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Despite his previous opponent – the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor’s disappearance, the Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal could not feel any sense of relief because another ray of Five-Colored Divine Brilliance was already plunging toward him.

Being startled, the Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal quickly hurled his hammer.

Wherever the hammer passed through, the void would be ripped apart, while the hammer’s might would crush stars.

The power it contained was so strong that even the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor had to be wary of it as well.

This was the Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal’s treasured artifact – the Chaotic Origin Hammer.

While its reputation was average at best, its mightiness came close to the Lord of Broad Accomplishment’s well-renowned Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

However, as Mahamayuri’s Five-Colored Divine Brilliance was scattered, the Chaotic Origin Hammer was also impounded.

“Fellow Daoist.

Seeing how we both suffered so much from Daoist Zhunti’s hands in the past, please let me go this once,” said the Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal helplessly.

Mahamayuri nodded, “Stand aside, and I won’t.”

The Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal hurriedly backed away, while Kong Xuan saw someone else eagerly heading toward him.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya was forced into retreat by the monkey.

All cumulative wounds suffered throughout the years exploded in that instant, causing his Essence of Departed Flame to spew out all-encompassingly like a mist of blood.

Then, as the golden clouds billowed, the monkey instantly landed in front of Mahamayuri, standing in between him and the Immortal Extermination Formation!

Upon seeing this monkey, Mahamayuri’s composed expression changed a little.

With a slight tinge of pity, he said, “My condolences to his cultivation, all gone in a single night.

Even after merging, thou art but a mere clay doll.”

“While I also feel some condolences, the Great Sage himself was happy for his liberation.” The monkey spoke, with the North Ocean Clone’s voice resounding, “As for whether we are clay dolls or not, make your judgment after fighting.”

As he spoke, the monkey lifted the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel and slammed it straight toward Mahamayuri’s head!

Mahamayuri instantly scattered his Five-Colored Divine Brilliances.

Being basked in the brilliance, the monkey’s size shrunk, and he was also about to be impounded.

Golden clouds arose beneath the monkey’s feet.

With a somersault, he jumped out from the Five-Colored Divine Brilliances’ area of coverage.

However, instead of backing away, he continued lunging toward Mahamayuri.

Mahamayuri remained unfazed, and his Five-Colored Divine Brilliances shone once again.

The monkey was impounded by the divine brilliance once more.

He slammed the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel in his hand into the shining void beneath.

“Elongate! Elongate! Elongate!” Amidst his furious bellow, the monkey’s size surged explosively along with the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

Then, he slammed his cudgel straight toward the lush green radiances within the Five-Colored Divine Brilliance.

The ruthless Divine Suppressing Iron caused the lush green radiances to dilute a little.

The monkey leaped and jumped out of the Five-Colored Divine Brilliance once again.

However, he still chose not to retreat.

After lifting the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel, he slammed it toward Mahamayuri once again.

The distance between the two grew incredibly close.

Even as the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel was about to strike, Mahamayuri remained unmoving and stood pridefully on the same spot.

The Five-Colored Divine Brilliances plunged the third time, devouring the monkey again.

With a lengthy howl, gold radiances quivered while the monkey’s figure sundered suddenly, instantly causing a myriad of clones to appear.

The Five-Colored Divine Radiances enveloped them, plunging toward one monkey after another.

However, with so many monkeys present, some attacks were bound to miss.

A monkey shrunk in size and leaped out of the prison of radiance.

The instant it escaped, its figure instantly enlarged and slammed the cudgel toward Mahamayuri’s head!

As the distance between the two was fairly close, Mahamayuri was finally forced to step backward.

However, the speed of the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel suddenly increased, preventing Mahamayuri from dodging in time.

His only choice was to shift his body sideways and let his shoulder take the attack.

In that instant, his translucent Golden Body was cracked open!

However, Mahamayuri retreated no longer.

The Five-Colored Divine Brilliances shone once again, finally impounding the monkey!

Despite being shrouded within, the monkey was reluctant to yield.

The Ru Yi Golden Cudgel continued spinning in his hands, guiding along a ring of gold radiances by the edge of the cudgel, which blew away the surrounding Five-Colored Divine Brilliances.

However, Kong Xuan’s Five-Colored Divine Brilliances became denser and denser, and they continued spreading around endlessly.

As if he had sunk into a spiral, the monkey felt more and more powerless as the divine brilliance imposed more and more pressure.

As if one world after another was being created and were cumulatively crushing on him endlessly, forever perpetuating without end.

The monkey intended to escape, but Mahamayuri’s appearance changed.

The twenty-four headed and eight-armed Buddha disappeared, replaced by a Dharmakaya containing a single head and four arms.

The new Buddha had his head facing the East.

He wore a silky white garb and wore a crown on his head.

He had a necklace around his neck, a pair of earrings by his ear, an arm ring around his arm.

With all sorts of solemnity present on him, he rode on a golden King of Peacocks.

While sitting in a lotus position atop an interchanging white and green lotus, his face was brimming with compassion.

One of his right arms held a blossoming lotus, while his other right hand held a Matuluvga; A Bael fruit in his left palm, while the other hand held the tail of a peacock containing three to five stems.

The Five-Colored Divine Radiances circulated incessantly.

Through a period of brawling, the monkey’s figure was finally on the verge of disappearing.

Upon seeing this, everyone of Daoism sank into despair.

The Buddhists and Demon Race weren’t gloating as well.

Since history, among those beneath the Dao Realm, who could force Mahamayuri to this state

Only, that peacock was ultimately far too strong.

The Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord’s whereabouts were unknown, while the monkey had relinquished his cultivation.

Among other Grand Heavenly Immortals, who else could contend against Kong Xuan

“Not only did he strengthen his defense by cultivating Buddhism’s Golden Body, but even his Five-Colored Divine Radiances also became much stronger compared to the past.” Lu Ya was gravely wounded by the monkey and was temporarily unable to join the battle.

However, this didn’t affect his perception at all.

When looking at the current Kong Xuan, a flicker flashed across his gaze.

Yang Jian sunk deep into thought as well.

He originally planned on fighting Mahamayuri while letting the Great Sage Equalling Heavens deal with the other opponents.

The Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles held no advantage against the monkey as well.

However, the main problem was that despite the monkey’s strength, he was most likely unable to break through the Green Lotus Treasured Flag protecting the Victorious Fighting Buddha and the others.

Yang Jian would have to take action personally for the Victorious Fighting Buddha, the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, and the others to be held back.

Unfortunately, Mahamayuri was far too overbearing, and his Five-Colored Divine Radiances subdued even the monkey.

Only, some of Yang Jian’s attention had been diverted to the Immortal Extermination Formation.

From within, he saw Yan Zhaoge’s expression, which had remained calm even after the monkey was subdued.

Mahamayuri also noticed this Virtual Immortal’s abnormal reaction.

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly.

Mahamayuri’s expression changed abruptly.

The Five-Colored Divine Radiances circulating his body quivered intensely.

The radiances continued circulating, but an ethereal silhouette could be seen from within.

The silhouette belonged to the monkey, who was previously impounded by the Five-Colored Divine Radiances!

The monkey held the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel in one hand while holding a spiritual stone in the other hand.

The monkey roared toward the skies and sent the spiritual stone into his mouth.

And swallowed it!

Skyrocketing gold radiances surged rampantly in that instant, piercing through the Five-Colored Divine Radiances and piercing through the cosmic universe!

A wave of majestic, domineering, ruthless, and vicious strength trembled incessantly.

Causing the Heavenly River to tremble!

Causing the Buddhas’ expressions to change!

Forcing the peacock’s waist to be bent and his head to be lowered!

Mahamayuri became furious and quickly channeled his Five-Colored Divine Radiances, intending to plunge them toward the monkey once again.

However, the monkey now resembled the colossal pillar which supported the skies.

Even while standing within the Five-Colored Divine Radiances, he remained unmoving.

His surroundings seemed to have transformed into a sea of divine brilliance.

As long as Kong Xuan was willing to, he could engulf the entire Heavenly River, plunging them within as well.

However, the towering golden silhouette wasn’t affected at all.

By lifting his cudgel to the skies, he slammed it down with force capable of splitting the seas apart and created a rupture within the sea of Five-Colored Divine Radiances!


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