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Chapter 1606: Overlord of Grand Heavenly Realm!


The Ru Yi Golden Cudgel’s horrifying might caused a rupture within the Five-Colored Divine Radiances.

Projections started appearing one after another.

The North Star Emperor, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, and even the Drake-Headed Immortal and the Nine-Headed Bug previously impounded by Mahamayuri’s Five-Colored Divine Radiances managed to escape through this rupture.

As they turned around, they stared in a daze as a silhouette continued ripping apart the sea of divine brilliance.

The others watching from aside were also filled with bewilderment.

Within the Immortal Extermination Formation, Yan Zhaoge said, “The Qin of Fuxi effects can’t be activated automatically, and only works after receiving a certain response.

So while it could temporarily barricade a Dao Ancestor, it won’t seal this place entirely, which allows other Grand Heavenly Realm experts to arrive here.”

He smiled bitterly, “While the North Star Emperor came to aid us, another Mahamayuri arrived.”

Kong Xuan remained silent and merely gazed at Yan Zhaoge.

At the same time, the Five-Colored Divine Radiances around his body circulated, intending to patch up the rupture within the sea of divine brilliance, as well as subduing the monkey causing havoc from within.

The bitterness disappeared from Yan Zhaoge’s face.

With a smile, he said nonchalantly, “A hundred years ago, I caused havoc within the Immortal Court.

Thinking back, I truly felicitate my decisive action back then, which caught the Immortal Court off guard.”

“Otherwise, if they invited you to preside over them, I’d only be left with the choice of escaping a hundred years ago.

I won’t be able to kill the traitor and take revenge for my companions.”

Mahamayuri finally said, “If anything is different today, it would be that ye all are doomed to remain here.”

As he spoke, the Five-Colored Divine Radiances grew stronger.

The Five-Colored Brilliance became more and more vigorous.

The sea, seemingly able to blot the skies, was about to drown the golden silhouette within its embrace.

“Indeed, something is different today.” Yan Zhaoge remained fearless, “All of us can improve after all.”

He started counting with his fingers, “For example, even without my interference, three rays of Clear Qis alone sufficed in harnessing the Great Sage Equalling Heavens’ true form.

And, for example, the transformation period of the Great Sage Equalling Heavens’ true form can now last even longer.

Or, for example…”

Yan Zhaoge slowly said, “… Or, for example, while it might be somewhat traumatizing, I can help rekindle everyone’s memories of the past and remind all of you how strong the Great Sage Equalling Heavens was at his peak!”

Before he finished speaking, the monkey within the Five-Colored Divine Radiances bellowed once more, with clumps of golden clouds wreathing around him.

Amidst his bellow, his figure surged explosively once again, making him much larger than ever.

At the same time, two heads grew from the colossal ape’s neck, while four more arms grew beside his torso!

Three heads and six arms!

The same apish mouth, the same fiery eyes and golden pupils, and… the same Ru Yi Golden Cudgel!

The Ru Yi Golden Cudgel separated into three, with all six arms wielding them.

As the cudgels were swung around, his surroundings started crumbling into ruins!

Three pairs of fiery eyes and golden pupils, containing luminance even brighter than the stellar sun.

His humongous figure blotted the entire cosmos.

As he stood, he seemed to have trampled over the human realm and stood above the underworlds’ Yellow River.

He straightened his waist, and all three of his heads faced upward.

They broke through the confinements of the skies and swept their gazes into the empyrean stratosphere.

The three Ru Yi Golden Cudgels started striking together.

Wherever the cudgels passed through, creation ceased to exist, while the primordial form of earth, water, fire, and wind formed before the earlier heavens were shattered apart.

They started running rampant, causing the void to sink into chaos and causing the surroundings to plunge into the murky darkness, making it indiscernible from chaos itself.

When seeing the colossal ape possessing three heads and six arms, everyone’s scalps tingled, and only a few words could be uttered from their baffled mouths.

“Great! Sage! Equalling! Heavens!”

Watching the silhouette who jumped out of the Five-Colored Divine Radiances, everyone else who experienced the Ancient Investitures of the Gods era was immediately reminded of Daoist Zhunti, who also broke out of the Five-Colored Divine Radiances’ confinement in the past.

Mahamayuri’s expression turned serious, but a dazzling blaze seemed to have kindled within his eyes as well.

Raging flames blazed across his gigantic Dharmakaya Golden Body.

While his Five-Colored Divine Radiances circulated speedily and swiftly, he went up against the Great Sage Equalling Heavens’ Ru Yi Golden Cudgels!

After the Middle era where the Great Sage Equalling Heavens wreaked havoc within the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace and fought intensely against the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor, the battle between the two apexes of the Grand Heavenly Realm transpired once again!

Great Sage Equalling Heavens against Mahamayuri!

With the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor gone, this battle would decide the overlord of the Grand Heavenly Realm!

In the battle between apexes, the two sides didn’t give a care about their surroundings.

Instead, they clashed against each other without restraints, eradicating all forms of objects in their vicinity.

The gigantic Heavenly River was instantly broken apart!

The flowing river and the orbiting stars were all obliterated into nothingness.

The spatial void outside of the Heavenly River’s water vein was also affected by the ripples of their attacks.

Space collapsed into a single point, causing a myriad of things, time, and space to converge together in one single spot.

This tiny dot quickly expanded once more, causing the Great Sage Equalling Heavens and Mahamayuri’s silhouettes to reappear.

The Great Sage Equalling Heavens was highly energetic.

With a long bellow, his six arms waved the three Ru Yi Golden Cudgels around, and he lunged toward Kong Xuan, causing another round of brawl to occur.

Kong Xuan’s Golden Body had already started shining dimly, but his Five-Colored Divine Radiances remained as vigorous as ever.

When confronting the Great Sage Equalling Heavens, he chose not to back down and commanded his Five-Colored Divine Radiances to plunge toward his foe.

The two fought till the sky lost its brilliance.

One of them channeled the Five-Colored Divine Radiances incessantly, intending to encapsulate his foe within the brilliance which churned unendingly.

The other one barraged his foe by continuously striking with the cudgel.

Blasting away the divine brilliance encircling him, he focused on his opponent’s weakness and slammed his Ru Yi Golden Cudgels toward the predetermined spot.

Watching the dazzling battle transpiring, everyone else entered a trance state.

“Truly an unforgettable memory.” The third eye by Yang Jian’s forehead blinked continuously as he stared at the three-headed and six-armed silhouette, “That was the Earthly Essence Stone, right Is he able to withstand it now”

The gazes of the North Star Emperor and the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor were highly complex.

When the Great Sage Equalling Heavens incurred havoc within the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace during the Middle era, the two were also among the witnesses.

The reason for the Great Sage Equalling Heavens’ mightiness wasn’t merely due to his indestructible Demonic form, which allowed him to remain imperishable even when facing countless retributions.

Even without the Earthly Essence Stone’s indestructible effect, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens’ innate talents and ability in offense, defense, and swiftness already made him one of history’s strongest beings.

Back when brawling against the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor, the ripples of their brawls caused the underworld to crumble!

Previously, even before returning to his prime state, he could already force Dao Monarch Lu Ya into such a sorry state.

Now that he could finally bear the Earthly Essence Stone and returned to his prime state, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens clashed directly against Mahamayuri’s Five-Colored Divine Radiances without backing down in the slightest.

Just with the ripples released from the two’s clash, the sky toppled while the earth crumbled.

“When fighting against someone like senior apprentice-brother, his indestructible Demonic form would dictate whether their battle will end in a tie or if he would remain triumphant.” The Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles’ gaze flickered.

Currently, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens was relying on his indestructible Demonic form to escape from the Five-Colored Divine Radiances’ confinement.

However, once the Five-Colored Divine Radiances were broken through, how many attacks could Mahamayuri withstand

While no victor had been decided as of now, everyone could vaguely guess how the battle would end if it were dragged on any longer.

Without any Dao Realms present, the world shall heed my behest.

The current overlord of Grand Heavenly Realm was ultimately still the Great Sage Equalling Heavens – Sun Wukong!

“Ultimately, he is still not the true Sun Wukong…” The Dipankara Archaic Buddha stared at the battle, “With his current form, the period he can sustain this form wouldst be even shorter.

It all depends on whether Kong Xuan can withstand this ordeal.”

At that moment, the Earlier Heavens Eight Trigram Diagram originally enveloping the universe was on the verge of vanishing.

Even with how intense the battle within the Heavenly River was, the green lotus remained unscathed and retained its tranquility.

Its petals moved slightly and showed signs of blooming.

A “snap” resounded from the Qin of Fuxi in Bhikkhu Xuan Du’s embrace.

The last strand finally snapped.


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