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Chapter 1572: Where Does the Plan Come From

Yan Zhaoge shut his eyes.

After pondering for a while, he looked toward Yang Jian and asked, “Do you know if Bhikkhu Xuan Du received the same letter as well Or any sort of letter from someone else”

“There was one.” Hints of praise appeared in Yang Jian’s eyes.

He nodded and answered, “Bhikkhu Xuan Du inquired the Elder Lord regarding this matter, but the Elder Lord gave no precise answer.

In the end, Bhikkhu Xuan Du decided to deal with it himself.”

“At the end, when senior apprentice-uncle Xuan Du headed toward the Heavenly Court Divine Palace, he was met with the Dipankara Archaic Buddha’s hindrance.”

Yan Zhaoge looked up slightly after hearing the words.

After being in a daze for a while, a bitter smile appeared on his face, “Hearing you say this is truly disheartening.”

As expected, the Elder Lord’s thoughts were unfathomable.

It was far too unpredictable if they relied on him.

“The others outside of Daoism also can’t fathom the Elder Lord’s thoughts.” Yang Jian smiled, “Otherwise, he would have taken any action during the Middle era.”

“Being someone who seems to do nothing yet does everything, none of his actions would be deemed strange.

Making one decision, then immediately changing it is normal as well.

The act of applying the ethics and thought process of a normal person onto him is an absurdity in its way.”

Yang Jian’s smile remained as he sighed, “In fact, the Elder Lord suddenly massacring our Three Clear Lineages isn’t something impossible as well.

There’s no particular reasoning needed either.

Perhaps, he suddenly had that thought and decided to take action with no reasoning backing him up.

The so-called ‘ethics’ in our eyes hold no meaning to the Elder Lord.”

“If he was still shackled by the constraints of ethics in the world, then what’s the use of transcendence”

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng remained silent.

Naturally, Yang Jian’s example was an extremely far-fetched hypothesis.

But, the chances of it happening weren’t zero either.

From a certain point of view, the probability of this happening was the same as the Elder Lord fighting against other Dao Ancestors to protect orthodox Daoism.

“This doesn’t mean that our ethics are useless.” Yan Zhaoge added, “It might have no uses, or it might have some.”

Whether or not the Elder Lord plays by the world’s logic depended on his very own thoughts.

Perhaps, in the previous moment, all living beings in his eyes hold no difference in value, no matter if they were from the orthodox Daoism, the Immortal Court heretics, the Buddhists, Demon Race, or even the Nine Underworlds Devils.

Perhaps, in the very next instant, he would become an overprotective figure and brawl against other Dao Ancestors passionately for the sake of love and care, until the extent where he used any methods at his disposal.

Or perhaps, he might even aid the Immortal Court in oppressing orthodox Daoism.

Of course, most of the time, the Elder Lord paid no heed to whatever matters were happening in the world.

Most importantly, since the Elder Lord’s thoughts won’t follow an order, no one could ever depict his thoughts.

Only after he made his move would others be capable of doing so.

When a Dao Realm bigwig makes their move, an abundance of meaning could possibly be hidden within, making it extremely hard to see through their actual thoughts.

This was the reason why other forces dared not massacre orthodox Daoism entirely.

Perhaps, maybe when they made their move, the Elder Lord won’t even bother with it.

However, many years later, the Elder Lord might suddenly take revenge without warning.

In terms of strength, the Elder Lord was about as strong as the Grand Clear’s Lord of Dao and Virtue.

This alone sufficed in deterring other Dao Realm bigwigs.

There were only so few Dao Ancestors around.

If the Elder Lord suddenly joined the fray, it would instantly tumble the balance existing between them.

What’s even more daunting was that no one could confirm whether the Elder Lord represented the transcended Three Clear Grand Masters’ will.

Just like the Elder Lord, the Three Clear Grand Masters were unfathomable figures as well.

Perhaps, if the projection known as the Elder Lord were destroyed, the Three Clear Grand Masters wouldn’t even bat an eye.

But, it might provoke them enough for them to re-descend upon the world once again.

This wasn’t something anyone was willing to see.

Feng Yunsheng murmured, “After all, even if the Tathagata Buddha and the Nuwa Sovereign returned, it would still be two against three.”

Yet, awkwardly enough, orthodox Daoism wouldn’t guarantee their chances of winning just because of this.

In fact, a disaster might be imposed upon them.

“Now, this is the part that racks the brain…” Yan Zhaoge placed his hands on his forehead and smiled bitterly, “But, thinking about it optimistically, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord shouldn’t be at peace these past few years.”

The risks they took were met with success.

Yet, who knew when the Elder Lord would suddenly take revenge

Of course, there might be a surprise, like the Elder Lord helping the Immortal Court instead.

However, when these two outcomes of two different emotional spectrums weren’t in their control, and no one knew when it would ever arrive, or rather whether it would ever come or not, no one would ever enjoy that feeling.

At least, Yan Zhaoge didn’t like it at all.

“This is the condition lying in front of our eyes.” Yang Jian smiled, “Being discontent or complaining is useless.

How to take advantage of the situation and turning the situation to our favor is the key here.”

He said in a self-mockery manner, “I have been healing myself in the Tu**a Palace all this while.

Even if the Elder Lord doesn’t bother with anything, I still benefited greatly from it.”

“Naturally.” Yan Zhaoge smiled as well, “Hence why ifs are still ifs.

In truth, our orthodox Daoism lasted until now and showed signs of flourishing mostly because the others are still wary of the Elder Lord.”

The smile on his face gradually disappeared, “Only time and tide wait for no one.”

“Let’s not be too hasty for the Immortal Ending Sword.” Yang Jian stood up, “Wait a little longer, and I can give you all an answer.”

After he finished speaking, he handed a talisman over to Yan Zhaoge.

The decree written on the talisman belonged to the Earth Mother.

After receiving the talisman, Yan Zhaoge stashed it away solemnly and cupped his hands toward Yang Jian, “My gratitude.”

“We took up a considerable amount of time here.

Let us end our conversation for now.

See you soon.” Yang Jian nodded toward Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng.

Then, his figure gradually disappeared, with the brilliant nebula around them collapsing.

Ocher radiances appeared once again, closing in from a distance as if the boundaries of the cosmos were shrinking.

They replaced the cosmic nebula and formed its very own world.

The Earth Mother’s insights resurfaced, causing the gentle and dense feeling to envelop the two once more.

“See you two soon.” The Earth Mother’s voice resounded, and she flew into the distance, with the ocher world disintegrating with her departure.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng returned to the actual void’s boundless outskirts.

Yang Jian transformed into the Earth Mother and traversed through the void.

After journeying for a long distance, he fused with a star once again and quietly awaited there.

After a certain period passed, an old man suddenly appeared within the star.

He wore a fishtail crown and was dressed in huge red robes.

His appearance was of a somewhat queer mien, and a long beard draped down from his chin.

In front of the old man stood a graceful and noblewoman.

Her aura of gentleness was dense yet delicate as if she was the mother of all earth.

“I’m glad to see you well, Earth Mother.” The red-robed old man caressed his beard.

The woman in traditional clothing plainly said, “It’s all thanks to Daoist Xuan Du for saving me in the past and even allowing me to heal in the Tu**a Palace.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be alive now and wouldn’t even be able to meet you at all.”


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