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Chapter 16: Being made a scapegoat

After stepping outside of the central flow zone and being stimulated by the dense murderous qi outside, the unconscious Chao Yuanlong rapidly regained consciousness.

Having woken up, Chao Yuanlong’s consciousness instantly began to replay his battle with Yan Zhaoge.

Within his sea of consciousness, there were still a multitude of excuses, but the reality of the situation became enormous and crashed down into his mind.

Thinking back to the time when he was exchanging blows with Yan Zhaoge, Chao Yuanlong felt like there was a fire in the pit of his stomach.

Compared to his rage back then, the puzzlement he was feeling now was even more pronounced.

Since when did Yan Zhaoge become so formidable

Was this still the same Yan Zhaoge that he had clashed with before

At this meeting, Yan Zhaoge also had improvements in his cultivation, which was well within Chao Yuanlong’s expectations.

However, the scope and breadth of this improvement had toppled over Chao Yuanlong’s worldview.

Having regained his consciousness, his cheeks still burned with a fiery pain.

Thinking back on the events that had just transpired, an intense sense of anger and humiliation rose up within him.

After examining the condition of his body, Chao Yuanlong became further enraged.

Even with his sect being present, he had been expelled from the central flow region by Yan Zhaoge.

He fixed his gaze on the present Sun Saint Sect disciples, and opened his mouth wanting to speak.

However, it was as if the words were stuck in his chest and he was unable to utter a single sound.

The crowd of Sun Saint Sect disciples each lowered their heads, afraid the meet the gaze of Chao Yuanlong.

Even though he had been injured by Yan Zhaoge and his palm had been pierced through, Chao Yuanlong was not someone that regular disciples like them could provoke.

Chao Yuanlong was renowned for his harsh temperament, and it was apparent that he was presently in a wrathful mood.

Anyone who set him off at this time would have to bear the consequences*.

*TL note: Lit.

if you can’t eat everything, you’ll have to bring it home.

Funny sounding Chinese idiom that basically means you’ll have to bear the consequences

It’s just that the fear and veneration the other disciples had for Chao Yuanlong had now transformed to just fear without the veneration.

There were several people who, though they didn’t dare to outwardly express it, actually scorned Chao Yuanlong in their hearts : “Even after being beat up by that Broad Creek Sect’s Yan Zhaoge like a bastard grandson, he still dares to posture in front of us.”

“If you have skills, why don’t you try to show them off in front of Yan Zhaoge’s face Truly a case of *the soft fearing the hard.”

TL note: Fairly self-explanatory idiom, meaning that fakes/noobs can’t match up to the real deal

“The current circumstances—aren’t they simply the consequence of you not being able to beat Yan Zhaoge If it was the other way around, we’d be the ones kicking them out of the central flow region.”

Chao Yuanlong took a deep breath, willing himself to remain more level-headed.

For a split second, he really had wanted to head back and put his life on the line to fight Yan Zhaoge.

After being so deeply humiliated, why didn’t he perish in battle for that one last fleeting moment of joy

However, from the results of their recent conflict, Chao Yuanlong couldn’t help but become even more depressed.

That was precisely because he realized that even if he wanted to fight a life and death battle, he might not be able to fulfill that desire.

Rather, it was more likely that he would face another humiliation.

The gap between them was unexpectedly so large—if his temperament was not so tough and unyielding, he would feel hopeless.

“The task entrusted by Xiao shixiong, we’ve spent so much time and effort to finally get some positive results.

Shouldn’t we try to get that task completed first” a Sun Saint Sect disciple gently suggested.

The latter half of that sentence wasn’t actually what he meant—in reality he wanted to say: “Xiao shixiong will be arriving at the Sealing Dragon Abyss soon, and at that time we’ll go looking for that Yan Zhaoge to get revenge.”

However, in order to refrain from provoking Chao Yuanlong, he refrained from saying this sentence.

Chao Yuanlong wasn’t stupid though—how could he not understand the hidden intent hidden in the other’s words

He swept his gaze over the other disciples.

Even though none of them betrayed their thoughts, he could guess as to what roughly they were thinking.

After all was said and done, he had really lost horribly to Yan Zhaoge, almost to the extent of losing his underwear.

Giving a cold glance to the crowd of disciples, Chao Yuanlong refrained from saying any more than a simple agreement: “Yes.

First accomplish the task.”

Having finished speaking, he departed.

The other people all loosened their breath after being safely behind him.

Chao Yuanlong was expressionless, but his inner feelings were in turmoil: “Martial scholar! I must cultivate to the boundary of the martial scholar realm quickly so I can begin to cultivate the special martial dao of our sect specially to counter Yan Zhaoge’s Azure Dragon Sleeve.

At that time, even if he also breaks through the boundary of the martial scholar realm, it won’t matter!”

“Today’s enmity, I will definitely repay it! If this one doesn’t make Yan Zhaoge writhe in the dirt, then this one isn’t a human!”


Within the central flow region, only Broad Creed sect disciples still remained.

Some were resting while others explored and still others were gathering materials from the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

Some other disciples were also teasing the cute and delicate radiant spirit cat.

The inner crystal furnace rumbled as it ceaselessly continued absorbing the golden liquid and refined itself.

Yan Zhaoge was sitting cross-legged next to the inner crystal furnace, eyeing it like a protective mother.

Suddenly, Ah Hu appeared with a report: “Young master, Chao Yuanlong and that bunch seem to have come to the Sealing Dragon Abyss to seek something.

It is uncertain whether they are looking for somebody or some object.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded but refrained from speaking.

Ah Hu continued: “Reporting to young master, the monastery cast out its net.

That old monk and sect head caught some really fat fish this time.”

“Afterwards, there’s another piece of information.

The surviving dregs of the Five Spirit Flags have arrived at the edge of the Sealing Dragon Abyss and are planning to take action against the young master.”

Yan Zhaoge asked: “The matter of the inner crystal furnace, does the Five Spirit Flags know about it”

Ah Hu responded: “According to the ones who were captured, they only know that the young master came to the Sealing Dragon Abyss to look for the li fire true flame.”

Yan Zhaoge paused for a moment: “The Five Spirit Flags is still a fairly influential force.

Man for man, it would be best to not meddle in this affair.

Let us hand it over to Eastern Tang affairs elder to handle.

Ah Hu gave a straightforward laugh: “The Eastern Tang elder has already made preparations.

He has personally led a group of people into the Sealing Dragon Abyss.  They are lying in wait for the Five Spirit Flags to show up and are excited for the prospect of helping you.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed: “That’s rubbish.

Even though he’s second uncle’s man, it isn’t because of me.

Vanquishing the last remnants of the wicked Five Spirit Flags is a great contribution to the sect and will greatly raise his personal prestige.

How could he not be excited”

“In fact, if one wanted to bury me, they could push the responsibility onto the Five Spirit Flags.

However, things are unlikely to go that far.

This is definitely a scheme of the second elder.

If the Eastern Tang wants to protect me, he may not even be able to.”

Yan Zhaoge shot out a supercilious glance: “Just like me and that Ye Jing, the elder is the same.

If something bad happens, even if it isn’t his fault, he will end up being made into a scapegoat.”

“The Five Spirit Flags are here for me.

If I withdraw, then they will definitely withdraw as well.

Though this plan has some risks, I want to take this chance to bait the rat out of its hole.”

Ah Hu looked up with a gaze full of adoration: “Young master, you truly are a young hero!”

“That’s enough, quit it with your fake expression.” Yan Zhaoge responded.

Ah Hu laughed in a silly manner: “Young master, if we succeed and get rid of the Five Spirit Flags, your contribution to the sect won’t be able to be ignored.”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands: “That is only secondary.

After all is said and done, the Five Spirit Flags are like a hidden dagger that previously remained in hiding.

Now that they’ve finally showed themselves, this is a good chance to resolve this matter entirely.”

“However, risking my personal safety is my own matter, and should not have anything to do with the other disciples.

Lead them out of the Sealing Dragon Abyss.”

Notifying Ye Jing, Si Kongqing and others of equivalent status, it turned out that roughly half of the disciples were willing to stay through this danger.

Some of them hoped that by passing through this trial together with Yan Zhaoge, they would be able to develop stronger relations, while others felt that they would be able to broaden their horizons.

Ye Jing and Si Kongqing both chose to stay.

According to Yan Zhaoge’s understanding, Si Kongqing probably was wholeheartedly devoted to the martial dao and wanted to temper herself in actual combat.

As for Ye Jing, he could not fully understand his motivations.

However, their decisions were their decisions.

The disciples present each made their own choices, and Yan Zhaoge did not pressure any of them for either choice.

Those who wished to remain would remain, while those who chose to leave would be accompanied out by Ah Hu.

After Ah Hu and those who chose to leave had left, Yan Zhaoge and the others still chose to remain at their original location.

An unknown amount of time passed, after which Yan Zhaoge suddenly jolted.

In the distance within the black mists, there was a barely discernible azure glow.

“Li fire true flame’s fire seed” Yan Zhaoge’s eyes suddenly brightened: “The trip this time truly has had a propitious wind throughout the journey!”


Translator’s Note:

Huge apology for taking so long to translate this chapter! I was planning on getting it out much earlier, but after midterms and assignments I found that I did not have any time to finish up the chapter.

Now that the bulk of my midterms have finished, you can expect a regular release schedule again! (At least until finals.)

Also, as is abundantly clear, I’ve joined the Volare Translations team!!! I’m super excited to work with an established group while I keep doing my own thing.


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