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Chapter 1578: Sea Suppressing Pearl

While it wasn’t at the stage where waves encompassed the entire surroundings, Yan Zhaoge’s instinct told him that the incoming “tsunamis” weren’t just limited to the current scale.

As time continued moving forward, the billowing waves would only become more vicious until they spread through the entire area with the Awakened Sky Cosmos at their center, limiting it within a specific area.

All “tsunamis” would come compressing toward the center, drowning the Awakened Sky Cosmos completely when that time comes.

As a result, the Awakened Sky Cosmos would be left with nowhere else to go, resulting in its exposure to the public’s eyes.

The Awakened Sky Cosmos wasn’t just a stationary cosmos within the void.

Instead, it was constantly moving about.

Only, the magnitude of the incoming “tsunamis” was just far too swift.

What’s more, there were multiple sources that contributed to this disastrous momentum.

The origins which started this “tsunami” seemed to be able to move around as well!

As a result, they could continually change their coordinations and search for or even encircle the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

Of course, the void’s boundless outskirts were just far too vast.

No matter if it was the Awakened Sky Cosmos or the origins of these “tsunamis,” they were all diminutive in comparison.

If they intended on encircling the Awakened Sky Cosmos, they would at least require a starting point and make out an estimated area before they could commence their encirclement.

With this, they would unleash the “tsunamis” from all directions, quaking the void to locate the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

“Someone who left previously is now returning and had been noticed by them…” Yan Zhaoge’s heart shuddered slightly and understood the general cause, “Ah Hu, who left the Awakened Sky Cosmos recently”

Within the Awakened Sky Cosmos, many residents came in and out of the Sky beyond Skies, the Roving Jade Heavens, the Jade Spring Skies, or commenced their activities within the cosmos’ vast void.

These actions were of no concern at all.

However, due to the orthodox Daoism’s current situation, as well as the Awakened Sky Cosmos’ uniqueness, those who departed the Awakened Sky Cosmos for the void’s boundless outskirts or vice versa were required to make reports.

This would make it more convenient to contact them and made it convenient for them to return to the Awakened Sky Cosmos, as the Pill Hall would have time to accept their return.

The number of candidates who could escape the constraints of the Awakened Sky Cosmos was of a minority, so recording everything posed no difficulties or inconveniences.

“There’s Palace Master Liu of the Green Sky Mountain’s Grave Thunder Palace of our Sky beyond Skies, Mr.

Long of the Roving Jade Heavens’ Scenery Peak’s Flowing Heaven Horizon, the Rain Sovereign of the Jade Spring Skies’ Frigid Stellar Mountain’s Tranquil Boulder Cave, and the master of the Square Chalice Mountain’s master – the Declaration Emperor.”

Among those who left the Awakened Sky Cosmos, there were Liu Zhenggu of the Sky beyond Skies, Long Xingquan of the Roving Jade Heavens, Tong Xinlin, and another newly-ascended Leakless True Immortal – the Declaration Emperor of the Jade Spring Skies.

Within the Jade Spring Skies, the Squared Chalice Mountain and the Frigid Stellar Mountain had close ties to one another.

After the Declaration Emperor ascended to the Immortal Realm and stabilized his cultivation, he decided to venture outside to search for opportunities.

As for Tong Xinlin, she tagged along due to his request.

“Immediately contact those we are able to contact.” Yan Zhaoge ordered, “Ask them to not return to the Awakened Sky Cosmos for now.

I’ll think of ways to contact the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the Incongruence Divine Mother to take care of them first.”

“Also, give orders for my mother and senior apprentice-brother Xu to come here.”

Ah Hu nodded and left quickly.

After a short while, Xue Chuqing and Xu Fei arrived at the Purple Divine Pavilion, “Zhaoge, what happened”

“There are some people outside looking for us.” Yan Zhaoge answered in a simplified manner, “They’re coming at us with quite the fierce momentum, and it won’t be easy to deal with them.

We’ll have to settle this matter carefully.”

“Later, I will move the Pill Hall in a large-scale manner, so I’ll require mother to preside over the formation for me while senior apprentice-brother Xu stands guard beside.

If a huge commotion occurs, help me suppress the Sky beyond Skies’ situation.”

As he spoke, layers of densely-packed steams wreathed around Yan Zhaoge’s body.

Within the Purple Divine Pavilion, streams of lights landed on the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace in front of Yan Zhaoge, intertwining together as if they were chains.

Above the huge furnace, the lid opened.

“Young master, I’ve contacted them.” At that moment, Ah Hu returned, “It’s Master Long of the Roving Jade Heavens that’s prepared to return.

After receiving our notice, he headed toward other directions to wait for the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor or the Incongruence Divine Mother to receive him.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “That’s good.”

He leaped upward, entered the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, and proceeded to close the furnace lid.

“Senior apprentice-brother Xu, Pan-Pan, and the North Ocean Clone are still resting and are powerless to harness the Golden Body of the Great Sage to deal with our opponents.

How about I go” said Feng Yunsheng softly within Yan Zhaoge’s right eye.

“If they dare do what they’re doing in such a large-scale manner, they are well-prepared against our Daoism’s Heavenly Immortals.

Not only you, but even Senior Suo, the Incongruence Divine Mother, and the others also aren’t suitable in doing anything at the moment.” Yan Zhaoge said, “Not targeting those beneath the Grand Heavenly Realm was the tacit agreement all Dao Ancestors had since the times of yore.

If you all were to appear, misfortune would most likely befall upon you all.”

“Moreover, even if Amitabha and the Eastern Sovereign don’t join the fray, I’m sure that our opponents have made sufficient preparations.”

He smiled and said, “With how large-scale their actions are, they wouldn’t just come at us without solving their underlying worries.

Even when the two heretics are still fighting against each other, the Western Pure Lands and the Demon Race might have come to some form of agreement and agreed to suppress us first.”

While speaking, Yan Zhaoge’s soul left his mortal shell, making his flesh a hollow vessel of souls.

His mind thoroughly fused with the Pill Hall.

The figure of the Overseer of Heavens, Awakened Benevolent Guardian Divinity, gradually manifested within the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

The speed and agility of the Awakened Sky Cosmos’ shifting speed were increased to a higher level.

Under Yan Zhaoge’s control, the Awakened Sky Cosmos became an agile fish traversed through the sea waves, carefully avoiding the streams of undercurrents and torrents.

Although he avoided the “tsunamis” and headed in the opposite direction, Yan Zhaoge didn’t let down his guard at all.

The unaffected areas don’t imply that no “tsunamis” were present.

Instead, its origins might be at a much further distance away and had yet to surround the area they were in.

Several origins unleashed countless “tsunamis” and closed in toward the center.

However, before reaching a specific area, a certain distance would prevail between the origins and the “tsunamis.” After all, the boundless void was just far too vast.

With this, empty spaces could remain between, just like how fishnets and other fishnets have a certain distance from each other.

Yan Zhaoge and the others were going to avoid all the fishnets and leave this area before the fishnets were all gathered together to block their escape.

After he rushed out of the besiegement, the Awakened Sky Cosmos could return to normal very quickly.

Not only was the previous state of the Awakened Sky Cosmos energy consuming, but it also made the Awakened Sky Cosmos itself another origin of the “tsunamis,” which others would easily notice.

Yan Zhaoge’s soul returned to his body, and he widened his eyes once again.

Then, he came out of the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, “There are at least ten fishnets around.

In fact, there might be even more.”

“So many experts gathered around, and even being on-guard against our Daoism Heavenly Immortals.

Their goal shouldn’t just be searching for someone, right Otherwise, they wouldn’t have utilized so many forces,” said Xu Fei.

“If they relied on a certain treasure…” Xue Chuqing started contemplating the possibilities.

“Yeah, I thought of someone.” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin and stared at Xue Chuqing.

Then, the two voiced out in unison, “Dipankara Archaic Buddha, Sea Suppressing Pearl!”

During the Ancient Investitures of the Gods era, the Daoism Prime Clear bigwig – Zhao Gongming had twenty-four extremely domineering Sea Suppressing Pearls.

After Zhao Gongming was forced into the rankings and entered the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace, his Sea Suppressing Pearls fell into the hands of the Dipankara Archaic Buddha, who took the form of Daoist Dipankara at that time.

These twenty-four Sea Suppressing Pearls could manifest twenty-four heavens.

They bore extreme mass and contained the intricacies of spatial transformation deep within.

It was indeed a suitable treasure that could encircle the Awakened Sky Cosmos.


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