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Chapter 1563: Unparalleled Might

Just as Feng Yunsheng was at the brink of ascending to the Grand Heavenly Realm, an archaic bronze bell emerged from the distant void, in a plane different from where they existed.

As the melodious bell was about to ring, a quaint jet-black mirror suddenly appeared.

On the surface of the quaint jet-black mirror, lucid mirror lights coalesced and shone toward the archaic bronze bell.

The archaic bell trembled slightly, causing the bell’s melody to resound, shaking off the lustrous clarity.

At the same time, a green lotus appeared.

Unlike the time Yan Zhaoge wreaked havoc in the Immortal Court, the green lotus did not brawl against the archaic bronze bell.

Instead, it also went against the jet-black mirror.

Being overwhelmed by their combined attacks, the black mirror retreated and disappeared without a trace.

However, being obstructed by the black mirror for that one instant, the green lotus and the bronze bell’s advancements were halted.

Within the void’s boundless outskirts, the tide of battle had turned completely.

As the cosmos trembled, shapeless saber-lights shot out from the abyss of chaos created by Feng Yunsheng.

Wherever the saber-lights passed through, everything was forcefully put to an end, entering the realm of nothingness.

By ceasing to exist any longer, they remained eternally in their state of nihility.

The horrifying saber-light ignored Yin Jiao and slashed toward the Yellow Wind Demon!

The Yellow Wind Demon’s expression remained stern.

He widened all three of his mouths and blew.

As the field of flying debris engulfed the entire cosmos, the violent Samadhi Celestial Winds blemished the skies into a murky horizon, depriving the universe of any rays of light.

However, the saber-light that flew out from the chaos continued with its monumental force, hacking straight toward the Samadhi Celestial Winds.

Feeling the transformations within, the Yellow Wind Demon’s heart tensed up even more.

He lamented his resentment in secret.

Just like how the Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch’s gold radiances and yellow mists were his very own foundations, the Samadhi Celestial Winds were also the Yellow Wind Demon’s strongest ability.

While fighting against others, its effectiveness far surpassed other martial arts.

However, Feng Yunsheng’s saber-light was far more wicked and domineering than their abilities!

As the saber-lights descended, not only did it slash apart the Samadhi Celestial Winds, the Yellow Wind Demon even felt as if his abilities had disintegrated to its core, quelled thoroughly by the saber-light!

Compared to when she fought against the Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch as a Virtual Immortal, Feng Yunsheng’s current saber intent was far viler and stronger!

Under the horrifying saber’s continuous barrage of attacks which obliterated all laws and sent myriad to their finale, the Samadhi Celestial Winds seemed to be expunged.

If the battle continued like that, even if he could evade the saber-lights, the Samadhi Celestial Winds would be extirpated, disallowing him to use it any longer in the future.

That was the worldly great dao that resonated with him.

Now, his ties with it were thoroughly severed!

However, if he stopped using the Samadhi Celestial Winds, he wouldn’t be capable of blocking Feng Yunsheng’s terrifying might.

An attack alone sufficed in severing his ranseur apart!

Under her saber-lights’ envelopment, the unique marvelousness of the Grand Heavenly Realm experts ceased to exist any longer.

Encompassing Abyssal Absolute Annihilation.

The abyss encompassing the Grand Heavens, the abyss of the great dao.

Upon entering this abyss, all great daos ceased to exist any longer, relinquishing any sense of freedom it had!

Within the abyss of chaos, Feng Yunsheng’s figure emerged once again.

Her clothes were still white as ever, with a simple ponytail hairstyle draped by her back.

On her bewitching visage, her pair of eyes glistened with frigid black radiances.

Being forced into the corner by her, the Yellow Wind Demon’s Samadhi Celestial Winds couldn’t display their might any longer.

The three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage lifted their heads and howled in unison.

One of the Demonic monkeys spewed a ray of Clear Qi from its mouth, which then separated into three mid-air, descending unto all three of them.

The Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha, the Drake-Headed Immortal, and the other foes’ expressions changed drastically.

As all-encompassing gold radiances engulfed the three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage, a loud bellow resounded, causing unending Demonic qis to skyrocket.

Then, an existence even more horrifying than Feng Yunsheng descended upon this universe.

Without the slightest hint of hesitation, the Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha instantly fled along with Yin Jiao, running away as fast as he could.

The Drake-Headed Immortal and the Spiritual Tusk Immortal also turned to flee without looking back.

The Yellow wind Demon transformed into a gust of demonic wind.

After evading Feng Yunsheng’s saber-lights, he swept Qu Su away and instantly retreated.

However, no matter how quickly they fled, an unparalleled Demonic monkey had already emerged from the gold radiances.

Amidst his smug sneer, he lifted the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel and waved it toward the opponents’ direction.

The entire universe in front of them exploded!

The Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha’s treasured dhvaja instantly imploded, fragmenting into diminutive fractures!

He hurriedly flipped the golden lamp hovering atop his head, causing the sarira within to fall, obstructing his body from the attack.

Without any pause, the round sarira was shattered by the cudgel, overthrowing the Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha along the way, causing him to fall on his green lotus podium.

Yin Jiao gritted his teeth to endure his injuries and fled away while bringing the Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha, who suffered a much heavier injury than him.

The Spiritual Tusk Immortal’s speed was slower than the Drake-Headed Immortal and the Yellow Wind Demon.

Being left behind, he watched as the malign Divine Suppressing Iron swept toward him and helplessly flung his trunk to block the attack.

The instant the elephant trunk capable of overturning divine mountains and sundering the starry rivers came in contact with the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel, a piercing numbness ran through it, causing a fissure within!

Amidst the Spiritual Tusk Immortal’s tragic scream, his elephant trunk was shattered apart, while his six robust tusks were fragmented into shambles by the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

The Drake-Headed Immortal and the Yellow Wind Demon widened their mouths.

The suction force capable of devouring the heavens, causing disorderly displacement within the cosmos, was unleashed from one’s mouth.

At the same time, a gust of Samadhi Celestial Winds blasted from the other’s mouth.

One sucked, and one blew, intending to displace the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

However, despite traversing through the disturbed space, the cudgel still landed unto the Spiritual Tusk Immortal!

This attack was much stronger than when the Grand Virtual Realm Demonic monkeys waved the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel around.

Ultimately, the Spiritual Tusk Immortal was of the Ancient xenorace – the six-tusked white elephant.

He bore divine powers within himself and had extremely bulky flesh.

Even so, after this attack landed, his flesh ruptured, and his insides imploded.

Moreover, he felt his soul separating from his body as if that attack forced it out.

He only felt as if his body was falling apart.

Despite having heavy breaths, he was in so much agony that he couldn’t produce any sounds.

While the Drake-Headed Immortal intended on rescuing him, Feng Yunsheng’s figure silently appeared beside the Spiritual Tusk Immortal, followed by a saber’s slash.

The colossal elephant head instantly separated from its body.

Seeing the Demonic monkey’s gaze fall onto him, the Drake-Headed Immortal dared not delay any further and hurriedly fled with his Demonic wind.

The Yellow Wind Demon also dared not approach them anymore.

Using the Samadhi Celestial Winds to blow the Demonic monkey’s eyes, he hurriedly fled from the scene.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng did not chase after them.

Instead, they quickly left this area as well.

As they left, the colossal Demonic monkey retracted its Ru Yi Golden Cudgel, transforming it back into clumps of gold radiances, separating back into three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage.

Two Golden Bodies of the Great Sage reverted to Xu Fei and Pan-Pan’s appearance.

The remaining colossal ape widened his mouth and devoured Feng Yunsheng.

As Feng Yunsheng’s figure transformed, her appearance altered into abyssal chaos.

It collapsed toward its center, returning to the point where the primordial gulf had yet to open.

Finally, Feng Yunsheng’s figure re-emerged and jumped out from the center.

The originally indescribable center of chaos transformed once again, taking a perceivable shape, allowing one to perceive and observe it.

Then, it gradually transformed into a black saber.

Feng Yunsheng sheathed the saber, causing all the malign aura to disperse entirely as if she was now a mortal who comprehended no martial arts.

“Thanks to your martial arts, you didn’t end up like Senior Suo or the Incongruence Divine Mother.

Otherwise, I’ll once again become a husband longing for his wife,” said Yan Zhaoge as he chuckled from the aside.

Feng Yunsheng also laughed, “It’s better to remain cautious.”

As she spoke, she leaped, shrinking into the size of a light stream.

Then, she flew into Yan Zhaoge’s right eye.

“Can it not be my left or right hand…” Yan Zhaoge blinked and touched his chin.

Then, he flew out from the Golden Body of the Great Sage.

“Let’s see if the Incongruence Divine Mother managed to locate the Immortal Extermination Sword.” After reverting to the North Ocean Clone, the group left speedily into the distance, with Gao Qingxuan leading them.


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