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Chapter 1556: No Longer Brethrens


During the Ancient Investitures of the Gods era, the Prime Clear’s Lord of Numinous Treasure educated countless individuals without regard to their race or faction, causing tens of thousands of Immortals to visit him for his teachings.

Other than the Prime Clear lineage’s bigwig experts like the Lord of Plentiful Treasure, the Golden Spirit Mother, the Incongruence Divine Mother, there were even seven other Immortals who always remained by his side, listening to his teachings and heeding the Lord of Numinous Treasures as their master.

They were all figures strong enough to dominate an entire expanse.

The Drake-Headed Immortal and the Spiritual Tusk Immortal, originating from the ancient mutated green-furred lion and the six-tusks white elephant, were among them.

Only, ever since the Investitures of the Gods war that transpired during the Ancient era, the Prime Clear lineage was destroyed under multiple forces’ siege, causing a large batch of their disciples to perish.

While the Drake-Headed Immortal and the Spiritual Tusk Immortal weren’t included among the Investiture Gods rankings, they were captured by the Jade Clear’s Manjushri Broad Laws Heavenly Lord, and the Samantabhadra Cultivated Deity.

They were forced back into their original forms and were subjected to become mounts.

Later, the Manjushri Broad Laws Heavenly Lord and the Samantabhadra Cultivated Deity entered Buddhism, becoming the Manjushri Bodhisattva and the Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

Buddhism had their ways of bestowing titles like Daoism.

For example, Grand Heavenly Immortals were the equivalent of Buddhas, while Grand Virtual immortals were the equivalent of Bodhisattvas.

No matter if it was Manjushri Bodhisattva or Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, they were both Grand Heavenly Realms who had attained enlightenment of the great dao.

The Drake-Headed Immortal and the Spiritual Tusk Immortal had also followed after them, joining Buddhism as their respective mounts.

Later on, everyone in the world referred to them as the Green Lion and the White Elephant.

No matter if they were Great Demons or Daoism’s Prime Clear successors, they were indomitable existences whose prowess allowed them to stand pridefully against the world.

After the era of Investituring Gods, what welcomed them was a torturing era of humiliation.

Unfortunately, no one could free them from their shackles.

The Three Clear Grand Masters had already transcended.

While the Elder Lord was still alive, he never bothered checking the two.

The Drake-Headed Immortal and the Spiritual Tusk Immortal were only able to escape after the Middle era ended.

At that time, the Maitreya Buddha changed the dogma for the central Blessed Lands of Saha, inciting a heated dispute between Buddhism’s different doctrines.

As a result, a large batch of Buddhist Bhantes left the central Blessed Lands of Saha and joined the Western Pure Lands.

During that Buddhism turmoil, the Drake-Headed Immortal and the Spiritual Tusk Immortal managed to regain their freedom.

After escaping, they relinquished their identity as Daoism’s Prime Clear successor and instead joined the Astro Mountain Starry Seas’ Demonic worlds, becoming Great Sages of the Demon Race.

Prior to this, due to the clash between the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, the Western Pure Lands, and the Demon Race came out of seclusion, joining the fray.

The Spiritual Tusk immortal and the Drake-Headed Immortal had appeared, turning up to fight against the western orthodox Buddhism’s experts.

Yan Zhaoge didn’t know if the Incongruence Divine Mother had attempted to interact with them or not.

However, even if she did, things must’ve ended in displeasure from the looks of it now.

Moreover, when the Great Calamity occurred, who knows if these two Great Sages had vented their anger on Daoism when it was facing its perils.

Previously, Yan Zhaoge expected them not to affiliate themselves with any side as Daoism and other forces were fighting against each other.

However, it seemed like the situation was much worse than he imagined.

Yan Zhaoge stood on the ape’s shoulder harnessed by the North Ocean Clone and looked at the Drake-Headed Immortal and the Spiritual Tusk immortal, “Then, I won’t mention anything of the past, and how the Three Clear Grand Masters acted.

It’s your freedom to have those opinions, after all.

But, if that’s your stance, then I won’t treat you as my brethren any longer.”

“Forgive me for not giving you the Immortal Trapping Sword and the Immortal Extermination Sword, which we’ll be taking later.” Yan Zhaoge calmly said, “Then, let us rely on our skills and not hold any resentment later on.”

As he spoke, the two Golden Bodies of the Great Sage harnessed by Xu Fei, and Pan-Pan shot toward the skies.

“Just as I intended!” The Drake-Headed Immortal yelled.

A saber appeared in his hand, which he immediately slashed downward.

Its saber lights were glistening with eerily green radiances, permeating with the presence of obliteration and viciousness, faintly resembling the Immortal Extermination Sword’s sword intent.

As a sword user during the Ancient era, the Drake-Headed Immortal abandoned it due to his frustration toward Daoism and instead switched it with a saber.

He turned his sword arts into saber arts and established a brand-new pathway for himself.

As the saber lights billowed, it was as if they were about to engulf the two monkeys who were jumping toward the skies.

Gold radiances flickered within the two monkeys’ hands, converging together to form two solid cudgels.

One went ahead to obstruct the Drake-Headed Immortal’s saber, while the other took a turn in mid-air, striking toward the green lion’s head!

“Laughable antics!” The Spiritual Tusk Immortal flung his long nose and snorted, “While others might be afraid of you, we aren’t.”

A long spear appeared, with thin lines of white gases circulating by its tip.

Then, with the momentum capable of obliterating everything surrounding it, it stabbed toward a monkey’s head.

The Spiritual Tusk Immortal used the profundities he acquired through the Prime Clear Immortal Ending Sword and transformed it into a brand-new spear art.

While its transformations weren’t as graceful as the Immortal Ending Sword, it was much more swifty and ruthless!

The giant ape harnessed by Pan-Pan remained unfazed.

Instead, he lifted the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel in his hand and deflected the spear away.

As the spear’s momentum slowed down a little, the giant ape somersaulted, evading the spear that could pierce even creation itself.

With the Spiritual Tusk Immortal’s assistance, the Drake-Headed Immortal had a much easier time as he fought one-on-one against another Golden Body of the Great Sage.

As strong as the Golden Body of the Great Sage may be, it was still in the Grand Virtual Realm.

Therefore, it would inevitably face some drawbacks when dealing with an experienced Grand Heavenly Realm expert.

After all, without the bonafide Ru Yi Golden Cudgel, it would barely possess any threat toward Demon Race Great Sages.

On the other side, the Sword Master of the Six Paths – Qu Su remained expressionless as samsara was unleashed from his sword.

Gao Qingxuan wielded the Immortal Trapping Sword and went up against Qu Su.

Contrary to her using the Immortal Slaughtering Sword in the Jade Spring World, the current Gao Qingxuan had a much easier time shifting through space using the Immortal Trapping Sword.

Using her ubiquitousness comparable to that of a Grand Heavenly Realm, she contended against the Buddha.

While Qu Su’s most compatible partner – the Sword Potante Buddha wasn’t present, there were still two other Great Demons.

Their demonic qis blotted the skies and even managed to deluge the devilish domain.

In such an environment, Qu Su’s sword art transformations ushered the demonic qi surrounding Gao Qingxuan, slowly transforming into the six samsara’s Animal Realm.

Each of Qu Su’s attacks got faster and faster, hindering Gao Qingxuan from shifting in space, with the desire to plunge her into the Animal Realm!

As Gao Qingxuan’s ethereal sword-lights surged, even Qu Su couldn’t locate the fleeting dark-red radiances precisely.

This was different from the Golden Body of the Great Sage, who had difficulties harming an actual Demon Race Great Sage.

Here, if Qu Su weren’t careful, Gao Qingxuan’s Immortal Trapping Sword wouldn’t show any mercy.

Only, Qu Su turned a blind eye to this and didn’t intend to deplete Gao Qingxuan’s Immortal Essence.

Instead, he continued pushing forward, showing the determination to slay his enemy no matter how much the Immortal Trapping Sword wounded him.

Gao Qingxuan was merely the start.

Yan Zhaoge and the Golden Body of the Great Sage beside him were Qu Su’s final target.

Only, Qu Su remained in his calm state of mind and attacked immaculately.

However, the antagonists who killed his master were right in front of him.

Albeit being calm, the killing intent stored within his heart reached its unprecedented peak!

Yan Zhaoge remained calm as well.

After confirming that no other enemies were nearby, he jumped into the preauricular pit of the North Ocean Clone’s giant ape transformation.

The giant ape howled toward the skies and grabbed the bonafide Ru Yi Golden Cudgel, hitting his three foes ruthlessly.

“Come! We’ve been waiting for you!” While the Drake-Headed Immortal and the Spiritual Tusk Immortal’s weapons were deflected away, they still howled in unison.

One widened his huge mouth.

The other flung his trunk.


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