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Chapter 1582 : Five Qis Unification, Grand Virtual Realm

Over the past forty-nine years, numerous changes occurred within the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

While the time interval between each of Yan Zhaoges sword searching rituals wasnt a secret to the higher-ups, it remained mysterious for the majority.

Humans continued to breed and live on within the Sky beyond Skies, while practitioners continued cultivating wholeheartedly.

Everyone was occupied by their own affairs.

Suddenly, skyglow arose by the Broad Creed Mountain, with rays of Immortal qi permeated.

Outside a cave manor, a gallant-looking man in his thirties or forties stood there.

His sideburns were tainted with a shade of white, yet it didnt affect his striking bearing.

Just by standing there without doing anything, he was already an eye-grabbing existence, as if he was the center of the world itself.

The beacon of radiance was skyrocketing in front of him, yet his brilliance never seemed to falter even a little.

However, the mans expression was considerably filled with joy, with happiness within his gaze.

Then, he bowed solemnly, facing the cave, “Congratulations on passing through the Immortal Mortal Tribulation, opening the Immortal Door, and achieving a Leakless form, Master.”

A few others stood behind the man.

Their cultivations differed, with some being higher and some being lower.

The person standing in front of them was a beautiful woman with quite a tall figure.

The group of people had joyous expressions on their faces as well, and they bowed solemnly toward the cave in unison, “Congratulations on passing through the Immortal Mortal Tribulation, opening the Immortal Door, and achieving a Leakless form, Master.”

The cave manors door opened, and a skinny old man walked out from within with a smile on his face, “Sorry for the wait.”

The Broad Creed Mountains former sect leader – Yuan Zhengfeng.

Looking at the gallant man, he sighed, “Oh, Yan Di, since when was there a Heavenly Monarch who served as the protector of a Martial Saint challenging the tribulation You and I know that the Immortal Mortal Tribulation relies on the person alone, and outsiders wont be capable of providing any assistance at all.

Theres no need for you to wait here.”

A faint smile appeared on Yan Dis face, “A disciple protecting his master is nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Oh you…” Yuan Zhengfeng wasnt a melodramatic person.

He shook his head and smiled, “Having such thoughts already suffice.

Why do you have to restrain yourself with etiquettes You younger generations are the true actors of this world and even act as a supporting pillar for the Sky beyond Skies.

Dont mess up your tempo just for something so insignificant.

Speaking of which, the date of forty-nine years is almost here, right”

“Indeed.” Yan Di answered Yuan Zhengfengs question and said, “Shedding the shell of a mortal to become an Immortal is an entirely different matter after all.

I must attend it no matter what.”

Yuan Zhengfeng smiled and waved his hand, “The younger generation truly best us older generations.

Im already content with seeing our state of flourishment.”

“Speaking of it, I could only attain this Immortal physique thanks to you youths, especially the Sky beyond Skies current environment and our sects strength.

Me This old man has nothing worth praising for.”

Yan Di smiled, “Master, based on your current cultivation, youre still considered fairly young, and its not even wrong to still refer to you as a youth.

Why are you still calling yourself an old man”

“I got too used to it.

This means that my mental state is already old enough.” Yuan Zhengfeng laughed in a self-deprecating manner, “If it werent for you lot rekindling my long-lost youthful enthusiasm, causing me to have such thoughts, any addition to my lifespan wouldve borne no significance to me.”

The tall woman standing beside Yan Di said, “Its only because of masters undying enthusiasm, which allowed you to prevail until now.

Im sure your future achievements would be even higher than the present.”

This woman was naturally Yan Dis senior apprentice-sister and Yuan Zhengfengs personal disciple – Fu Enshu.

Beside Yan Di and her stood Feng Chi and the others.

While their cultivation level differed from one another, they were all Yuan Zhengfengs disciples who came here to congratulate their masters success.

Objectively speaking, Yuan Zhengfengs talent in martial arts was exceptionally high.

If he grew up in the Broad Creed Mountains current environment, his accomplishments would become much more glaring compared to his present self.

To a certain extent, the environment and experience he had in the Eight Extremities Worlds had dragged Yuan Zhengfeng down.

He might never achieve the heights of limitations for his potential.

Fortunately, he managed to survive until the period where the Sky beyond Skies and the Broad Creed Mountain were experiencing huge developments.

Without any distractions, he focused solely on cultivating and ascended to the height which most others wouldnt ever touch in their entire lifetime.

As such, despite the return of his spirits and motivation once lost, he didnt pity his past, nor did he blame fate for it.

Being someone who went through the darkest ages in the Eight Extremities Worlds Broad Creed Mountain, his state of mind was considerably calm.

Compared to his master – Zhan Xilou, his senior apprentice-uncle – Zhan Dongge, and his peers, he was already far too lucky.

“Perhaps, further advancement wont be a dream.

However, when taking the grand scheme of our Daoisms flourishment, Im merely the icing on the cake.” Yuan Zhengfeng smiled, “Ultimately, the future is still established by you all.

Being able to contribute is my honor.”

Feng Chi said, “Our signs of flourishment are getting more and more apparent.

These few years, countless experts have already appeared from Daoism.

Leaving your accomplishment of pushing open the Immortal Door aside, the Ingenious Flying Peaks Brocade Emperor of the Red Lotus Cliff managed to achieve the Duo Qis Fused Aura not long ago.

He successfully challenged the Pure Profound Tribulation and attained the Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm.”

“Is that so” Yuan Zhengfeng nodded, “Thats a joyous occasion.”

Long before meeting Yang Jian, who resided within the Tu**a Palace, Yan Zhaoge studied the Grand Clear lineage together with Fu Yunchi and Cao Jie, unearthing the cryptic Severing Feelings Parasitism.

With this art, the Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchis pathway ahead became clear and flat once again.

Through his years of hard work, he managed to harness two different clones, where each clone held affection toward his two different daughters, respectively.

Receiving affection and forgetting them didnt beget emotionlessness.

After returning to the righteous path, he was a level ahead of the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor of the past, who borrowed the powers of the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

After dealing with all the problematic hurdles that prevailed in the True Immortal Realm, Fu Yunchi finally started challenging the Pure Profound Tribulation.

He succeeded, and attained the Duo Qis Fused Aura, and ascended to the Profound Immortal Realm.

Hence, another Sovereign was added to the Sky beyond Skies.

“Well, it seems like Ill have to head to the Red Lotus Cliff,” said Yuan Zhengfeng.

Fu Enshu smiled slightly, “No need to hurry.

The Brocade Sovereign might come here himself.”

Typically speaking, if such a grand joyous occasion wasnt kept as a secret and was spread to the public, other forces without any hostility or grudges would usually congratulate the joyous occasions main character.

If it so happened that two different individuals from two foreign forces ascended to the Immortal Realm, then they would both send congratulatory words to each other.

At the same time, other forces would dispatch two different parties to visit both of them.

However, suppose one partys expert broke through to a higher realm, like the Brocade Emperor proclaiming Sovereign.

In that case, the Broad Creed Mountains newly-proclaimed Emperor – Yuan Zhengfeng, should head to the Red Lotus Cliff according to the tacit agreement between all forces.

While Yuan Zhengfeng congratulated Fu Yunchi, he would also be basking in the congratulatory words of others.

Such situations were scarce, but there were indeed some precedents.

Hence, everyone just had to go along with the formalities.

Yet, Fu Enshus words startled Yuan Zhengfeng.

While the Broad Creed Mountains current standing and force far surpassed the Red Lotus Cliff, the Broad Creed Mountain wasnt such an oppressive force within the Sky beyond Skies.

Such matters didnt require the breaching of these traditional regulations.

If Fu Yunchi came from the Red Lotus Cliff to the Broad Creed Mountain, then there could only be one possibility.

Within the Broad Creed Mountain, an expert higher level than the Profound Immortal Realm had appeared!

“Could Zhaoge have…” After thinking about it for a while, his expression was instantly filled with joy.

At that moment, before he finished his sentence, a five-colored misty-brilliance skyrocketed from another cave manor behind the Broad Creed Mountain!

The billowing vibrant mists permeated through the entire area and continued expanding incessantly.

It seemed to have engulfed the entire Sky beyond Skies within and even started sweeping toward the outside as it continued its expansion.

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