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Chapter 1597: Two Strands of Strings

“Creating thine own path, venturing in solitude.

Only ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm a century ago, yet such almightiness thou possess.

If more time was granted upon thee, what kind of sight wouldst I behold” The Dipankara Archaic Buddha stared at Suo Mingzhang, who was blasting the Sea Suppressing Pearls.

Then, he sighed and said, “When looking at thee, I am reminded of Sun Wukong and Yang Jian at times of yore.”

All twenty-four Sea Suppressing Pearls returned to his side, as twenty-four heavens seemed to encompass the void.

After the Dipankara Archaic Buddha temporarily retracted their mightiness, the stagnant Starry River finally flowed once more.

Suo Mingzhang stared at the Sea Suppressing Pearls with peculiar amusement.

Rather than intentions of retreating, his gaze leaked with his desire to fight them.

On the other hand, the archaic Buddha stashed away the flares in the complete form of Buddha Light behind his head.

The purple and golden flares disappeared, leaving only the grey one behind.

Within the dusk grey flare, a Buddhist stupa containing a myriad of lives appeared, projecting the countless phenomena which transpired during a samsara cycle.

The profundities of laws contained within were much more profound than the Samsara Sword Manual, which the Sword Buddha and his disciple – Qu Su cultivated.

“Daoist Suo, calm down first.” The Dipankara Archaic Buddha said, “As per my knowledge, thy priority is placed mainly on cultivation, and venturing in thy path of martial arts.

The battle for Daoism is of no significance to thee at all.”

“The reason for thy hatred toward the Immortal Court wasnt for thyself, but instead because of thy partner who perished by the hands of the Immortal Court martial art practitioners.

Am I right”

Suo Mingzhang coldly stared at the Dipankara Archaic Buddha and remained silent.

The Dipankara Archaic Buddha didnt mind his silence.

He smiled and said, “At Daoisms side, the Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lord hath perished, while Emperor Yamaraja ceased to exist any longer.

No one there can break through the limits of reincarnation, but the West has the Jizo Bodhisattva and me.”

“If her form disintegrated, and her soul dissipated, making her doomed unable to reincarnate, then I wouldnt have mentioned it.

Howbeit, thy partner still has a cadaver left behind, no”

His tone was calm, yet his words were like a landmine which shocked everyone present, “While many years may have passed, a sliver of hope still remains…”

As soon as his words came out, everyone present had their hearts shuddered, be it allies or foes.

All of them looked toward Suo Mingzhang.

“Unfortunately, the price of exchange isnt something Junhuang is willing to see.” The short-haired mans calm voice interrupted the Dipankara Archaic Buddhas words, “Do you want me to watch her commit suicide and perish once more”

The archaic Buddha sunk into silence for a while.

Then, he finally shook his head and sighed, “So be it.

If she werent so strong-headed and decisive, she wouldnt have perished.”

Suo Mingzhang wasted no more time and looked at the Dipankara Archaic Buddha.

His figure wreathed in fire enlarged while striding toward the twenty-four heavens manifested by the Sea Suppressing Pearls.

As the Dipankara Archaic Buddha utilized the Sea Suppressing Pearls, his gaze shifted to the Qin of Fuxi within Bhikkhu Xuan Dus embrace, “Such fine plan from Daoist Lu Ya.

Only, the Qin of Fuxi still has its time limit.”

“…The Nine Underworlds” Bhikkhu Xuan Dus eyes flickered.

The Dipankara Archaic Buddha smiled without answering.

Above the lofty boundless void, in an infinitely far away distance existing in a different plane, a jade door and a white lotus were brawling against each other.

Suddenly, a green lotus appeared out of nowhere.

At almost the same time, an ancient bronze bell appeared and went up against the green lotus.

Both sides challenged each other without giving way.

As the fight was going on, an ancient jet-black mirror suddenly appeared.

Back then, this ancient jet-black mirror once fought against the bronze bell.

Later, after the green lotus appeared, the bronze bell and the lotus joined forces together to force back the black mirror.

However, their current standpoint had changed drastically.

The jet-black mirror took action once again.

As spotless white mirror radiances converged, they shone toward the ancient bell.

The ancient bell tolled, its deafening resonance blasting away the spotless mirror radiances.

The black mirror didnt relax and continued fighting against the ancient bell.

Being hindered by the black mirror, the bronze bell couldnt deal with the green lotus any longer.

The green lotus floated away and descended downward.

As it escaped from this boundlessly lofty plane, it started its descent toward the mortal realms vast void!

Within the Heavenly River, an intense skirmish was still ongoing.

Black winds stormed rapidly while sword qis skyrocketed.

The entire Starry River was being distorted incessantly.

Moreover, horrifying phenomena were constantly occurring within.

However, at that moment, both sides had their hearts shuddered.

Everyones gazes looked in the same direction.

There, within the river, a green lotus suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The green lotus had yet to bloom, yet the chantings of Buddhism doctrines here instantly blasted sonorously, causing ones heart to shiver in fear.

“Amitabha!” Everyone was shocked.

Bhikkhu Xuan Du raised the Qin of Fuxi high, while the three remaining strings left on the qin were shivering incessantly.

With a snapping voice, another string snapped apart!

Radiances shone, instantly permeating through the surrounding, manifesting a gigantic Early Heaven Eight Trigrams Diagram, engulfing the entire Heavenly River within its area of coverage.

Being enveloped within the Early Heaven Eight Trigrams Diagram, the chantings of Buddhist doctrines lowered in volume.

The green lotus continued undulating within the river but had no way of moving around.

Yan Zhaoge and the others were filled with momentary relief.

Only a weight was still pressing onto their hearts.

Amitabha, one of the worlds oldest and also one of the strongest existences.

Leader of the Western Pure Lands, and also one of the two Buddhism Patriarchs.

Such a Dao Realm bigwig had decided to join the fray and was about to descend into this realm.

As his long-time opponent, the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi couldnt possibly stay still and watch as Amitabha descended upon this realm to take away the Immortal Extermination Formation.

Unless someone held the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi back.

For someone capable of holding back the Eastern Sovereign, that person must be in the same realm as well.

Relating Bhikkhu Xuan Dus previous mentioning of the Nine Underworlds, that persons identity became crystal clear.

One of the Nine Underworlds Ancestral Devils – the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil who was also in the Dao Realm!

He suddenly joined into the fray and aided Amitabha in holding back the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

While Amitabha was confronting the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord was confronting the Future Buddha, the Vast Freedom Devil couldnt possibly come here himself to snatch the Immortal Extermination Formation away.

If he did so, the other four Dao Ancestors would immediately forgo their battle and work together to suppress the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil.

Compared to orthodox Daoism who had no Dao Ancestors presiding over it, the Nine Underworlds were far more fearsome.

Moreover, this might even involve the Primordial Heavenly Devil and the Doomsday Heavenly Devil.

However, even without taking the Immortal Extermination Formation, this didnt imply that the Nine Underworlds couldnt reap their benefits during this storm of events, using this opportunity to trade for other stuff.

Hence, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil took part in this battle, allowing Amitabha to descend into the Heavenly River!

While the Qin of Fuxi hindered him, the hindrance would only last but for a moment.

As time went by, the radiances released from the Early Heavenly Eight Trigrams Diagram gradually dimmed down, just like before.

“There are still two more strings…” The hearts of everyone in Daoism sank.

Yan Zhaoge turned his head to look at the Incongruence Divine Mother.

The Incongruence Divine Mother shut her eyes, and neither spoke nor moved as if everything that happened outside had no relation to her at all.

Her only focus was placed on the pair of swords in front of her.

Radiances shone from the Green Duckweed Sword, while the jade radiances emitted from the Immortal Ending Sword grew dimmer and dimmer.

She was already on the verge of succeeding.

As long as the jade radiances dispersed from the Immortal Ending Sword, they could choose to bring this sword away or throw it into the Immortal Extermination Formation.

However, at that very moment, Demonic winds arose within the Heavenly River.

Sinister Demonic qis started permeating through the universe.

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