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Chapter 1567: Earth Queen


Runes gradually filled up the surface of the sword glistening with green radiance.

Then, with Yan Zhaoge’s beckon, the runes inscribed on the sword’s surface seemed to have come to life, flowing toward the sword-tip.

By the sword-tip, the green sword-lights gradually condensed, becoming a green jade shortsword.

Black and yellow runes emerged on the green jade shortsword.

Yan Zhaoge held the green jade shortsword.

After thoroughly perceiving the intents within, he nodded toward the others.

The North Ocean Clone, Xu Fei, and Pan-Pan retracted their abilities, causing the ball of light to disappear along with the contents of the Later Earth Text.

“How about you all bring the Immortal Extermination Sword to the Awakened Sky Cosmos first After all, such a precious item is better left at home for safekeeping.” Yan Zhaoge weighed the green jade shortsword in his hand that was glistening with two shades of radiance and said, “I’ll go with Yunsheng to see if we can find something.”

Xu Fei and the others had temporarily lost their capabilities of fighting.

Meanwhile, Feng Yunsheng had already ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm, her marvelousness allowing her to conceal within Yan Zhaoge’s right eye.

Thus, she was the most suitable candidate for this expedition.

“Be careful.” Gao Qingxuan wasn’t worried at all for Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng.

She merely said, “Something like the Jade Illusory Palace would attract the attention of many others.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Rest assured.”

While happily grabbing onto something, Pan-Pan looked to Feng Yunsheng, “Come back faster…”

The item Pan-Pan was grabbing onto was a curled elephant trunk.

It remembered Yan Zhaoge’s words very clearly and didn’t forget to grab the Spiritual Tusk Elephant’s trunk ripped apart by the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

Now, Pan-Pan was waiting for Feng Yunsheng to display her expertise in the culinary field, allowing it to enjoy the legendary elephant trunk.

“So your wish for us to return safely and earlier is for us to cook for you” Yan Zhaoge looked at Pan-Pan with ambivalent feelings.

Feng Yunsheng couldn’t hold back her laughter and shook her head.

Pan-Pan blinked its eyes and said innocently, “Let’s eat together.”

Everyone laughed upon hearing his words.

Yan Zhaoge patted its head and bid farewell to Xu Fei and Gao Qingxuan.

Then, Feng Yunsheng’s figure disappeared, the light projection dispersing back into Yan Zhaoge’s right eye.

Yan Zhaoge carefully traversed through the void’s boundless outskirts, hiding the tracks left behind.

“Zhaoge, what are you planning on doing” asked Feng Yunsheng using voice transmission.

“With only the Later Earth Text in our hands, we had little to no clues.” Yan Zhaoge answered, “But, after knowing that the Earth Mother had once come in contact with the Immortal Extermination Sword and could even possibly be searching for the Jade Illusory Palace, our clues have increased.

Perhaps, we can try searching.”

As he spoke, turquoise luster beamed from Yan Zhaoge’s left eye, causing tens of billions of runes to surge.

Yan Zhaoge stepped into the void and stopped advancing straight forward.

Instead, he performed the Steps of Daoist Astrology, using his Immortal Aura to lay down countless formation patterns.

The patterns combination formed the Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation.

The green jade shortsword in his hand entered the formation.

The green lights continued glistening by the sword’s body while the black-yellow runes continuously circulated by the sword.

Using the secret formation art derived from the Later Earth Text, Yan Zhaoge combined it with the Origin Heavenly Scripture and cast both in conjunction.

“Nine Splendours Jade Imperial, Seven Treasure Royal Room.

Bearing Heavens’ decree, I command Yin and Yang.

As Dao is pushed toward glory, virtue shall accumulate smoothly and subtly.

Efficacy of welkin, nurturing fundamental beauty of the world, and manifold objects are in the grace of Mother’s benevolence.

The landscape becomes reliance, while mountains become your weapon.

O’ great sorrow, O’ great desire, O’ great holiness, O’ great benevolence, Heaven Efficate Bearing Art, Later Earth Queen Divinity.”

Yan Zhaoge chanted the doctrines of the Earth Mother, while his hand signs changed incessantly.

As time moved on, the green jade shortsword within the formation trembled for a while and broke into two parts.

“Oh” Seeing this, joyousness overwhelmed Yan Zhaoge’s expression.

Within the Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation, seven clumps of nebula rose while nine splendorous pillars sank.

Amidst the murky radiance, the two parts of the broken shortsword combined to form a dark yellow sword-light and shot out of the formation, rushing toward the distance.

Yan Zhaoge immediately followed.

Halfway through, the dark yellow sword-light suddenly stopped, and black runes appeared on its surface.

The sword-light trembled but didn’t go forward any longer.

“Yan Zhaoge of the Jade Clear greets the Earth Mother.” Yan Zhaoge stopped advancing.

He remained calm and collected.

Being engulfed by the black runes, a voice resounded from the dark-yellow sword-light.

Those were hymns of utmost profundities.

While their meanings were unfathomable, it was still soothing and calming.

While it seemed like a language he had never interacted with before, Yan Zhaoge could still understand it clearly.

“With such huge commotion, everyone will be able to find me now.”

Hearing the somewhat familiar voice, his memories seemed to have brought him back to the pre-Great Calamity era, when he was still in the Heavenly Court Divine Palace’s Martial Repository.

His expression remained unchanged, “I’m here to thank your bestowment of the sword.

Please do forgive me for my rashness.”

After remaining silent for a while, another plain voice resounded, “I do have intentions of meeting our orthodox Daoism’s paragon.”

The dark runes restraining the sword-light faded, and the sword-light regained its freedom.

However, Yan Zhaoge stepped forward and retracted the dark yellow sword-light.

At the same time, another rune intertwined with the color of black and white quietly hovered by the cosmic void.

Yan Zhaoge retracted the seal.

After sensing it for a while, he understood something and continued on his journey once again.

Through his long journey, Yan Zhaoge distinguished his path ahead and continued toward a nebula.

As he got closer and closer to a particular star, the pressing scorching heat of the star overwhelmed him.

The starlights blinded all who gazed with its brilliance as if it was a giant sun.

However, Yan Zhaoge never stopped.

He continued forward, ultimately entering the star.

After passing through the blinding brilliance and the scorching heat, an ocher radiance suddenly appeared before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, resembling a massive piece of land.

Upon entering, he was greeted with a wave of breeze air.

By staying in this area, the heat dissipated, making him feel a great sense of warmth.

As if life had returned to their mother’s womb.

While there wasn’t any other silhouette around here, Yan Zhaoge could still sense an extremely overbearing existence within this world.

Earth Queen Deification.

“Forgive me for my impertinence, Earth Mother.” Yan Zhaoge silently stood by his spot and stopped moving any longer.

The soft and gentle voice resounded once again, “No need to be so formal.”

After a short pause, she continued, “Another addition of Grand Heavenly Immortal to our orthodox Daoism.

Congratulations on your joyous endeavor.”

Being situated within the world harnessed by her strength, Feng Yunsheng’s existence was naturally unable to escape the Earth Mother’s senses.

She immediately appeared from Yan Zhaoge’s right eye, “Greetings to the Earth Mother.”

“The two of you, formality is not needed.” The Earth Queen said, “I’m rather pleased when looking at you two.

Alas, our orthodox Daoism still holds a promising future ahead.”

Yan Zhaoge didn’t ask the Earth Mother about her previous whereabouts.

Instead, he repeated, “I thank the Earth Mother for bestowing us with the sword.”

However, the Earth Mother said, “The credit doesn’t go to me.

While it did get delivered to you through my hands, the sword wasn’t originally in my possession.

Instead, it came from the Nine Underworlds.”


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