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Chapter 1586: Demons and Buddhas Joining Forces

By the distant void, demonic winds and buddha lights suddenly appeared, obstructing the path of Yan Zhaoge’s group.

Yan Zhaoge and the others weren’t surprised at all.

The reason why their foes could catch up to them was more or less due to their intentional leaking of location, as well as the clues they deliberately left behind.

Menacing Demonic winds permeated the surroundings, engulfing the entire universe within its embrace as if it were about to devour Yan Zhaoge’s group.

At that moment, lightning bolts exploded within the void, causing lightning to surge everywhere, forming a seemingly independent world.

While protecting Yan Zhaoge and the others within, it isolated them from the Demonic winds.

The winds and lightning clashed against each other incessantly, producing tremendous collision force toward the surroundings.

A Demon Race Great Sage was currently not backing down from confronting the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

The two Grand Heavenly Realm experts retaliated against each other and clashed together using their weapons.

Under the two’s confrontation, the marvelousness of their abstruse concept canceled each other out, causing their true form to appear in front of Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Amidst the field of thunder, an old man in Daoist robes who wore a crown was standing beyond the Nine Heavens.

The bolts of lightning were like chariots carrying him, along with wreaths of fragrant clouds scattered about.

This was a Jade Clear lineage pathway, one created on his own accord.

Under his control, the rampaging bolts of lightning remained in an orderly manner as they established the chaos.

The lightning brought changes to space, caused the Five Elements to circulate, caused myriad to germinate, caused yin and yang to intertwine, interchanged day and night, along with various other subtle laws.

The laws of myriad were fully presented amidst the thunderclap.

This was one of Daoism’s Heavenly Court Divine Palace’s Four Imperials – the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

A towering figure stood the opposite of the sea of lightning, who was currently enshrouded within his frigid Demonic winds.

He stood like a man and was clad in armor while wearing a silver helmet.

He wielded a Crescent-Moon Shovel, and his voice was like a crane warbling throughout the Nine Heavens.

From afar, it seemed like only a face was present.

As one approached closer, they would realize that all four sides were filled with faces as well.

There were eyes in front and at the back, allowing him to descry in all eight directions; A mouth by his left and a mouth by his right, allowing him to verbalize in all eight mouths.

“Nine-Headed Great Sage…” After making out his appearance, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes squinted.

The one currently confronting the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor was a Demon Race Great Sage called the Nine-Headed Bug.

Back during the Middle Journey to the West era, his name was already one of reverence.

Belonging to an Anomalocaris, he was a Nine Phoenix Divine Bird who attained the dao during the Ancient era.

His other nicknames included the Ghost Vehicle or the Nine-Headed Bird.

During the Middle era, Yang Jian, also known as Yang Erlang, almost slew him.

Consequently, he was forced into seclusion to heal himself.

It wasn’t until this era that he finally emerged into the world once again.

His vengeance prevailed, and he sought revenge against Yang Jian.

When looking at this Nine-Headed Bug, both Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di’s expressions darkened.

About a hundred years ago, Daoism was met with the catastrophe of Extinct Devils.

That was when the Water Devil, the Earth Devil, and the Devil of Aged Metal attempted to reincarnate using Daoism successors as their vessels.

Yan Zhaoge and the others laid down preparations to vanquish this Devilish catastrophe, yet was met with the Nine-Headed Bug’s interference, along with the group of Great Demons he brought along.

In the end, Yan Zhaoge’s plan failed at the very last instant, causing Chen Xuanzong, Jie Mingkong, and Chu Lili to remain by death’s door even until now.

They remained frozen in ice, unable to be liberated even after so long.

When looking at the Nine-Headed Bug, Yan Zhaoge was reminded of the three’s smiling faces.

Frigid radiances beamed at the back of his eyes.

When checking the others that came along with the Nine-Headed Bug, he saw another familiar face.

Dressed as a Daoist, he wore a gorgeous red crown and a dark robe embellished with black linings.

In addition, he wore a pair of green clouded shoes and tied a yellow sash by his waist.

This old man’s face was filled with rage.

An array of stars seemed to be present within his eyes.

While he seemed like one who had attained the complete form of dao, his entire body was permeating with Demonic qi.

The Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch.

While he had yet to ascend to the Grand Heavenly Realm, the mightiness of his Demonic arts made even Grand Heavenly Realms incapable of subduing him.

He was truly considered as one of the strongest within the Grand Virtual Realm.

Back when Yan Zhaoge and the others moved the Roving Jade Heavens into the Pill Hall, this old centipede and other Great Demons interfered with the process.

The two were practically no strangers to each other anymore.

And today, they met once again.

Other than the two Great Demons, Buddha lights were surging.

A total of three Buddhist Bhantes were standing a distance away from the Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch, but it was apparent that they came here for Yan Zhaoge and the others as well.

The Buddhist Bhante in the middle was sitting in a lotus position.

His right hand formed the Abhayamudra pattern, while his left hand held a lotus flower, with a Cintamani Pearl placed atop the lotus.

While this was their first encounter, Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, and Gao Han recognized him – the famous Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva of orthodox Buddhism.

A top-notch Buddhist expert of the Grand Virtual Realm and the Abbot of the Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Temple.

The Buddhist Bhante standing by the left of the Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva held a huge pouch in his hand and had a smile on his face.

His face seemed as if he was filled to the brim with joy and was drunk within the ardor of happiness in him.

The Buddhist Bhante by the right was sitting on the floor in a lotus position as well.

He dug his ear using one hand as if he was merely leisurely enjoying himself.

“Pouch Sac Arhat, Ear Digging Arhat…” Gao Han smiled, “Buddhism proclaims that Arhats are individuals who have attained enlightenment.

However, using Daoism’s way of judging, perhaps we should call you all Bodhisattvas instead, right”

The Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva standing by the opposite calmly said, “Greetings to the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.”

Within the void, the southern Extremity Longevity Emperor sitting on the lightning chariot said, “No need to be respectful, and no need to waste your words.

Since we’ve met each other today, a brawl is inevitable.

So do as you please, fellow Daoists.”

His voice was like the lightning of penance from the Nine Heavens, striking fear in everyone’s hearts as it cleansed the worldly sins from the earth.

Yet, it was also as gentle as a drizzle, so tender, silent, and so delicate to the heart.

The two contradicting feelings intertwined together, forming a charisma unique only to him.

As he finished speaking, he didn’t bother wasting any more time and unleashed his bolts of lightning toward the surroundings.

The Demonic winds swelled, obstructing the lightning’s advancement.

The Nine-Headed Bug said, “You fools.

To trick us, you even dare stake yourself personally But, since your traces have already been found, how could we ever let you escape”

“There’s no need to search for the Awakened Sky Hall and the Immortal Ending Sword anymore.

By taking you all down, everything shall become mine.

What’s more, the Three Clear Lineage shall face its impending doom as well.

With just one battle, all shall be settled!”

Yan Di said coldly, “I’m afraid you aren’t capable of such feat.”

“Ignorant brat.” The Nine Headed Bug laughed, “What do you think Grand Heavenly Realms are”

“Once the information was sent out, we’re already aware of where you all are.

To my peers, if we aren’t aware of your location, then all is fine and dandy.

Now that we’re aware, other than that jarring minority, who else won’t be rushing here”

As if to prove his words, the surrounding void instantly showed signs of warping.

More than one silhouette had concealed within, seemingly about to descend upon this area from thin air.

“Your excitement came a little too early.” The lightning around the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor expanded in a rampageous manner.

The light screens became fainter and fainter, yet it didn’t break despite its fragile appearance, as if it was a giant bubble.

Then, it instantly engulfed the two Demons and three Buddhas within.

Under the lightning’s enshroudment, the Demonic winds and the Buddha lights couldn’t leak out at all.

“Nice technique!” The Nine-Headed Great Sage was enraged, and he immediately lifted his Crescent-Moon Shovel, slamming it straight toward the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

At the same time, all nine of his heads bellowed toward the skies.

With his beckoning, boundless gusts of strong winds arose, howling toward the lightning screen that surrounded them.

The bolts of lightning were blasted continuously and shattered one after another.

However, the instant a bolt of lightning dispersed, another was immediately created as if its supply was infinite.

In the end, it stood its ground against the gusts of wind.

Yan Zhaoge looked toward his opponents’ side, yet he saw that the three Buddhist Bhantes remained as calm as ever.

Their expressions remained unfazed, and no hints of panic could be seen.

The Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva softly chanted the Buddhism mantra, causing the Cintamani Pearl atop the lotus to glow with radiance.

The radiance became brighter and brighter until it finally overshadowed the Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva’s Buddha lights with its brightness as if it could shine the entire boundless cosmos with its brilliance.

“O’Benevolent Buddha, how art thou, Daoist Southern Extremity.” A silhouette slowly walked out from the radiance.

The Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva of the Grand Heavenly Realm!


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