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Chapter 1562: Devilish Saber, Unsheathed

An inklish jet-black blade.

Palms spotlessly white as jade.

They peeked out of the shadow one after another, followed by the figure of a woman in white.

The previous silence was instantly interrupted, followed by an abrupt commotion as the saber lights roused!

The seemingly formless saber-lights slashed through the Samadhi Celestial Winds, finally revealing its authenticity.

The merciless decisiveness, as well as its intent of barbaric eradication exploded as if doomsday had descended upon this world.

Black radiances flickered within Feng Yunsheng’s eyes.

Two flowers converged atop her head, manifesting an eerie abyss of chaos, which then fused with her entirely.

The overbearing Encompassing Abyssal Absolute Annihilation slashed apart Yin Jiao’s Squared Sky Halberd!

The saber-light continued forward, slashing toward Yin Jiao.

“Ultimately, she’s a Grand Virtual Immortal.

Her Immortal Essence won’t even scathe my Immortal Splendour… But, wait, something’s not right!” Without having the time to evade, Yin Jiao originally planned on using his Grand Heavenly Immortal physique to withstand Feng Yunsheng’s attack.

Through Feng Yunsheng’s previous confrontation against the Victorious Fighting Buddha, the Immortal Court was made aware of the weakness found in her Doomsday Heavenly Devil’s authority.

Despite being ruthlessly brutal, it wasn’t as strong as the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, where a Virtual Immortal could slay a Heavenly Immortal.

Seeing only two flowers atop Feng Yunsheng’s head, Yin Jiao remained fearless.

However, after perceiving the saber-light in detail, Yin Jiao’s expression changed immediately.

He hurriedly shook the Soul Evoking Bell.

Under the dark saber-light’s basking, the formless resonance of the bell seemed to have solidified.

Being shone by the saber-light, the Soul Evoking Bell’s resonance instantly disintegrated while the horrifying saber-light continued descending.

In the end, Yin Jiao’s alertness allowed him to evade in time.

However, his arm wielding the Soul Evoking Bell was slashed apart by Feng Yunsheng!

One of his heads was also chopped away, along with two arms.

Yin Jiao let out an anguished scream and instantly retreated backward.

The Yellow Wind Demon, the Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha, the Drake-Headed Immortal, and others were shocked.

Within the dark void, within the abyssal chaos filled with uneasiness, Feng Yunsheng’s figure ebbed and flowed, interchanging between the state of illusoriness and reality.

She seemed to have become the manifestation of creation’s end, as well as its ruler.

Just like the chaos, it was indescribable.

Yet, at the same time, it made them filled with the queer feeling of despair, which numbed their senses thoroughly.

Yin Jiao’s head and arms that were slashed apart instantly disappeared without a trace, as if they had never existed in this world.

Moreover, Yin Jiao’s wounds seemed to be embedded eternally, with no hopes of recovery in the distant future.

“The Doomsday Heavenly Devil authority she inherited shouldn’t have been the completed one…” The Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha’s expression turned stern, “She strode forward herself, and got closer to the Doomsday Heavenly Devil!”

Qu Su thought back to someone he came across in the past.

At that time, he still wasn’t a Grand Heavenly Immortal, while that person was only in the Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm as well.

One of the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries of the World beyond Worlds, the Exalted Rahu Luminary – Jian Shunhua!

Among the Kunlun Nine Luminaries, she excelled the most in ambushing and assassination.

With no warnings or foreshadowings, an explosive attack would instantly reap the target’s life away, while she would immediately flee upon succeeding.

Feng Yunsheng’s previous attack fully replicated Jian Shunhua’s experienced culmination.

Even if Jian Shunhua herself were in the same realm as Feng Yunsheng, she wouldn’t be capable of unleashing such a merciless attack.

With no killing intent targeting them, the Yellow Wind Demon and the other Grand Heavenly Realm experts were only aware of her silent approach after she truly decided to make a move.

Yan Zhaoge stared at Feng Yunsheng, letting out a sigh in his heart, “Yunsheng, this is your true bearing.”

After cultivating the Encompassing Abyssal Absolute Annihilation’s Doomsday Saber, while Feng Yunsheng’s strength underwent a considerable increment, she had been suppressing her strength to prevent further corrosion from the devilish intent within her mind.

This deeply contradicted her habits and martial arts intent.

Using a knife as an example, while its material kept getting better and better, it became blunter.

It was just like how after Feng Yunsheng entered the Broad Creed Mountain.

Her living environment got better and better, and she didn’t have to experience all sorts of hardships while wandering outside.

However, while her cultivation was increasing, while Feng Yunsheng felt her growth in strength, she also felt her growing weakness.

As such, she gritted her teeth and left the Broad Creed Mountain, all the while suppressing her thoughts and fondness toward Yan Zhaoge.

Through her ventures outside alone, only did the matters related to the Nine Underworlds occur.

However, during that time spent venturing alone and the time she spent brawling against Jian Shunhua in the Nine Underworlds, Feng Yunsheng felt as if she was reborn and felt her major improvements.

Later, due to the Doomsday Heavenly Devil’s authority, she was forced to suppress her strength once again.

After ascending to the Grand Virtual Peak Realm, she became Daoism’s strongest expert beneath the Grand Heavenly Realm.

She could even stand head-to-head against a majority of other Grand Heavenly Realm experts.

But Feng Yunsheng wasn’t satisfied!

Through the continuous battle against the Nine Underworlds’ Great Devils, Daoism lost its bearing for a moment, allowing the Devil of Aged Metal to take advantage of the situation.

While Yan Zhaoge and the others were furious about it, Feng Yunsheng was similarly discontented.

She wanted to improve her Devilish saber further!

After successfully acquiring the Immortal Trapping Sword and returning to the sky beyond Skies, Feng Yunsheng was cultivating seclusion.

Other than debating about the dao together with Yan Zhaoge and the others, she had been focusing on focusing on her development.

When facing the shackles which restrained her in the past, she took a more passionate and unyielding approach.

She began studying the essence of Jian Shunhua’s martial arts, the one who made her endure all sorts of hardships and forced her into countless dangerous encounters.

Feng Yunsheng’s martial art techniques were open, frank, unreserved, and combined the intent of rigidness and flexibility.

She didn’t blindly transform her martial arts intent into Jian Shunhua’s assassination techniques.

Instead, she combined the two.

In the end, this resulted in a style of constrained explosiveness, resembling the impetus of a monumental river breaking out from its confinement.

As for the devilish intent which caused her imposing restraints and worries, she started studying it carefully and increasingly fearlessly.

While continuously resisting it, she had been polishing her willpower, hoping to pry deeper into, gain more control over it, and reign over its strength.

This was why she strived to comprehend and fuse Jian Shunhua’s martial arts intent.

Stay conceal at first and unveiling at a later time.

Suppressing the pressing urge of tempestuousness, allowing the saber to nurture within its sheath, and finally explode after reaching maturity, forming a vicious saber which reached the peak of assassination.

Such transformations had further improved the Encompassing Abyssal Absolute Annihilation’s horrifying prowess.

These two changes brought vehement changes to Feng Yunsheng’s new saber techniques, allowing her to beckon for doomsday’s sudden descent!

It also allowed her saber’s blade to traverse through a specific type of boundary.

As a result, the authentic Doomsday’s saber descended upon the world.

It rivaled even the Prime Clear’s Chaos Extinguishing Imperious Annihilation, granting Virtual Immortals the prowess to slay a Grand Heavenly Realm!

This was the first attack Feng Yunsheng had unleashed through her past five decades of seclusion, which took the same effect as Prime Clear’s Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword technique.

Once this saber was unleashed, it ignored all other targets and aimed straight toward Grand Heavenly Realm experts!

She was using the ichor of Heavenly Immortals to unsheath her saber!

Once this saber succeeded, Feng Yunsheng’s technique would be completed as well.

Once she slashed through the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, her ascent to the Grand Heavenly Realm would be imminent!

Her entire body seemed to have sunk into the abyssal chaos, while the third flower of brilliance slowly emerged between the two flowers floating atop her head!

Three Flowers Converged Crown, Five Qis Unification!

Profound and unfathomable hymns resounded from the abyss of chaos.

Despite being of the Grand Heavenly Realm, those present couldn’t see through Feng Yunsheng’s true form.


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