pushing open the Immortal Door, Feng Yunsheng had lost any reasons to keep the Extreme Yin Crown with her.

Being one of the Maidens of Extreme Yin, Feng Yunsheng exerted her crown, further increasing her cultivation speed.

However, her speed of improvement still kept everyone in awe.

Tang Yonghaos cultivation speed wasnt as fast as Meng Wan.

Contrary to Meng Wan, who rarely fought against others, Tang Yonghaos reputation was also built up through his combat prowess.

Indeed, he had the backing of the Golden Court Mountain, and the Broad Creed Mountain didnt mind the reconstruction of the Sacred Sun Clan.

However, the clash between the Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Sect was no secret.

Everyone in the Sky beyond Skies was aware of it.

With no prohibitions explicitly stated by the Broad Creed Mountain, some were willing to sink the Sacred Sun Clan back to its sorry state.

Moreover, contrary to the Wutong Slope, whose foundations remained, the Sacred Sun Sect had practically nothing backing it up.

Its foundations were all lost.

If they intended to hold their grounds, and obtain space for development, they would inevitably have to fight against the surrounding people.

Just like the Broad Creed Mountain when it just set foot in the World beyond Worlds.

Perhaps, some small or medium-sized forces were deterred by the Golden Court Mountain and dared not do anything rash.

However, mogul-tier forces tend to exist everywhere.

Even if that mogul-level faction didnt plan it themselves, but only some people within, it still sufficed in giving the Sacred Sun Clan a hard time.

Whenever such occasions happened, Tang Yonghao and the newly-constructed Sacred Sun Sect would have to assert their dominance, making a reputation out of themselves through combat.

As time passed, everyone knew of the “Radiant Light Sword King” – Tang Yonghao, who came after the “Shadow Mountain Sword King” – Long Hanhua.

Despite being only in the Martial Saint Eight Level, he was already the top-three strongest within the Golden Court Mountain.

Back in the Eight Extremities Worlds, Tang Yonghaos sword talent was recognized by all, with even Yan Zhaoge was impressed by him.

Through Yan Zhaoges words, Feng Moyang was made aware that Tang Yonghaos most outstanding talent in martial arts wasnt presented in his cultivation speed but his speed of comprehending sword arts.

The original Sacred Sun Sect wasnt proficient in the way of sword, thus burying Tang Yonghaos talent in the process.

Now, the Golden Court Mountain could finally complement him.

Tang Yonghao combined the Golden Court Mountains sword arts and the Sacred Sun Sects martial arts and fused even the essences of the Radiant Light Sect within.

By creating his style and creating his own sword art, the newly-built Sacred Sun Sect was bestowed with a brand-new unique martial art.

Moreover, even a new lineage was created in the Golden Court Mountain, impressing Cao Jie, Long Hanhua, the Southeastern Swordmistress, and the others.

While he wasnt like Feng Moyang, whose pill refinement skills benefited the whole world, Xu Fei and Feng Moyang still regarded Tang Yonghao as someone who contributed significantly to the Sky beyond Skies development.

Thus, the prosperous phenomena before the Great Calamity, where countless martial art lineages were flourishing, started getting closer and closer to them.

As they spoke, Tang Yonghao was leading the path in front, leading those of the Broad Creed Mountain to meet Cao Jie and other Golden Court Mountain elders.

On the way to the main hall, another group came in the opposite direction, under the lead of another Golden Court Mountain disciple.

The man in the lead seemed like a teenager.

He wore a white robe, and the sharpness of his sword qi permeated his surroundings.

Xu Fei and Tang Yonghao were no strangers to him and recognized him as one of the few experts in the Sky beyond Skies Western Continent.

He was the Southwestern Exalt – Bai Tao.

Bai Tao was the proud disciple of the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei.

Back in the World beyond Worlds, he presided over the southwestern Vermillion Heaven Territory.

Later, Nie Jingshen replaced him, becoming the Sword Sovereigns most exceptional successor.

However, when he inherited the position of the World beyond Worlds Southern Exalt, everyone knew that he focused solely on martial arts.

Him occupying the Southern Exalt position was merely to make things easier for Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, and the Broad Creed Mountain.

Even if he didnt frequent the Jade Capital Crag, most people would assume Bai Tao to return and inherit Yue Zhenbeis legacy, taking over the Jade Capital Crag in the future.

However, after Nie Jingshen left, Bai Tao ultimately decided to establish his sect in the Sky beyond Skies Western Continent, becoming the Grand Master of his sect.

While he still regarded the Jade Capital Crag as the origins of his lineage, he established a branched sect that separated himself from the Jade Capital Crag.

This was equivalent to him giving up on inheriting the Jade Capital Crag.

His actions surprised everyone, and news of his actions shocked everyone within the Sky beyond Skies.

[1] The ultimate final disciple.

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