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Chapter 1569: Jade Clear’s Number-One Successor

“Who are you… Who are… you…”

Yan Zhaoge’s voice reverberated within the ocher world.

After a long while, the voice faded within the vast world.

Yan Zhaoge quietly stood on the spot, his face remaining as calm as ever as if he wasn’t afraid to enrage a Grand Heavenly Immortal.

Feng Yunsheng stood beside him with a similar expression, her gaze still in a tranquil state.

“It is no secret that the Earth Mother’s scripture is in my hands.” Yan Zhaoge looked at his surroundings, “Seeing how you managed to replicate the Earth Mother’s appearance down to the finest of details, I can tell how much you understood her.

Of course, bearing the Later Earth Text, I wouldn’t have noticed anything amiss if I didn’t see you personally.

However, now that I saw you myself, some things are just in plain sight.”

“If our previous encounter was a test, then I suppose that I have passed it.”

Within the ocher world, the hymn finally resounded once again.

“I dare not classify it as a test.

It’s more of a minor jest.” At first, the gentleness of the Earth Mother’s voice remained.

However, the voice slowly became louder and clearer.

Yan Zhaoge thoughtfully said, “Being able to take even the most subtle details into your transformation implies that you didn’t just understand the Earth Mother.

After all, my wife had also ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm already.

Normally speaking, the transformation wouldn’t have fooled her eyes.”

“Being capable of such a strong transformation ability, and being capable of masking yourself even from those of the same realm as you.

Looking back in the past, only a few candidates such as you exist, right”

The other person replied, “It’s merely a small little trick.”

As these words came out of their mouth, the ocher-filled skies gradually furthered away, the world they were situated within returning to the lustrous nebula.

The starlights shone from afar but still brightened the independent cosmos they were in.

While darkness prevailed, it wasn’t filled with dreadful ice-cold loneliness any longer.

As stars orbited through their very own trajectories, their profoundness was in full display, magnified by the presence of a world within.

While no majestic or overwhelming aura permeated, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng sensed a presence even stronger than the Earth Mother after the other party reverted to their form.

The two’s hearts quivered slightly, and they looked toward a specific direction.

While the cosmos was vast and boundless, its directions so convoluted that it couldn’t be determined.

The place they were looking at was like the center of the cosmos.

There, a silhouette appeared unbeknownst to anyone.

A teenage Daoist.

Just like the previous Incongruence Divine Mother, he manifested his authentic appearance in front of the two.

Yan Zhaoge analyzed his appearance and let out a long sigh.

He wore a Fanned-Cloud Crown, traditional daoist clothing, a pair of hemp shoes, his waist lined with a silk ribbon.

He had a smile on his face, displaying his noble visage.

As fellow disciples of Daoism, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng weren’t strangers to this appearance.

“Pure Origin Exquisite Monarch!” Yan Zhaoge blurted out.

The Teenage Daoist standing in front of them was the Yang Jian of the myths, otherwise known as Yang Erlang!

Yang Erlang’s more well-known title included the term “monarch.” For example, he had the title of the “Gallant Pure Origin Exquisite Illustrious Monarch Erlang,” the Illustrious Monarch Erlang, the Illustrious Altruistic Protection Monarch, the Pure Origin Exquisite Monarch, and many others.

This number-one expert among the Jade Clear’s third-generation had already ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm since long ago.

Being one as outstanding as him, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him the most remarkable person of the Jade Clear lineage.

His strength far surpassed even his peers, making him among the few strongest experts in Daoism history or even the great thousand worlds.

He once fought against the Great Sage Equalling Heavens back in the Middle era, causing a battle between pinnacles of Grand Heavenly Realms to unfold.

Something worth mentioning was that Yang Jian was different from the myths Yan Zhaoge heard in his memories of past lives.

In this world, Yang Jian created the Paramount Yin Yang Profound Arts by himself.

Yang Erlang should be the earliest prodigy in the Jade Clear lineage to establish a brand new path, creating a supreme martial art of his own, ascending to Grand Heavenlyhood through that very path.

Back in the Ancient era, Yang Jian used his Paramount Yin Yang Profound Arts – the art most proficient in human body transformation to establish dominance.

Yang Jian’s uncle was the Southern Extremity Old Immortal, later known as the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

The uncle created thunder arts much later than Yang Jian, with even the strength being inferior compared to Yang Jian’s creation.

However, after the Ancient Investitures of the Gods era, Yang Jian rarely showed himself in the world anymore.

Despite his name being inscribed within the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace, he rarely stepped inside.

Other than his mentor – the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity, he rarely interacted with other individuals of the Jade Clear lineage in the Kunlun Mountains.

After his first few appearances during the Middle era, this most outstanding successor of the Jade Clear lineage had mostly secluded himself from the world, with barely any news regarding him in circulation.

It wasn’t until this era’s Great Calamity that information related to him was circulating once again.

However, after the Great Calamity, all intel tied to him were lost.

Previously, Yan Zhaoge and the others had been guessing about this mythical figure’s whereabouts frequently.

Yet, to their surprise, they met this person in question face-to-face.

“Previously, I did say that only some people are capable of such transformation arts.” Yan Zhaoge stared at the teenage Daoist.

After remaining silent for a while, he smiled and said, “But, a few implies that there’s more than one.”

“With the previous incidents preceding, forgive me for my prevailing uncertainty.

Are you truly the Pure Origin Exquisite Monarch”

Yan Zhaoge’s questioning didn’t anger the teenage Daoist.

Instead, the teenage Daoist smiled and said, “Just now, you questioned my identity, ergo I decided to manifest my true form.

Yet, right now, you don’t believe me any longer.

So, do you require me to unleash my skills or something”

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Can’t blame me for being too careful.”

“Actually, it’s fine.

It makes no difference.” Yang Jian said, “Even if I proved who I am, my words still can’t be fully trusted, ain’t that right If that’s the case, then it doesn’t matter how we converse.”

“That’s not true.” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “You are one of my exemplary model figures.”

This statement wasn’t a lie but a truth straight from his heart.

While the feelings of admiration weren’t as high as the Great Sage Equalling Heavens, his impression of Yang Jian was still fairly high.

“A clay model” Yang Jian shook his head and smiled, “Just as you said, I purposely led you here to meet you.

If I wanted to converse with you in decorum, then I have no reasons for doing so.

So, please drop your formalities.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “You are a successor of the Jade Cauldron Grand Master’s lineage.

Technically, you’re still our Daoism’s senior.”

Yang Jian said, “I know who your ancestors were.

Since they weren’t from the same lineage as I, no need to dwell too deep into this matter.

Just refer to me as a fellow Daoist.

We’re both disciples of Daoism and pay homage to the Three Clears.

What’s more, we both had our accomplishments and developed our unique abilities.

I merely got a head-start and did so way earlier than you.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng and let out a sigh, “With so many outstanding prodigies popping out in Daoism, my path doesn’t seem as lonely anymore.

This is more settling than anything else.”

“Speaking of this matter, I have something I’d like to inquire about.” Yan Zhaoge asked, “The Earth Mother…”

Yang Jian’s eyes dimmed slightly, “The Earth Mother had met her demise during the Great Calamity.”

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng’s expressions turned gloomy.

“If that’s the case, why did you take the form of the Earth Mother” After a while, Yan Zhaoge asked.

Yang Jian said, “Because I encountered something of secrecy in the past.

If I were to show my true self, those related to that particular matter would be made aware.

If I don’t show myself, they would think of me as dead and the secret has yet to be spread around, allowing them to continue with their plans on hand.”


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