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Chapter 1584: Taking Separate Actions


Yan Zhaoge’s success against the Profound Origin Tribulation, his attainment of Five Qis Unifications, and his ascension to the Grand Virtual Realm became the grandest occasion in today’s Sky beyond Skies.

Other than the Red Lotus Cliff with Fu Yunchi in the lead, various other forces gathered by the Broad Creed Mountain to congratulate Yan Zhaoge.

After the Roving Jade Heavens and the Jade Spring Skies received the news, they dispatched countless individuals here to congratulate him.

Within Yan Zhaoge’s eye, a voice resounded from within, congratulating him as well.

“Congratulations to Sovereign Yan for ascending to the Grand Virtual Realm, attaining Five Qis Unifications!” said Feng Yunsheng as she chuckled.

Yan Zhaoge immediately replied through voice transmission as he smiled, “Others are fine, but you I dare not let you refer me with that title.

If anything, I should abide by the rules and call you a Heavenly Lord instead.”

Feng Yunsheng chuckled as she said with a gentle voice, “In the past before we even reached the Martial Saint Realm, I used to call you that.”

According to the traditional tacit agreement everyone abided by since before the Great Calamity, those beneath the True Immortal Realm shan’t be named Emperor, and those beneath the Profound Immortal Realm shan’t be called Sovereign.

Those who went against these rules could be attacked by others or even incite the wrath of other Emperors or Sovereigns.

When visiting the Floating Life World in the past, Yan Zhaoge asserted dominance throughout the world, giving him the title “Sovereign Yan” in the Floating Life World.

After the Great Calamity, as civilization was being rebuilt, special items of the lower worlds were only circulated among the lower worlds.

Typically speaking, even if those of a higher plane of existence knew of it, they would only treat it as a joke and not as serious as they were before the Great Calamity.

And now, the Sovereign Yan title became fitting of his current standing.

Today, Yan Zhaoge surpassed the Profound Immortal Realm and achieved the Grand Virtual Realm, ascending to the position of a Heavenly Monarch.

Looking back to the past, more than a hundred years had passed.

Perhaps, to a mortal, this was an extremely long amount of time.

However, to martial art practitioners, it was shocking how time passed by so fast without them realizing it.

During that time, no one in the Floating Life World had even reached the Martial Saint Realm yet, yet Feng Yunsheng had a strong feeling in her heart that the “Sovereign Yan” title would ultimately belong to him one day.

And now, the time had arrived.

Sovereign Yan was merely a starting point.

“You were quicker than me,” said Yan Zhaoge with a chuckle as well.

“Mine was merely due to a coincidence.

In the future, an enormous calamity still lies in wait for me.” Feng Yunsheng’s tone remained calm as if the person about to face this calamity wasn’t herself.

Yan Zhaoge murmured, “Momentum creates heroes, while heroes create momentum.

How can one ever discern it Who can ever proclaim that they never relied on any luck in their life As for the matters of the future, no one can be certain of it.

Just do your best, and reassure your heart’s calmness.”

“Then, let us do what needs to be done right now and try our best,” said Feng Yunsheng.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “That’s right, our stepping stone of transcendence.

As long as we step over it, a brand-new world shall welcome us as we build a new era for ourselves.

Through the orthodox Daoism’s many years of accumulation after the Great Calamity, whether or not we can change our standing depends on this.

In the journey of ten thousand miles, this shall be the final step toward the goal.”

As the curtains of the ceremony dropped, some guests had yet to depart.

For example, Gao Qingxuan, Long Xingquan, and others.

Currently, all top-notch experts of the Awakened Sky Cosmos were gathered within a hall, planning for their next following move.

At the same time, outside the Awakened Sky Cosmos, a group of Buddhist experts and Demon Race Great Sages launched another encirclement toward orthodox Daoism.

Everyone was paying close attention to the forty-nine years time gap.

Over the years, the Dipankara Archaic Buddha and the others occasionally sped up or slowed down their search for the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

The citizens of the Awakened Sky Cosmos kept a low profile and reduced the instances of them leaving the cosmos.

As such, the difficulties of locating the Awakened Sky Cosmos increased significantly, not giving them a chance to secure its location.

However, now that the forty-nine years time gap had arrived, the Dipankara Archaic Buddha and the others tacitly “cooperated.” They joined hands to magnify the pursuit and oppression toward the orthodox Daoism in hopes of “forcing” Yan Zhaoge and the others into a corner, pushing them to search for the final sword.

As for the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus side, their war had never ended, making them reenact another hundred years’ war.

Just as Yan Zhaoge completed his ascension, he received a huge present from the Dipankara Archaic Buddha, the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles, and others.

Twenty-four Sea Suppressing Pearls transformed into twenty-four skies, almost entrapping the Awakened Sky Cosmos within.

However, under Yan Zhaoge’s control, the Pill Hall managed to escape before the pearl took full effect, leaving his enemies far behind.

“You’ve worked hard, senior apprentice-brother Xu,” said Yan Zhaoge as he smiled toward the Xu Fei who had just returned.

The Dipankara Archaic Buddha could locate them this time and launch their attack to almost entrap the Awakened Sky Cosmos due to Xu Fei’s trip outside.

However, these were the arrangements decided by everyone before Yan Zhaoge entered seclusion.

Normally speaking, since the forty-nine years time span was approaching, orthodox Daoism should be doing a plan of some sort.

If they didn’t bother taking any risks and quietly awaited for something, it would instead cause suspicions among the ranks of enemies.

On the other hand, Yan Zhaoge and others had to re-establish their communications with the outside world, laying the groundwork for their following actions.

“Preparation is complete,” said Xu Fei.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Then let us commence.”

He first passed the control authority of the Pill Hall and the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace over to his mother Xue Chuqing to maneuver the Pill Hall to evade the Dipankara Archaic Buddha’s encirclement as much as possible after he left the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

Xue Chuqing had already ascended to the Immortal Realm long ago, and her cultivation had already been stabilized.

Moreover, her proficiency in formation arts was highly prominent, as her familiarity with the Pill Hall was second only to Yan Zhaoge.

Hence, Yan Zhaoge wasn’t worried at all when passing the control over to her.

Yan Zhaoge wasn’t in a hurry to conduct the ritual, to use the clues left behind in the Lord of Daoist Ways’ remains to “search” for the Immortal Ending Sword.

He left the Sky beyond Skies and then the Awakened Sky Cosmos along with Yan Di, Xu Fei, and Gao Qingxuan.

They separated their pathways.

Feng Yunsheng temporarily left Yan Zhaoge’s eye, fading into the void just as other Daoism Heavenly Immortals did.

After Yan Zhaoge and the others bid their farewell, they disappeared deep into the void’s boundless outskirts.

As the group took action, undercurrents were also looming in other places.

After the Pill Hall escaped from their net once again, the Dipankara Archaic Buddha wasn’t disheartened at all.

He nonchalantly returned to the Western Pure Lands.

“The time is ripe.

It seems like thy plan hath been accomplished.” The Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva sighed.

The Dipankara Archaic Buddha smiled and said, “With so much karma in betwixt, things won’t go as planned.

I merely made as much preparations as I could.”

“Since this involves the Three Clears Lineage, I shan’t involve myself within.

Prithee does as thee wish.” The Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva shook his head.

After pressing his hands together, he turned around and left.

The Diankara Archaic Buddha smiled as he returned the salute by pressing his hands as well.

Then, he headed toward the central Land of Buddhism by the Western Pure Lands.

“I desire a meeting with the Nine Underworlds.

Therefore, I implore thee to confer upon me an incarnation, allowing me to pass through the hurdles,” said the Dipankara Archaic Buddha with his palms pressed together.

A green lotus silently flew out from the Land of Buddhism and landed in front of the Dipankara Archaic Buddha.

The Dipankara Archaic Buddha kept the green lotus.

After thanking the Ancestral Buddha, he left immediately.

The Nine Underworlds’ location wasn’t as obscure as the Tu**a Palace.

Even without the Amitabha Buddha’s guidance, the Dipankara Archaic Buddha knew where to go.

Of course, he didn’t have to head to the Nine Underworlds personally.

After leaving the Western Pure Lands, he sat by the void, and a thought flashed across his mind.

In almost an instant, the flare within the complete form of Buddha light hanging by the Dipankara Archaic Buddha’s head quivered slightly.

Green smokes arose from the flare, instantly transforming into a vibrant color.

The vibrant smokes condensed to form the projection of an old man and stood face-to-face with the Dipankara Archaic Buddha, “Long time no see, fellow Daoist.

Why have you suddenly decided to meet me today”

“Long time no see.” The Dipankara Archaic Buddha looked at the Primordial Heart Devil and smiled as he said, “Naturally, I came here to discuss something.”


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