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Chapter 1592: Nothing Would Be Obtained If No Risks Were Taken


Dingguang Joyous Buddha, also known as the Long Ears Dingguang Immortal during the Ancient era.

After turning his back on Daoism’s Prime Clear lineage, he joined the Western Religion of Buddhism, becoming a Buddha within the central Blessed Lands of Saha.

When the Maitreya Buddha changed the central Blessed Lands of Saha into the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, a riot transpired within Buddhism, which deeply wounded the Dingguang Joyous Buddha till the point where he dropped back to the Grand Virtual Realm.

His foundations were damaged, and he saw no light for him to return to his prime self.

In the end, to return to the Grand Heavenly Realm, he entered the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus and finally attained heretical Buddhism enlightenment.

In the past, he was tasked with protecting the Six Souls Banner and went ahead to flee alongside the banner.

Hence, the Dipankara Archaic Buddha and the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles immediately thought of him.

Hearing the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles and other Great Demons still referring to the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus as the central Blessed Lands of Saha, the Dipankara Archaic Buddha showed no reaction and merely quietly awaited from aside.

After receiving a response, the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles frowned and said, “According to the Dingguang Joyous Buddha, the Six Souls Banner could have been placed back within the Roving Jade Palace.”

“We implore Daoist Dingguang to aid us in searching for it, “said the Dipankara Archaic Buddha while pressing his palms together.

The Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva and other Buddhist Bhantes stood behind him, their expressions filled with solemnity and sternness.

The Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles didn’t bother wasting any time and immediately ordered others to contact the Dingguang Joyous Buddha.

As the two different factions of troops stood together, an overbearing feeling permeated through their surrounding.

The Ear Digging Arhat had perished, resulting in the Buddhists’ current sour expressions.

As for the Demon Race, the Nine-Headed Bug and the Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch were also gritting their teeth.

Thinking back to the sufferings he experienced when Yan Zhaoge and the others were searching for the Immortal Extermination Sword, the Drake Headed Immortal was seething with rage.

“The Six Souls Banner and the Immortal Extermination Sword might be important, but let’s focus on capturing these scoundrels of Daoism first.” The Nine-Headed Great Sage said coldly, “Their speed of expansion had been far too quick during the past century.”

The Dipankara Archaic Buddha said, “Naturally.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t have joined forces to pursue them during the past few decades.”

Currently, everyone’s hatred was directed toward the same target.

However, all of them had their thoughts hidden deep within their hearts.

“If it wasn’t for Lu Ya reminding us, we might’ve been tricked by these swindlers.” The Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles thought, “Let’s see what show you’ll be putting on.

After you start your fight against the Immortal Court’s Three Clear successors, our peers shall put you all to rest together.”

After successfully escaping, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the “Earth Queen” disappeared within the void.

Yan Zhaoge retracted the Immortal Extermination Sword, “Alright, time for our next step to commence.”

“Such a pity that the Elder Lord didn’t point out where the Roving Jade Palace’s coordinates were.” Gao Han sighed, “Otherwise, if the Six Souls Banner was really in the Roving Jade Palace, and our peers could locate it, then that would’ve been a great opportunity for us.”

“Whether the Six Souls Banner is still present within or not is still an uncertainty.

Let’s think about it later and focus on what’s in front of us for now,” said Yan Zhaoge.

“Please do everything to your heart’s will, you two.” Gao Han smiled and said, “I shall continue laying down deceptionary illusions around here and continue fulfilling my role till the end until everything finally dies down.”

“We thank you for your contributions, Daoist Gao.” Yan Zhaoge said, “If you have the time, do consider joining the final fun.

After all, this matter is related to Daoism’s future, and whether we succeed or not depends solely on this.”

Gao Han smiled and said, “As you said, if I can, I shall do my best to participate in it.

Only, I’m not as ubiquitous as a Grand Heavenly Immortal.

Hopefully, I won’t miss the timing.”

“Well then, we shall take our leave.

Take care, Daoist Gao.” Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di transformed into rays of radiances, and they disappeared into the depths of the cosmos.

Gao Han watched as they left and murmured, “Is the Immortal Extermination Formation really going to appear once more”

After leaving Gao Han, Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di started hiding their traces and went to the rendezvous point to meet Xu Fei and Gao Qingxuan.

Upon meeting each other, Gao Qingxuan didn’t bother wasting any time and immediately took out an ancient sword flickering with red radiances.

Only, a talisman was pasted onto the Immortal Trapping Sword’s hilt.

Yan Zhaoge passed the Immortal Extermination Sword over to Gao Qingxuan and received the Immortal Ending Sword.

He immediately took out the clue obtained from the Lord of Daoist Ways’ cave manor and commenced his ritual conduction to search for the final Immortal Ending Sword.

While they knew that the Immortal Ending Sword was still with the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Immortal Court, they still had to fulfill their parts of the act.

Since he intended on luring Yan Zhaoge and the others, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord would naturally have to lay down the bait.

He couldn’t possibly be bringing the Immortal Ending Sword along with him while fighting against the Future Buddha.

Currently, the Immortal Ending Sword should’ve been left alone within an abandoned part of the void’s boundless outskirts.

Of course, that abandoned part must have been modified by the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord as well.

As long as Yan Zhaoge and the others got closer to it, what awaited them would be a massive wave of turbulence.

In fact, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord might relinquish the Humanly Essence Stone fragment and personally descend as well.

However, to those of Daoism, no rewards would be obtained if they dared not risk themselves.

Hence, they would have to locate it first.

The conduct of this ritual would most definitely alert their opponents, while their opponents would silently wait for Yan Zhaoge and the others to fall for the trap.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge and the others knew exactly what their opponents were thinking as well.

Everyone was well aware of this, yet these stageplays still had to continue onward for the sake of their survival.

“Let’s go!” After finishing the ritual, Yan Zhaoge kept the newly-created talisman and used it as guidance to lead the way forward.

Their destination was a vast Starry River.

As the constellations surged about, monumental pulses of water could be seen flowing about within the void.

Despite being situated within the frigid cosmos, it never froze; Despite nearing the scorching stars, it never evaporated.

The river continued flowing incessantly, combining with other stars to form a vast Heavenly River.

Yan Zhaoge and the others were incredibly captivated by the astonishing sight they had just witnessed.

“After the Great Calamity, the flow of the Heavenly River had been cut off.

Never have I imagined that such a vast water vein still existed,” said Gao Qingxuan baffled with astonishment.

“Looking at its scale and comparing it to the older archives, its size isn’t comparable to the Heavenly River of the past.

But, it should’ve been formed by the remaining parts of the Heavenly River that collapsed.” After observing for a while, Yan Zhaoge said, “Compared to the Starry River Tributary where Senior Hu Tongming perished in, this one is much more majestic.”

He chuckled, “The Immortal Court truly went through great lengths for us.”

Yan Zhaoge was proficient in the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, which required a vast water vein for him to lay it down.

The place in front of him seemed like an area of nature that allowed him to do so.

Even if the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, the Nine-Headed Bug, or even the Dipankara Archaic Buddha, the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles, were to arrive, Daoism would have the prowess to fight back.

However, Yan Zhaoge didn’t think so.

The true dominators of this area should be the Immortal Court.

Yan Zhaoge’s Nine Bends Yellow River Formation originated from the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace.

The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord might have the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation’s blueprint.

Whether it was the Future Buddha or the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, they could easily break through this formation.

Yet, there was no Dao Ancestor to preside over Daoism.

Indeed, Yan Zhaoge was proficient in the ways of formation.

However, Virtual Immortal fighting against a Dao Ancestor for the control of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation was way too far-fetched.

Fortunately, Daoism wasn’t just limited to this possibility.

“Humans will truly do anything for survival…” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin and laughed in a self-mockery manner as he stepped into the Heavenly River’s water vein.


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