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HSSB160: Open your eyes a little wider


The bowstring instantly drew a line of blood on that middle-aged martial practitioner’s neck.

Compared to the pain, as it cut across his body, the feeling of impending death caused him more despair.

Liu Shengfeng kept the force in his hands but did not exert it as he raised his head to smile at Yan Zhaoge and Zhang Yao.

However one looked at it, it was a smile that contained a frenzied bloodthirst.

Zhang Yao’s face changed slightly, “Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Senior Brother Liu, may I know how this senior has offended you”

That middle-aged martial practitioner already clearly posed no threat at all to Liu Shengfeng, yet Liu Shengfeng still wanted to kill him.

At the end of the day, this was Turbid Wave Pavilion’s territory, and unlike other places, the entire Clear Concealed Lake was a blessed ground of Turbid Wave Pavilion.

That middle-aged martial practitioner had only been able to enter with Turbid Wave Pavilion’s permission.

Now, not only had he been heavily injured to the point of near death, he might even be tortured to death.

Naturally, Zhang Yao couldn’t let this go by.

Although their cultivation bases were far apart, the Zhang Yao who had received Turbid Wave Pavilion’s teachings since young did not lose her footing and stumble in her words.

However, Liu Shengfeng’s first words already stunned her, “He didn’t offend me; I just didn’t like the sight of him, thus I decided to find some sport in him.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge slightly narrowed his eyes into slits, reappraising Liu Shengfeng.

Zhang Yao regained her wits, “Senior Brother Liu, this…”

Liu Shengfeng smiled, “What Is it very strange This Junior Sister of Turbid Wave Pavilion doesn’t seem to have realised yet that bullying others is the root of all happiness.”

Zhang Yao frowned, “How is that…”

Liu Shengfeng smiled, “Since you have recognised me, you should also have heard some rumours about me, right Here, I have a need to speak up for myself.”

“That is, the rumours were not exaggerated.

Perfectly on the contrary, the rumours were actually much too conservative.”

Liu Shengfeng said slowly and leisurely, “Rather than defeating opponents at the same cultivation level as me or surpassing levels to defeat those who are stronger, I actually prefer killing those who are weaker than me.”

“Because it saves time, effort, and energy, and I can still slowly enjoy the pleasure and feeling of killing the other party.”

“When exchanging moves with an opponent of the same level, being able to defeat or kill the other party would already be very good.

If I wanted to capture them alive and then slowly work on them, I might even be playing with my own life, having to go all out and not being able to experience much of that pleasuresome feeling.”

Glancing at Zhang Yao, Liu Shengfeng then lowered his head, his gaze falling on that middle-aged martial practitioner whose neck was entangled by a bowstring, “Didn’t you ask me just now how he offended me”

“He indeed made a mistake, and that mistake was being weaker than me.”

Zhang Yao opened her eyes wide as she stared at Liu Shengfeng, who looked totally nonchalant, “People always think that it is not right for the strong to bully the weak, but in truth, who doesn’t do it”

“Just like you, Junior Sister.

If you were alone with this person, he would have to treat you with respect, because you are of Turbid Wave Pavilion; your background is much stronger than his.”

“Therefore, even though he is an early Xiantian Martial Scholar and you are only a mid inner aura Martial Scholar, faced with you, he will always be a head shorter, unwilling to offend you if possible.”

Liu Shengfeng bared his teeth in a smile, “I come from Infinite Boundless Mountain, you come from Turbid Wave Pavilion, while this Yan Zhaoge, Junior Brother Yan, comes from Broad Creed Mountain.”

“With the lofty position of the six great Sacred Grounds, whatever good things there are come to us first, and whatever previous treasures also belong to us.

At the very most, we would only start to contest for them amongst ourselves, but we definitely wouldn’t allow those first or second rate powers to have anything to do with it.”

“Take the Extreme Yin Crown for example.

If a solitary Maiden of Extreme Yin suddenly appeared and took the victory in the Extreme Yin Bout, would she be able to take away the Extreme Yin Crown all on her own”

Liu Shengfeng said mildly, “How is this not bullying the weak as the strong If those first and second rate powers are dissatisfied with us, saying that we Sacred Ground-level powers are too tyrannical as they curse us inwardly within their hearts, it is also only because they wish to be like us, yet are temporarily unable to reach that same level.”

As Liu Shengfeng released the bowstring in his hands, that middle-aged martial practitioners slipped by death’s door.

Also having lost all his energy, the him who had originally already been heavily injured was no longer able to maintain his consciousness as he just directly fainted.

“If he were stronger than me, he naturally wouldn’t end up in such a state.

Even if fearing Infinite Boundless Mountain behind me, he didn’t dare to kill or harm me, at the very least, he still wouldn’t be captured alive and beaten to death by me,” Standing, Liu Shengfeng reached out his foot and lightly kicked that unconscious middle-aged martial practitioner.

He smiled, “Because he is weaker than me, because the clan he comes from is weaker than my Infinite Boundless Mountain, whatever I do to him, he can only take it.”

Zhang Yao wanted to say something, but Yan Zhaoge raised his hand to stop her.

“Although I do not agree with a portion of your viewpoint, I can still understand the gist of your thoughts,” Yan Zhaoge looked at Liu Shengfeng, “No wonder Infinite Boundless Mountain often keeps you caged up.”

The smile on Liu Shengfeng’s face vanished as he said indifferently, “The clan is good in many ways, but bad in that it is not refreshing at all, possessing too many restrictions.”

Raising his head slightly, he seemed a little out of sorts, “With too many rules and regulations, with too much hiding and concealment; mine is the life that everyone strives for, yet just do not want to admit.”

“Not letting people let their arms and feet loose, it is stifling to the extreme.”

Liu Shengfeng’s gaze refocused on Yan Zhaoge as he bared his teeth and smiled, “Just like the two pieces of trash Ji Hanru and Xiao Yu from earlier, who just had to interfere in things.

Luckily though, those hindrances are not here now.”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as he said, “There’s a problem.”

Looking straight at Yan Zhaoge, Liu Shengfeng’s eyes were filled with a dangerous light, “What problem”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “When you meet someone who is stronger than you who wants to take care of you, what do you do”

Liu Shengfeng chortled, “Someone like you, you mean”

“From that long roar of yours just now, I can tell that you are not weak.

No wonder you were able to defeat the early Xiantian Ji Hanru previously while only in the late outer aura stage.”

“However, that you are stronger than me-you are still far from it.”

Liu Shengfeng tossed the bow in his hand aside, exercising his muscles as he walked towards Yan Zhaoge and Zhang Yao.

“Meeting someone stronger than me, I naturally wouldn’t move to incite them.

If that other party wanted to find me, I would just hide as far away as I could, simple as that.”

Not caring in the slightest, Liu Shengfeng said, “Moving towards fortune and avoiding calamity, moving towards benefit and avoiding harm-these are inborn within human nature, with no exceptions at all.

To you, to me, and to this Junior Sister of Turbid Wave Pavilion, it is all the same.”

“It is only that I have a small additional hobby as compared to others, liking to take the initiative to be the ‘calamity’ and ‘harm’ of the weak.

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge broke out laughing, “Isn’t it just bullying the soft and fearing the tough”

Hearing his words, Liu Shengfeng instead smiled as he nodded as though it was only natural, “It is the same for everyone.

However brave they appear, however they move forward to meet danger, however righteous they sound, they are actually all the same within their bones.”

“To be able to avoid encountering the strong, who would not be happy To be able to step over someone weaker than yourself without suffering any losses, well, stepping is just stepping-so what”

Looking at Liu Shengfeng who was getting closer with each step, Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly, “I am not interested in discussing philosophy with you; I only wish to remind you on one matter.”

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth also suddenly revealed a dangerous smile.

“You can believe in what you believe in all you want, but as you move around outside with all that in mind, you’d best make sure to open your eyes a little wider.”


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