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Chapter 1549: The Closer You Are to the Dao Realm, The Harder It Is

After parting from the remains, after bidding Cao Jie farewell, Yan Zhaoge and the others left the Golden Court Mountain.

They headed west toward the Broad Creed Mountain located in the Central Continent.

Upon entering the Broad Creed mountain range, Yan Zhaoge and the others slowed down their footsteps when passing by an area.

Between the mountain range, mists wreathed around it, with years of accumulated snow covering it as if it was experiencing an eternal winter.

The dense mists seemed to have solidified, making it seem like the mountain was frozen in a layer of ice.

Yan Zhaoge looked at that mountain and let out a sigh.

That was the Jade Sky Peak, where the Exalted Water Luminary – Chen Xuanzong’s cave manor was.

Back in the World beyond Worlds, after Chen Xuanzong vanished, the Female Emperor – Jie Mingkong took it over.

Later, Jie Mingkong left the World beyond Worlds, and Chen Xuanzong returned to the human world.

After the World beyond Worlds’ separation, the Jade Sky Peak entered the Pill Hall along with the Jade Capital Crag and the Ingenious Flying Peak.

These places became a part of the Sky beyond Skies’ Central Continent, situated within the Broad Creed mountain range.

Today, some disciples of the Cold Wave Locale still lived there.

Within the ice cave found in the Jade Sky Peak, Chen Xuanzong and his two disciples, all frozen, were buried inside.

No one knew when they could ever bask in the sunshine ever again.

Every time Yan Zhaoge thought back to the Jade Sky Peak’s Cold Wave Locale lineage, he felt a deep sense of sadness.

His grandfather, Yan Xintang, had a close relationship with Chen Xuanzong.

For the descendants of his deceased friend, Chen Xuanzong stood on their side without hesitation, assisting the Broad Creed lineage whenever he had to.

Unfortunately, during the confrontation against the Water Devil, he ended up in that state.

While hope still existed, no one knew when he would finally be released from the frozen shackles.

“Back then, the Astro Sovereign was only a step away from the Five Qis Unifications Realm.” The Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi sighed, “If Daoist Jie untangled the knot in her heart, she had a very high chance of passing the Pure Profound Tribulation.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded silently, “Senior Chen mentioned that without the devil’s interruption, he had hopes of challenging the Profound Origin Tribulation within a hundred years.”

Xu Fei, Gao Xuebo, and Wang Pu felt heavy sympathies deep within their hearts.

After cultivating to the Immortal Realm, between each and every increment in cultivation realms existed a colossal blockade, which plays a vital role in determining whether they could breakthrough or not.

Correspondingly, if they intended on going through the blockade, the amount of time, experience, and resources they required were huge.

In the past fifty years, three True Immortals and countless high-level Martial Saint experts were added in the Sky beyond Skies.

The number of Human Exalts was already nearing the total amount from back when they were in the World beyond Worlds, while the number of Martial Saint Ninth Level experts surpassed the total amount back when the Word beyond Worlds was at its peak.

Other than the few traditional majestic forces like the Broad Creed Mountain, the Golden Court Mountain, and the Wutong Slope, other Sky beyond Skies’ forces also benefited from recent developments.

This allowed countless experts to break through their bottleneck, rising in strength along with the entire Sky beyond Skies.

The more they looked into the future, the sturdier the Sky beyond Skies’ foundations seemed to be.

As time continued moving on, the number of experts would only increase, and their emergence rate would only become quicker and quicker.

The same situation was also happening within the Roving Jade Heavens.

The number of Martial Saints was increasing by a large margin, in particular the high-level Martial Saints.

Those of the Jade Spring Worlds had migrated into the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

Under the assistance of Daoism’s Grand Heavenly Realm experts, another brand new world was established and given the name Jade Spring Skies.

Currently, the Jade Spring Skies also had the same flourishing phenomena.

However, it was far different from back then, where they had to worry about their undoing.

Some Daoists of the Jade Spring Skies that established a close connection with Cao Jie also came to congratulate him just now.

However, no matter if it was the Roving Jade Heavens or the Jade Spring Skies, their situation was the same as the Sky beyond Skies.

Not many Immortal Realm experts were emerging.

These two lineages prioritized swords as their main cultivation technique, which meant the increased difficulty when breaking through.

As a result, only one True Immortal emerged from each of these worlds throughout the past few years.

There was originally a True Immortal in the Jade Spring Skies, known as Daoist Fen Yu.

He had been in the True Immortal Realm for a long time and had attained the Leakless state since long ago.

Back in the Jade Spring World, he needed one more step before being qualified to challenge the Pure Profound Realm.

Unfortunately, since he was trapped within the Jade Spring World, he lacked the opportunity required for his ascension.

Later, after the Jade Spring World was liberated, Daoist Fen Yu searched for some treasures within the void’s boundless outskirts and returned to the Awakened Sky Cosmos’ Jade Spring Skies.

He successfully challenged the Pure Profound Tribulation, and the Jade Spring Skies gained yet another Tranquil Profound Immortal.

Recently, the Roving Jade Heavens had the rumors of a Human Exalt in seclusion, who was preparing to challenge the Immortal Mortal Tribulation.

He was equipped with enormous confidence and shouldn’t be far away from succeeding.

Only, he was slightly slower than Cao Jie.

However, apart from them, no other additions happened among the Immortal Realm experts.

Within the Jade Spring Skies, Tong Xinlin, Guang Tongzi, and the others were still cultivating quietly.

In the Roving Jade Heavens, Long Xingquan and Daoist Cloud Conquest were in the Profound Immortal Peak Realm.

The two were both exceptional prodigies, held back by the difficulties of cultivating the sword.

While their sword nurturing in the past did take effect, they still lacked a little to reach the Five Qis Unifications Virtual Immortal Realm.

They couldn’t close this gap using martial arts lineage, treasures, or pill medicines.

Instead, it depended solely on their comprehension and opportunities.

Perhaps they might reach it very soon, or they might take a very long time.

As for the few True Immortals experts in the Roving Jade Heavens, Long Xue Ji, Gao Xuebo, the Tranquil Emperor, and the Liberal Emperor had yet to challenge the Pure Profound Tribulation and required more polishing.

In the Sky beyond Skies, the Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi had been comprehending the art of Severing Feeling’s Parasitism under Yan Zhaoge’s aid.

His previously blurred pathway gradually became clearer and clearer, giving him more hopes of ascending to a higher realm.

However, for his efforts to come to fruition, he still required some accumulation time.

The Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong, the Female Emperor – Jie Mingkong, and Chu Lili in the True Immortal Realm were buried beneath the Jade Sky Peak.

Meanwhile, the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei currently possessed the Four Qis Fused Aura and was in the Profound immortal Peak Realm.

However, he was still a distance away from the Five Qis Unifications Realm.

It was apparent how difficult it was to progress in the Immortal Realm.

This was a normal sight to behold.

Even if they have the potential and motivation to continue ascending higher and higher, the higher their cultivation realm, the more time and energy required.

The closer they were to the Dao Realm, the harder it became.

Even if it was an unparalleled prodigy, after pushing open the Immortal Door, they could either shorten the time required as much as possible or skip through some unnecessary steps.

It was impossible to ignore the existence of these hurdles.

Some aspects that required polishing would ultimately require time.

After passing through the Jade Sky Peak, they quickened their footsteps once again.

Fu Yunchi brought Meng Wan and their brethren back to the Ingenious Flying Peak’s Red Lotus Cliff, while Wang Pu led his back to the Jade Capital Crag.

Yan Zhaoge and the others returned to the mountain range center, where the Broad Creed Mountain’s peak was situated.

Upon returning to the mountain, a group of Broad Creed cultivators passed by them.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge and Xu Fei, they quickly greeted the two.

“Sect Master, senior apprentice-brother Yan.” The man in lead resembled a thirty-year-old.

His demeanor was calm, and he had a smile on his face.

“How have you been, junior apprentice-brother Lan I haven’t heard from you for a while,” said Yan Zhaoge with a smile.

This person was no stranger to Yan Zhaoge.

He was Lan Wenyan, someone who Yan Zhaoge knew back in the Eight Extremities Worlds.

“Glad that I’m living rent-free in your mind,” replied Lan Wenyan with a smile.

“The upcoming sect tournament requires a schedule.

While adhering to the past events, we shall make some adjustments and focus more on actual combat,” said Xu Fei after returning the formality.

Lan Wenyan nodded, “Your wish is my command.”


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