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Chapter 1583: A Miracle to Behold


The vibrant mists didn’t just engulf the entire Sky beyond Skies.

It even rushed out of the spatial boundaries and permeated through the void within the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

At this instant, the Eight Extremities Worlds, the Vast Ocean World, and various other lower worlds connected to the Sky beyond Skies trembled as if a drastic change was occurring.

The citizens of the lower worlds couldn’t fathom what had happened.

As for the citizens of the Sky beyond Skies, after temporary consternation, they looked toward the origins of the vibrant mists.

Recognizing the origin was towards the Broad Creed Mountain’s direction, they immediately came to a revelation.

Above the Jade Capital Crag, an unusual smile appeared on the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei’s stern expression within the Broad Creed mountain range.

He was cupping his hands toward the Broad Creed mountain range’s main peak.

All his disciples had solemn expressions on their faces as well.

With Wang Pu, who ascended to the Exalt Martial Saint Realm a few years ago in the lead, they bowed toward the Broad Creed Mountain’s main peak.

While they usually regarded Yan Zhaoge as their senior apprentice-brother, under such a special occasion, Wang Pu, Qiu Jiahai, and the others retained their stern expressions as they said in unison.

“Congratulations to Sovereign Yan for ascending to the Grand Virtual Realm, attaining Five Qis Unifications!”

Above the Golden Court Mountain, Cao Jie stood in front, while Tang Yonghao, Long Hanhua, Mu Jun, the Southeastern Swordmistress, and the others stood behind him.

As they stared at the vibrant mists which blotted the skies, the emotions that welled up inside their hearts were much more complicated compared to the others of the Sky beyond Skies.

As individuals who interacted with Yan Zhaoge and the Broad Creed Mountain fairly early in time, they had practically witnessed the rise of Yan Zhaoge and the Broad Creed Mountain.

They witnessed the birth of a legend who went from a nobody to being a hero.

By the Golden Court Mountain peak, everyone held a sword by their hands and bowed toward the Broad Creed Mountain’s main peak with a solemn expression.

“Congratulations to Sovereign Yan for ascending to the Grand Virtual Realm, attaining Five Qis Unifications!”

In the Sky beyond Skies’ Southern Continent, on the newly-built Wutong Slope, the current generation sec leader – the “Phoenix Warbling Through the Southern Continent” Mao Yuansheng looked toward the Northern skies with a shocked expression.

Currently, the entire world was basking in the vibrant radiance, and directions couldn’t be discerned any longer.

However, Mao Yuansheng could still tell the origin came from the north.

It was at the Central Continent of the Skies beyond Skies, which was also the direction of the Broad Creed Mountain’s main peak.

Thinking about all the experts present in the Broad Creed Mountain, only one could create such commotion.

The man who beckoned a calamity upon the Wutong Slope in the past.

The man who brought the Broad Creed Mountain to its current heights.

To a certain extent, he was also the most significant contributor to the Sky beyond Skies’ current development and the flourishing of Daoism.

Due to the improvement of the overall environment, the Wutong Slope was carried along with its momentum, allowing them to recover their vitality reasonably quickly.

They even showed signs of surpassing their former self.

All grudges involved within this matter made one unable to discern the rights or wrongs anymore.

However, without a doubt, one party was already on an entirely different level, while the other remained in position.

As the old saying goes, the scent of summer never lasts.

Perhaps, in the further tens of thousands of years to come, their prosperity might be buried by the oddity known as time.

However, right now, Mao Yuansheng could only sigh lightly and lower his head.

“Congratulations to Sovereign Yan for ascending to the Grand Virtual Realm, attaining Five Qis Unifications!”

After the joyous occasion of their former sect leader – Yuan Zhengfeng ascending to the Immortal Realm, another considerable surprise came for the Broad Creed Mountain’s disciples.

Staring at the vibrant radiances that blotted the skies, everyone was captivated by its breathtaking sight, causing their minds to blank.

After they returned to their senses, no matter the gender or age, everyone cheered in unison.

At that moment, a vast blanket of purple qis approached.

The purple qis spanned across tens of thousands of miles as if they were a sea of clouds.

However, as the five-colored radiance shone, the purple qis faded, causing the sea of clouds to turn vibrant as well.

As the clouds dispersed, a few figures emerged from within, with the man in the lead being one with a striking bearing.

He was the former Brocade Emperor and the current Brocade Sovereign – Fu Yunchi.

Behind him stood Fu Ting, Meng Wan, He Xixing, and others.

The current Red Lotus Cliff was considerably extraordinary as well.

He Xixing managed to push open the Immortal Door slightly earlier than Yuan Zhenfeng and attained the Leakless True Immortal Realm.

Achieving it much earlier than him, the “Grand Red Lotus” – Fu Ting remained triumphant in her ascension, ascending to the Immortal Realm at an earlier time.

Meng Wan, classified as one of the Red Lotus Cliff Dual Belle along with Fu Ting, had already reached the Exalt Martial Saint Realm long ago.

This made everyone envy Fu Yunchi’s daughters for beauty and talents, resulting in many marriage proposals.

In fact, there were so many that even the Ingenious Flying Peak almost sunk a few inches into the ground.

However, at this moment, under Fu Yunchi’s guidance, everyone in the Red Lotus Cliff descended from the clouds with a solemn expression.

Then, they bowed toward the Broad Creed Mountain enshrouded within the vibrant mists.

“Congratulations to Sovereign Yan for ascending to the Grand Virtual Realm, attaining Five Qis Unifications!”

Behind the Broad Creed Mountain, a cave manor’s door opened widely, with Yan Zhaoge striding from within.

He first bowed toward Yan Di and Yuan Zhengfeng in the distance.

Being such a special occasion, Yan Di and Yuan Zhengfeng’s group returned the salute with solemnity and joyousness.

Then, the Broad Creed Mountain welcomed Fu Yunchi, Fu Ting, Meng Wan, and the others to enter.

“I still have to congratulate Senior Fu for passing the Pure Profound Tribulation,” said Yan Zhaoge with a smile.

Fu Yunchi said, “It’s all thanks to Daoist Yan and Daoist Cao’s assistance.

Otherwise, who knows how much more time I’ll have to waste.”

“No need to be so formal, Senior Fu.” Yan Zhaoge said, “To our orthodox Daoism, the addition of a Grand Clear lineage Profound Immortal is certainly a joyous occasion to all.”

Fu Yunchi said, “I’ve always been a hot-headed one.

I was one in the past, and it hasn’t changed even now.

I’m not as calm as the Roving Jade Heavens’ Daoist Gao.

In my future pathway, I’ll still have to venture forward without overlooking any possible drawbacks carefully.

As for you and your father, you two already have such study accumulations.

When everything reaches a breaking point, your cultivation would even surge forward instantly.

It truly astonishes me.”

Currently, within the entire Awakened Sky Cosmos, which included the Sky beyond Skies, the Roving Jade Heavens, and the Jade Spring Skies, the ones closest to the Profound Immortal Realm were Fu Yunchi and the Roving Jade Heavens’ Gao Xuebo and Long Xueji.

Long Xueji’s talents were considered outstanding, and his talent in swordsmanship was extremely high.

When facing off opponents of the same realm, rarely could anyone best his combat prowess.

However, in contrast, his cultivation speed wasn’t as quick as Yan Di, Nie Jingshen, Yu Ye, Chen Qianhua, and the others.

Especially since he was a sword cultivator, which made his improvement even more difficult.

While he was in the True Immortal Peak Realm, he was still quite the distance away from becoming a Profound Immortal.

As for Gao Xuebo, he had already been nurturing his sword for more than a thousand years, ever since he was in the Exalt Martial Saint Realm, causing his accumulations to become extremely sturdy.

Once he unsheathed, he instantly passed the Immortal Mortal Tribulation, pushing open the Immortal Door to become a Leakless True Immortal.

At the same time, due to his sword nurturing, he was much closer to the Profound Immortal Realm compared to the Tranquility Emperor, the Liberal Emperor, Fu Yunchi, and Long Xueji.

However, Gao Xuebo decided to continue nurturing his sword in the True Immortal Realm, as he wasn’t in a rush to challenge the Pure Profound Tribulation.

As such, he was placed behind Fu Yunchi.

As for Gao Xuebo and Long Xueji’s father – Long Xingquan, he displayed his sharpened edge of the pass, successfully passing the Profound Origin Tribulation and attained the Five Qis Unification in the process, becoming a Grand Virtual Immortal.

He proved himself as the person who managed to dominate the Roving Jade Heavens in the past until he finally tasted defeat at the hands of Gao Qingxuan.

After Long Xingquan and Yan Di, Yan Zhaoge had also achieved Five Qis Unifications, becoming the third Daoism Heavenly Monarch to appear in the Sky beyond Skies within the past few decades.

Compared to Gao Qingxuan and Long Xingquan, the speedy improvement of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di truly baffled everyone, dubbing this a miracle to behold!


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