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HSSB155: Testing Yan Zhaoge’s mettle


In terms of their overall benefit, the restoration of the Giant Spirit Magnetite had been extremely rewarding for Infinite Boundless Mountain.

But because they had completely fallen out with the Heavenly Thunder Hall, losing their previous beneficial stance of being able to advance or retreat as they liked, having to enter battle personally and unarmoured, to Infinite Boundless Mountain, they had undoubtedly been harmed in terms of their initiative in the overall situation.

What was even more frustrating was that they didn’t have any other choice.

Although those of Infinite Boundless Mountain had made a very rational decision and joined the side of Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City in standing against the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, in the eyes of Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge who had spurred this on had performed a huge merit, while Infinite Boundless Mountain had rather complicated views on this.

While they held no proof whatsoever, some of Infinite Boundless Mountain deeply believed that Yan Zhaoge had premeditatedly dug a hole for them that they just had to jump into.

Therefore, ever since half a year ago, some rumours regarding Yan Zhaoge had spread from the Mountain Domain, praising him as being rare within the heavens, hard to seek on the earth.

Let alone the current younger generation and Yan Zhaoge’s peers, looking at that momentum of his, it seemed like even his father Yan Di had not suppressed those of his generation so greatly that year.

In attending the Heavenly Connection Meet this time, Yan Zhaoge had long been mentally prepared for this, knowing that many people would be attempting to test his mettle.

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Liu Shengfeng would be the number one candidate for this.

It must have been difficult for Infinite Boundless Mountain to have suppressed this ferocious beast to not come looking for him during his stay at Cloud Portent Mountain.

What was noteworthy for Yan Zhaoge was that with his fame increasingly growing over this past year, the younger generation experts of the Eight Extremities World had gradually begun overlooking his age as well as cultivation base.

Because Yan Zhaoge’s actual achievements in battle were just too glorious.

Easily killing Xiao Shen at the same cultivation level, defeating Chao Yuanlong at the same cultivation level, and defeating the Xiantian stage Ji Hanru whilst in the late outer aura Martial Scholar realm.

The results of his battles with Lin Zhou and Yan Shan had also begun to spread.

In terms of age as well as time spent cultivating, many of these opponents still surpassed Yan Zhaoge by not just a little.

And all of those aforementioned were elites of the Eight Extremities World’s younger generation amongst those of the same age, geniuses recognised by the entire world.

Randomly picking out one of them, even if they were to compete with most other martial practitioners of the six great Sacred Grounds of the same cultivation level, they would possibly also be able to suppress their opponents, perhaps even surpass levels and defeat the strong as the weak.

But these geniuses, had all met defeat at Yan Zhaoge’s hands!

Of the Eight Extremities World’s current younger generation, these splendid battle achievements of Yan Zhaoge’s were all numbered amongst the top few.

Because of Ji Hanru and Xiao Yu, Liu Shengfeng had not been able to successfully make a move earlier, but Yan Zhaoge had never thought that attending the Heavenly Connection Meet, his first opponent come to test his mettle would be someone of Turbid Wave Pavilion.

After all, faced with the current strong gales and raging waves of the Eight Extremities World’s general situation, Turbid Wave Pavilion still stood very stably as a neutral party.

His hands behind his back, Yan Zhaoge surveyed his surroundings, feeling carefully.

He was now no longer comprehending the principles of the heavens and the earth, rather feeling for the circulation as well as spiritual qi flow of this formation.

“En, from the looks of it, they only want to deflate my momentum as well as spirit, more being a sort of test for me,” After carefully pondering for a moment, the corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth lifted slightly upwards.

The formation before him was naturally nothing more than some simple bewildering mist.

If this formation set down by the Elders of Turbid Wave Pavilion really faced an enemy invasion, it would display a strong power to repel the incoming enemy.

This formation actually only had a slight change to it, not possessing any offensive power whatsoever.

Trapped within, Yan Zhaoge would at most only lose his way, being unable to walk out of the Clear Concealed Lake, as well as return to Clear Concealed Island at its centre.

Of course, it was precisely because this change in the formation was so slight that a Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar like Ah Hu had not been able to quickly detect it.

Also, if the change in the formation had been too great, it would have immediately alerted all the Martial Grandmaster experts of Turbid Wave Pavilion here, as well as Fang Zhun and the others.

“A formation set up based on the geography here, with its base still this Clear Concealed Lake’s lawless dao of the changes in clouds and water…”

Yan Zhaoge smiled nonchalantly, striding out once more, just that as he progressed this time, the rhythm of his steps had become extremely strange, with him sometimes even walking backwards.

As he walked, the aura-qi around Yan Zhaoge’s entire body surged, treading till the lake water beneath his feet rippled unceasingly.

Accompanied by his breathing, the surrounding cloud qi congregated around him unceasingly, with the feeling arising of winds rising and clouds surging.

With Yan Zhaoge at its centre, a hurricane arose on the surface of the lake, moving alongside Yan Zhaoge, causing chaos in the lake water as well as the surrounding clouds wherever he went.

The hurricane’s momentum expanded ceaselessly, beginning to spread outwards to the surroundings.

Following closely by Yan Zhaoge’s side, Ah Hu opened his mouth wide, and after watching for a moment, began grinning widely as he chuckled, “Wanting to compete with my Young Master”

On Clear Concealed Island, within the hall of a bamboo house was a massive mirror the height of a person.

The wavelike surface of the mirror depicted the scene of the lake’s surface.

Ruan Ping was currently standing before the mirror, watching the scene displayed on it expressionlessly.

He was graceful as usual with an extraordinary bearing about him, just that he was no longer as mild as he had seemed before as a piercing sharpness could be seen within his gaze.

It was now that he finally revealed some of the pride and ambition of a young person.

Looking at the Yan Zhaoge within the mirror, pondering slightly for a time, Ruan Ping extended his hands, wanting to touch the mirror.

But just before he touched it, his hands suddenly paused.

Then, someone pushed the door and entered.

They were two girls, both in the green garb of Turbid Wave Pavilion’s direct disciples like him.

The two girls both wore bamboo hats with veils draping down that concealed their features.

The taller girl at the front took off her bamboo hat, revealing warm, hearty features.

While her looks were only somewhat better than average, they had a style of their own.

Seeing her, Ruan Ping retracted his hand, dipping his head slightly, “Senior apprentice-sister Xie.”

Coming before the mirror, glancing at the scenes within, the female disciple of Turbid Wave Pavilion surnamed Xie instantly knit her brows, “Junior apprentice-brother Ruan, where is the need for this”

“These past days, I’ve heard his name till even my ears are beginning to fill with calluses,” Ruan Ping smiled, “So I just want to test him a little, to see if under that famed name the warrior exists true.”

“In the rumours, he is extremely all-rounded.

Thus, I want to test out his attainment in formations.”

“This is actually very good; not having to really fight, we can also exchange blows.”

“I also don’t intend to make things difficult for him; if he really is trapped within the formation, after a period of time, I will personally enter to escort him back to Clear Concealed Island.”

That senior apprentice-sister Xie gazed deeply at Ruan Ping for a moment, “Our clan’s Elders have already unanimously agreed not to interfere in the fight between Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, so why do you just have to make things difficult for Junior Brother Yan so”

“It shouldn’t be because of Meng Wan, right”

Ruan Ping smiled, “I agree that I am unable to forget the Sacred Sun Clan’s Junior Sister Meng, but even more so, I will also not forget that I am a disciple of Turbid Wave Pavilion.

Even if I still have the intention of chasing her, I would also hope to receive her over here, rather than me actually going over there myself.”

“It is more like you protecting Yan Zhaoge like this, senior apprentice-sister Xie; it shouldn’t be because of that Senior Brother Xu of Broad Creed Mountain, right”

That female disciple surnamed Xie replied mildly, “I will strictly abide by the decisions of our clan’s Elders, clearly separating and distinguishing such from my own private matters.

Furthermore, Senior Brother Xu is extremely confident in Junior Brother Yan, and does not need me to take care of him.”

She looked at Ruan Ping, “In telling you, I am reminding you that there is still time for you to stop now.

Otherwise, the one who loses out will only be you.”


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