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Chapter 1574: Soul Evoking Bell

While Yan Zhaoge and the others were searching for the Immortal Extermination Sword, Feng Yunsheng went ahead to search for traces of the Lord of Daoist Way’s cave manor’s disintegration in accordance with Yan Zhaoge’s behest.

They hoped to acquire more clues in the meantime, allowing them to search for the Immortal Ending Sword more conveniently in the future.

After Feng Yunsheng completed her task, she quickly headed toward the previously agreed meeting place and met up with Yan Zhaoge and the others.

In the end, her sudden ambush managed to inflict deadly injuries upon Yin Jiao, the Yellow Wind Demon, and the others, aiding Yan Zhaoge’s group out of the besiegement, turning the tides of battle into their favor.

On the other side, the Incongruence Divine Mother also managed to obtain the Immortal Extermination Sword.

The smoothness of how things went made everyone satisfied.

However, the intel received from Yang Jian’s side caused Yan Zhaoge and the others to remain on alert.

“While we aren’t sure if Yang Erlang’s intel is legit or not, we’ll have to prepare for the worst.” Yan Zhaoge lightly rubbed his temples, “If we take the wrong step forward, our entire plan might be foiled.”

Despite having three swords in their possession, they had to snatch the last remaining one away from a Dao Ancestor.

The difficulty contained within was insurmountable.

A little carelessness would become their undoing.

The fleeting light at the end of the tunnel they foresaw after putting in so much effort seemed to have dimmed away, the success so close within their grasp now rendered obscure.

If they decided to take the safest solution and forgo the final sword, they won’t ever change their current situation.

Their original momentum of development heading toward a positive direction might stop at any time or even back-pedal.

“The Immortal Ending Sword is something we must get at all cost.

As for the method, we’ll have to look further into it.” Yan Zhaoge said, “As long as this intel isn’t leaked, and the heretics aren’t aware of us knowing the truth, they won’t be too on-guard.

They will covet after the entire Immortal Extermination Formation and hope to deal with us all in one go.”

Under such a circumstance, the dependent factor would fall on when Yan Zhaoge’s group will search for the sword.

The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, the Immortal Court, and even the Western Pure Lands might secretly set up a trap, using the Immortal Ending Sword as bait to lure Yan Zhaoge and the others.

“But, if they intend on luring us into their trap unknowingly, they would have to take out some captivating bait.

Otherwise, even if we weren’t aware, we won’t be tricked so easily.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a sigh, “The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord won’t keep the Immortal Ending Sword in his hands all the time.

Otherwise, it would easily be noticed by our Daoism Heavenly Immortals like you, Senior Suo, or the Incongruence Divine Mother.

If he intends on baiting, he’ll have to throw the bait out.”

“We could bite the bait.

The dangerous part here is how we should free ourselves from it and how to abscond from the layers of fishnet surrounding us.” Feng Yunsheng understood his words, “Ultimately, there’s still a Dao Realm bigwig beside.

If he takes action, we won’t have the time to refine the Immortal Ending Sword and lay down the Immortal Extermination Formation.

When that time comes, if we can’t obstruct the might of a Dao Ancestor, all of us shall meet our doom.”

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “Opportunities always come along with danger.

Let’s see if Yang Erlang has any methods up his sleeve or not.

Otherwise, the danger this time might be even greater.”

“He said he’ll borrow the Jade Illusory Glazed Lamp to exchange for an opportunity.

What could it possibly be about” Feng Yunsheng raised her brows, “Could it be, he’s finding the Dipankara Archaic Buddha”

There was a myth during the Ancient era regarding three different lamps.

It was related to when the Primordial Heavenly Lord and the Lord of Dao and Virtue started swotting into dao, and the Dipankara Archaic Buddha transformed into Daoist Dipankara.

Yan Zhaoge started contemplating the possibility, “It’s possible, but that’s an extremely outdated tale.

If any methods truly existed, I imagine the Dipankara Archaic Buddha would’ve already executed his plan during the Ancient era.”

At that time, the Dipankara Archaic Buddha joined Daoism and turned into Daoist Dipankara, allowing him to develop close ties with Daoism.

Thus, whatever needs he had were also fulfilled very conveniently.

In fact, Yan Zhaoge even suspected that his goal for entering Daoism at that time was for this.

All matters related to it had happened too far back in the past.

Yan Zhaoge felt like he wouldn’t drag it on until now.

The opportunity Yang Jian spoke of might be unrelated to the Dipankara Archaic Buddha.

In contrast, he thought about some archived records within the Heavenly Court Divine Palace’s Martial Repository.

In the current era, during the times before the Great Calamity, a Jade Clear Daoism expert managed to subdue a Devil, sending the Devil of Fire to the cycle of perishment.

By chance, he also managed to acquire a Kindling Devil Spirit.

To better understand the Devils and study more into matters related to a Devil’s perishment, the Kindling Devil Spirit was preserved.

However, preserving it was no easy feat.

The method other Jade Clear Daoism martial art practitioners could think of was placing it within the Jade Illusory Palace’s Jade Illusory Glazed Lamp and the Eight Landscapes Palace’s Eight Landscapes Palace Lamp.

After visiting the Elder Lord in the Tu**a Palace, the Elder Lord instructed them to head toward the Jade Clear lineage’s Jade Illusory Palace.

Since then, the Kindling Devil Spirit had been preserved within the Jade Illusory Glazed Lamp.

Compared to the extremely dated matters between the Jade Illusory Glazed Lamp and the Dipankara Archaic Buddha, this matter happened much more recently.

Yan Zhaoge’s instincts told him that Yang Jian’s matter could very possibly be related to this Kindling Devil Spirit.

Only, Yan Zhaoge didn’t know who Yang Jian planned on interacting with.

A few figures surfaced within his mind, but he couldn’t be too sure as of now.

“If he intends on interacting with the Nine Underworlds, what did the Nine Underworlds use to exchange using the Immortal Extermination Sword”

While thinking, Yan Zhaoge continued soaring within the boundless void.

“Oh, right.

Others immediately congratulated you the instant they met you, yet I have yet to do so.” Halfway back, Yan Zhaoge said, “Congratulations on ascending to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm, becoming an everlasting existence.”

Within his right eye, Feng Yunsheng sighed and said, “Ultimately, I still took this step forward.

Looking back, I feel like I’ve been stepping on thin ice.”

Yan Zhaoge also sighed softly, “We placed you at risk this time.”

“It’s fine.” Feng Yunsheng said in a gentle tone, “Since I’m walking down this path, and managed to achieve a height others can’t ever hope to reach within thousands, or even tens of thousands of years within the span of a mere few decades, taking a much bigger risk is what I should be doing.

What’s more, the outcome ended on a positive note.”

She smiled, “It’s great to be alongside you now, instead of worrying if I’ll hold you back.

No matter how big the risk is, it’s worth it.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled as well and remained silent.

Their biggest challenge, the most dangerous encounter, had yet to arrive.

“By the way, I managed to grab a decent treasure this time,” said Feng Yunsheng with a smile.

An ethereal projection emerged from Yan Zhaoge’s right eye, resembling a small little bell.

“Soul Evoking Bell.” Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Indeed, this is quite the vicious tool of massacre, capable of killing most people beneath the Grand Heavenly Realm with one strike alone.

Previously, if Senior Gao didn’t have the Immortal Trapping Sword, she might’ve had a much harder time facing this.

Thank goodness Yin Jiao’s Jade Clear lineage cultivation was revoked by the Lord of Broad Accomplishment, allowing him only to cultivate other branched martial arts.

Otherwise, he might’ve been able to unleash the full strength of this Soul Evoking Bell.”

“This treasure still takes effect against other Grand Heavenly Immortals.” Feng Yunsheng said, “This can be considered as our lineage’s treasure of high value.

If one brings it along with them when venturing outside, they can fulfill the role of taking offense and defense together.”

Yan Zhaoge thought about it for a moment and said, “Since it also works against other Grand Heavenly Immortals, the most suitable owner would still be you.”


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