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Chapter 1550 : Reversal

Gao Xuebo came to the Broad Creed Mountain along with Yan Zhaoge and Xu Feis group.

While listening to Xu Feis words from the side, he nodded in secret.

The current Broad Creed Mountain was the leading figure of the Sky beyond Skies.

The Jade Sky Peaks Cold Wave Locale was a special case and could be factored away.

That aside, other than the Sword Sovereigns Jade Capital Crag, the other forces couldnt even hope to compare themselves with the Broad Creed Mountain.

While the Broad Creed Mountain wasnt capitalizing on the Sky beyond Skies, they werent far away from that stage.

Under such a situation, the Sky beyond Skies could never hope to pressurize the Broad Creed Mountain.

To the Broad Creed disciples of a lower cultivation realm, it was far too early for them to interact with the outside world.

While the growing environment of the Broad Creed Mountains young disciples were well-accommodated, their treatments were far too lenient.

Therefore, it became necessary to emphasize battle.

The sects tourney shouldnt be neglected.

Whenever its structure requires reformation, the Assignment Hall, the Martial Inheritance Hall, and the Disciplinary Hall were required to hold a discussion together.

However, the Assignment Hall would usually create an outline first for the preliminary drafting of related matters.

Gao Xuebo looked at Lan Wenyan with slight interest.

After all, Lan Wenyan was considered as a not-so-minor legendary figure both inside and outside of the Broad Creed Mountain.

Lan Wenyan could perhaps be regarded as a talented prodigy outside the Broad Creed Mountain in terms of talents and identity.

However, within the Broad Creed Mountain, nothing about him was outstanding.

However, he was diligent and willing to put in all his effort.

Step by step, he slowly went from a white-robed ordinary disciple to the blue-robed elite disciple and even became one of the Broad Creeds core successors, granting him the right to wear blue robes with black laces.

For the past few decades, he inherited the position of the Chief Elder in the Eight Extremities Worlds Broad Creed Mountain, the first-seat elder of the Eight Extremities Worlds Heaven Domains North Heaven Region of the Heaven Domain, the first-seat elder of the Vast Ocean World, the presiding elder of the Broad Creed Mountains ancestral hall within the Eight Extremities Worlds, and even the first-seat elder of the Sky beyond Skies Broad Creed Mountain.

Finally, a few years ago, he inherited the position of the first-seat in the Broad Creed Mountains Assignment Hall.

Something noteworthy was that compared to the Martial Inheritance Halls first-seat – Sikong Qing and the Disciplinary Halls first-seat – Xia Guang, Lan Wenyans cultivation was far inferior compared to them.

Of course, there were other peers with higher cultivation than him.

However, ultimately, Lan Wenyan still ended up as the first-seat in the most important hall of the Broad Creed Mountain – the Assignment Hall, displaying what seemed like a unique reverse of the situation.

However, no internal complaints were issued in the Broad Creed Mountain.

While some were surprised, they only felt it natural upon giving it a more detailed thought.

After all, many affairs of the Assignment Hall could amount to diminutive or significant problems.

Some might be problems smaller than a speck of dust, while some might be larger than a colossal construction.

Most of the time, the issues they were thrown with were related to secular governmental affairs and didnt require high cultivation to manage them.

While the recognition and support obtained from the higher-ups of the sect could preserve his reputation, it emphasized testing his capabilities of dealing with unexpected situations.

Looking at Lan Wenyan with his calm demeanor, Yan Zhaoge couldnt hold back from reminiscing.

At that time, Lan Wenyan was still a youth who joined the sect not long ago.

At that time, while he was still a regular white-shirt disciple, he quarreled against Ye Jing for Yan Zhaoges sake, resulting in a beating entailing unto him.

Not only did Lan Wenyan dare to stand up for others in the name of justice, but he was also equipped with youthful vigorousness in accordance with his age.

As he got older, his temperament became more stable, and he got more used to handling other affairs.

However, the sense of justice was still deeply embedded in his bones.

No matter what matter he attended to, he included both rigid yet gentle methods, not losing his grounds of arguments while retaining his stable temperament.

His talent wasnt outstanding in the Broad Creed Mountain, and Ye Jing gravely wounded him back then.

However, after recovering from his injuries, he became even more hardworking and started working a lot more diligently.

While his cultivation speed wasnt considered top-notch, it more or less affected his timing of ascension.

However, each and every step he took was extremely sturdy.

As he continued improving, he regained the attention of Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, and Xu Fei.

He received ample praise and affirmation from them, concluding the myth of someone unafraid of his mundaneness dragging him down.

The replacement of position by an Eight Extremities Worlds presiding elder – Lan Wenyan, had exceeded everyones expectations.

However, as others got more and more familiar with him, he gained even more recognition even among the internal section of the Broad Creed Mountain.

Ever since he gained authority over the Assignment Hall, he dealt with everything diligently and tidily, becoming an arm of relief for the sect master – Xu Fei.

As a result, no one in the Broad Creed Mountain was dissatisfied with him.

Thinking back to the past, even Yan Zhaoge felt a surge of emotion within his heart.

While he had been outside most of the time and rarely bothered himself with the sects internal affairs, the pact of gentlemen between the two still prevailed.

Every time Lan Wenyan broke through to a higher cultivation realm, a higher level of artifact would await him.

At first, Yan Zhaoge merely used this as a way of thanking Lan Wenyan, who stood up for Yan Zhaoges sake, risking his own life in the process.

Later, it turned into a sort of motivational reward.

A reward for someone who had gone through a disaster yet remained relentless, never succumbing to any failures faced.

“Oh, right.

Junior apprentice-nephew Shi just came out of seclusion,” said Lan Wenyan after the discussion regarding the sects tournament was over.

Yan Zhaoge also looked at Xu Fei and smiled, “Seems like he gained quite a lot from that.”

“All thanks to your work in the past,” said Xu Fei as he looked at Yan Zhaoge with gratitude.

There was Shi Jun, another Immortal Bridge Realm expert in the Broad Creed Mountain.

Currently, he stood as number one among Broad Creed Mountains fourth-generation disciple.

After going through the devilish retribution, he hurt his right eye, right hand, and leg, which was equivalent to becoming a cripple with no hopes left of advancing any further in the path of martial arts.

However, with Yan Zhaoge and the others doing all they could to save him and using all kinds of treasures to repair Shi Juns crippled body, he managed to undergo drastic changes, giving him the chance to continue his path ahead.

Shi Jun, paired initially, was equipped with exceptional talent, to begin with.

He should have ascended to the Martial Saint Eight Level if he succeeded in his most recent seclusion.

As the strongest disciple among the Broad Creed Mountains fourth-generation disciples and the direct disciple of its sect leader – Xu Fei, Shi Juns name was well-renowned throughout the world.

Even Gao Xuebo started paying attention to this youths future.

Each prodigy had its distinct features.

Some were extremely quick in increasing cultivation speed, while some were excelled in actual combat.

When putting two individuals of the former category side-by-side, the disparity would tend to prevail.

It only depended on whos faster and slower.

Shi Juns speed of cultivation was plenty fast, and even his performance in actual combat stood out from his peers, drawing all sorts of attention upon him as he developed further and further.

As they continued chatting for a while longer, Lan Wenyan bid farewell first, while Yan Zhaoge and the others continued ascending the mountain.

As the sect leader, Xu Fei had other matters to tend to upon returning.

Yan Zhaoge prepared to conduct the ritual once again.

After arriving at his residence, he saw Ah Hu guarding the formation, “Young Master, youve returned.”

An ancient sword glistening with dark-red luster hovered in mid-air, its appearance seeming ethereal and unfathomable within the formation.

A talisman was pasted on the sword hilt.

It was written by Yan Zhaoge, which had been pasted for a total of forty-nine days.

The projection of four doors floated insubstantially atop the ancient sword, with each door erected in four different directions.

On one of the doors, a sword seemed to be hanging by it.

The sword was glistening with dark-red luster, corresponding to the Immortal Trapping Sword beneath.

Yan Zhaoge took the Cyclic Heavenly Seal fragment passed down from the Broad Creed Mountain and inserted it into the formation.

The Immortal Trapping Sword beneath trembled softly, and the Cyclic Heavenly Seal trembled as well.

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