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Chapter 1561: Assassination

Being unable to break out of this besiegement was hazardous for Yan Zhaoge and the others.

After all, the Golden Bodies of the Great Sage couldn’t fight in a battle of endurance.

Even without harnessing the Great Sage Equalling Heavens’ true form, waving the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel alone depleted an incredible amount of stamina.

If the battle were dragged long enough, even without the Yellow Wind Demon unleashing his Samadhi Celestial Winds, Yan Zhaoge, and the others wouldn’t have sufficient energy to harness the Great Sage Equalling Heavens’ true form.

As for their opponents, none of them were nameless joes.

Whether it was the Spiritual Tusk Immortal, the Drake-Headed Immortal, or the Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha, they were all veterans of the Grand Heavenly Realm.

They each possessed their very own ultimate abilities.

The Six Paths Prodigy – Qu Su was a heretical top-notch Buddhism expert who surpassed even the Sword Potante Buddha.

Even when standing side-by-side with orthodox Grand Heavenly Realm experts like the Drake-Headed Immortal and the others, his grace never faltered.

With the four-against-three situation happening now, other than having to avoid the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel’s wild swings, they weren’t at a disadvantage at all.

Yin Jiao was someone born during the Ancient era.

After remaining stagnant in the Virtual Immortal Realm, he joined the Immortal Court and successfully challenged the Origin Heavenly Tribulation.

While his talent wasn’t as great as Qu Su, he had his ways of fighting.

Without joining the fray directly, he carefully stood by the outer areas and shook his Soul Evoking Bell.

The Soul Evoking Bell was originally the Broad Accomplishment Master’s treasure, which fell into his possession.

As the bell resonated, other’s souls would be evoked away from their mortal shells, resulting in them losing their lives without knowing.

It was an extremely dominating weapon.

The Golden Bodies of the Great Sage triumphed over other Grand Virtual Realms and allowed them to challenge Grand Heavenly Realm experts.

Only, the strength didn’t belong to them entirely and was the result of combining with the Golden Body of the Great Sage.

As the Soul Evoking Bell resonated, it wavered their combination, making the North Ocean Clone, Xu Fei, and Pan-Pan feel incredibly uncomfortable.

They had to stabilize their mind, as well as their harness.

With this, even with the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel in hand, Yan Zhaoge and the others’ situation were getting more and more terrible.

The situation became worse under the onslaught of Drake-Headed Immortal, the Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha, and the others.

Even so, the pressure all of them imposed wasn’t as great as what the Yellow Wind Demon brought about.

This demon’s cultivation and strength weren’t as intense as the Spiritual Tusk Immortal or the Drake-Headed Immortal.

However, his Samadhi Celestial Winds were far too profound and domineering.

It was even comparable to the Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch’s gold radiances and yellow mists.

Being in the Demon Race’s Small Saint Realm, when the Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch unleashed his innate abilities, gold radiances surged, and yellow mists blotted the skies.

Not to mention foes of the Grand Virtual Realm, even those who ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm had no ways of dealing with him.

The Yellow Wind Demon was a Great Sage and was much stronger than the Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch.

Especially his Samadhi Celestial Winds.

It specifically countered Yan Zhaoge’s usage of the One Prana Three Clears to amalgamate the three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage.

It was no wonder why the Drake-Headed Immortal and the others dared to return even after suffering so much previously.

“Hah!” The Spiritual Tusk Immortal flung his trunk once again, coiling it around the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

While wielding the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel, the demonic monkey harnessed by Yan Zhaoge’s North Ocean Clone was sucked in deeply.

Then, the towering monkey’s humongous demonic form, as well as his mountainous Divine Suppression Iron, shrank together.

As the Spiritual Tusk Immortal’s long trunk missed its target, the shrunken demonic monkey lifted the iron cudgel and jabbed it into the giant elephant’s nostril.

The six-tusked white elephant hurriedly retracted his trunk.

However, as the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel deterred the Spiritual Tusk Immortal, the Drake-Headed Immortal and Qu Su came barraging their attacks toward Pan-Pan’s demonic monkey harness.

Xu Fei intended to step up to assist him, but fiery rains suddenly started falling atop his head.

The Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha finally opened up the treasured dhvaja in his hand, hurling it toward mid-air.

Then, countless crimson-red embers descended from the expanded dhvaja.

The crimson-red embers seemed so illusory, with no heat being emitted from them.

They seemed to ignore all existences, heading straight toward others’ souls.

Those embers were Buddhism’s Red Lotus Purification Inferno, an entity of extreme mightiness.

The demonic monkey harnessed by Xu Fei shook, seemingly transforming into an illusory clump as well.

Then, the demonic monkey leaped, returning into his sentient form.

By interchanging between the state of virtualness and sentients, he jumped out of the dhvaja’s coverage area.

He entered the other side of the battlefield, aiding Pan-Pan in escaping the unfavorable situation.

After missing his attack, the Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha did not panic and continued his attack with another follow-up.

After all, the longer the battle drags on, the more beneficial it is for them.

After the three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage get worn out, that would be the time for them to strike.

Compared to the current Yan Zhaoge, the Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha and the others were warier of Gao Qingxuan who might return at any moment, or even the Incongruence Divine Mother after she acquired the Immortal Extermination Sword.

The Yellow Wind Demon had been standing by the outer areas.

Other than using the Samadhi Celestial Winds to provide aid from the sidelines, he had been standing on guard, preventing others from suddenly rescuing Yan Zhaoge’s group.

Although there were other Demon Race and Western Pure Lands experts in the surrounding area, the Yellow Wind Demon had never let out his guard.

“Hmm” As the two sides were fighting against each other, the Yellow Wind Demon’s eyes twitched slightly.

Then, a dark-red sword-light suddenly appeared within the void.

Gao Qingxuan had returned, rushing to the battlefield while maneuvering the Immortal Trapping Sword.

She did not come along with the Incongruence Divine Mother.

Instead, after passing the Broad Accomplishment Master’s broken arm to her, Gao Qingxuan instantly turned back to meet up with Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Fortunately, she did not come too late.

After appearing, Gao Qingxuan first targeted the weakest enemy present – the Immortal Court’s Stationary Year Tai Sui Heavenly Lord, Yin Jiao.

The dark-red sword-light flickered, slashing toward the Soul Evoking Bell in Yin Jiao’s hand.

With the Yellow Wind Demon’s warning, Yin Jiao spun around, avoiding Gao Qingxuan’s sword-light.

With the Immortal Trapping Sword in her hand, each of Gao Qingxuan’s attacks was faster than the previous ones, with each slash getting more and more vicious.

Yin Jiao dared not underestimate her.

While using his Squared Sky Halberd [1] to deflect Gao Qingxuan’s attacks, he shook the Soul Evoking Bell in Gao Qingxuan’s direction.

The treasure was an extremely distinct weapon.

Even as a Virtual Immortal, Gao Qingxuan felt as if her senses were numbed, and her mind became unclear.

Just like how someone would be suppressed by the sonorous voice of the great dao before ascending to the Profound Immortal Realm.

However, the Immortal Trapping Sword was filled with marvelousness.

As the sword-lights flashed, it shrouded Gao Qingxuan within, preventing her soul from being sucked away from her body.

Only, with this, Gao Qingxuan’s attack had missed.

Yin Jiao instantly stood his ground and lifted his Squared Sky Halberd, going from defense to offense.

At that moment, Yin Jiao’s heart pulsated at an alarming rate, and a chill filled his entire body!

A pressing sense of fear numbed his entire body, causing frigidness to gush from his toes to his head.

Within the jet-black cosmic void, a presence-less and unformed saber-light blended in with the darkness and appeared behind Yin Jiao without any warnings!

Wherever the saber-light passed through, creation ceased to exist.

All laws crumbled, space became convoluted; all lives met their ends, and all objects were fated to disintegration.

As if everything were suddenly put to an end and welcomed their dooming fate.

It came so suddenly, yet everything seemed so natural as if such was the natural course of things.

The Yellow Wind Demon felt that something was not right and instantly spewed his Samadhi Celestial Winds, intending to obstruct the saber-light.

However, as the saber-light passed through, even the Samadhi Celestial Winds of extreme domineeringness and profundities were slashed apart.

As if doomsday had descended, and all things had withered away!


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